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Mixing Metals Trend

Near the conclusion of 2015 we predicted the upcoming trends in engagement rings for the following year. At Knox Jewelers, tuned our trend radar in a large part through customer requests for custom engagement rings and wedding bands. One of those predictions, the mix metals trend, has had numerous requests as of late and is staying true to course as a favorite of 2016. Mixing metals is more popular than ever before in the bridal jewelry scene, especially now when mix-matched stacked wedding bands are in vogue. Most brides-to-be seem to be in the mind-set of ‘why choose one metal when you can have two shades, and while we are at it throw in a colored gemstone’. Blending engagement ring and wedding band tones creates a unique look, making your ring exclusive to you, and setting your rings apart from one another as well.

Your wedding band should be as one-of-a-kind as your engagement ring and your relationship, as it reflects your future and commitment. Today in the bridal scene there seems to be no room for traditions or rules when it comes to wedding bands. Mixing metals could be the perfect way to make your band stand out against your perfect engagement ring, and give it a life of its own. There are so many ways to make your engagement ring and wedding band distinctive, but color is always a great way to demonstrate your unique bridal style.

A contoured rose gold wedding band created to match the Seville Engagement Ring.

A bold rose gold matching band adds contrast to our white gold Seville engagement ring.

You may think that the cool allure of white gold and platinum clashes with the warm tones of rose gold and yellow gold, but paired right, they can offer a winning combination. The renewal of the mix metal trend is growing at such a fast pace for good reasons. Combination metal engagement rings offer many more styling possibilities and it allows you numerous options when it comes to selecting your wedding band or multiple bands. On a more important note, mixed metal rings alleviate the stress and hinder the mindset of having to match all of your other jewelry for the rest of your life to shade of your bridal set.

There are many eye-catching ways to create a two tone look within your engagement ring or wedding band pairings. There are bold, elaborate mix metal wide bands to subtle hints of color, like the addition of color contrasting filigree curls. One very popular interpretation of the trend it to create a shaded diamond halo that differs from the rest of the ring, to draw attention to and highlight your center stone. Multiple band engagement ring, like our Fireworks Design, are brought into a whole new light when one band is featured in a warm shade of gold. If a small amount of two-tone is all you are ready for, try slight alterations, like colored center prongs, yellow or rose gold filigree curls or a colored contrasting center bezel.

Two Tone Engagement Rings

A selection of two tone engagement rings created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Custom Designs: Haley Allison, Design 3296, Design 2980

Contrasting Halo Rings

A selection of two tone halo engagement rings created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Custom Designs: Design 2327, Design 2924, Suenos

Two Tone Wide Bands

A selection of two tone wide band rings created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Custom Designs: Las Estrellas Rosadas, Loyalty, Dolce

The two tone trend is not just for bridal sets, we have had just as many, or more, requests for gents wedding bands created in contrasting colors.  Bold bands can be created by pairing warmer rose and yellow golds with sleek platinum or white gold. Any of our custom wedding bands can be altered to be features in a two tone look.

Rose Gold Gents Bands

A selection of two tone rose gold gents wedding bands created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Custom Designs: Rose Averno, Denver, Centurion

Yellow Gold Gents Bands

A selection of two tone yellow gold gents wedding bands created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Custom Designs: Celtic Two Tone, Mesa, Design 3136

We can help you custom create anything you have in mind when it comes to your mixed palette of rings and bands. Mixing metals is a modern and fashionable way to express your style and a easy way to set your bands apart in a crowd. If you are so inclined, we can even custom create rings in three tones, like our newest wide band ring Tiara. As you can see below, colored gemstones are also a way to upgrade a custom design from the ordinary.

Knox Jewelers custom three tone wide band ring.

Knox Jewelers custom Tiara wide band goes above and beyond into a three-tone look.

Metals color is only one of the ways to can help you make your ring or band into a one-of-a-kind creations. All of our finishing details are created by hand, so things like engraving, filigree, milgrain and side diamonds can add to the final look of a two toned creation. There are plenty of ways to play with engagement ring and wedding band traditions but interpret them in your special way.

Contact Knox Jewelers today to start custom designing your two-tone, or even three-tone, bridal set of your dreams.

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April’s Custom Engagement Ring Spotlight

Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3234

One of our new favorite custom created engagement ring is built around the mesmerizing step cut facets of a 1.00 carat asscher cut diamond held in a low four prong setting. Marquise shapes set with micro pavé diamonds and square carre cut diamonds are placed together in this design to create a rhythmic pattern of ovals and arches. Bezel set side diamonds and milgrain edges add lavish antique detailing to this wide band engagement ring. This mosaic inspired design can be recreated to accommodate any type, shape, or size center stones. Contact Knox Jewelers today to custom tailor this design to your preferred precious metal and central gemstone selection to create your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring!

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Where is Diamond Found?

GIA Diamond Map

Diamond has been recognized as the gemstone coupled to the month of April on many dated and modern birthstone lists. But the allure of diamond was treasured and collected long before it was crowned the birthstone of April. Diamond is found in many fascinating and differing locations from Siberia to remote parts of Africa.

Before the twentieth century there was little scientific knowledge known about diamond, though its beauty and oneness had been prized for centuries. Diamond knowledge has grown since then with research in chemistry, physical gemology, mineralogy and oceanography. Scientists have discovered that diamonds form under conditions that are only possible 100 miles underneath the earth’s surface. Once they are transported closer to the surface,  tons of soil and hours of labor are still required to discover a few diamond crystals. The conditions for diamond growth are only found in certain parts of the world and listed below are the most important diamond deposits.

  • Canada  - Locating the diamonds that lay under the frozen soil in Canada took many decades. But after finally finding deposits in the 1980s, diamonds are being mined from several important sites. Canadian diamonds are known for their high quality.
  • Venezuela
  • Guyana – Guyana’s diamond production is mostly small scale operations through alluvial sources.
  • Brazil – Large, fine quality, sometimes fancy colored diamonds are mined in Brazil, though their operations are mostly small scale. Brazil was a leading supplier of diamonds before larger deposits were found in South Africa.
  • Sierra Leone
  • Guinea
  • Ghana
  • Congo – Diamonds mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo come from both alluvial and underground deposits. Most diamond unearthing is done in small operations with shovels.
  • Tanzania – The Williamson mine in Tanzania is currently the most sophisticated and largest mining operation in the region.
  • Angola
  • Namibia - Diamonds are currently being mined in Namibia through a joint operation with De Beers.
  • Botswana – Botswana is a leading source of gem-quality diamonds in the world. Not only are diamonds mined in Botswana, but the country has created a diamond headquarters, Debswana, that also sorts and values gemstones mined there. This collaboration with De Beers benefits the people by creating many jobs for the middle class.
  • South Africa – The diamond rush of 1869 was kick-started with the discovery of sources in South Africa. The country has become the birthplace of modern diamond manufacturing and is the world’s leading producer of the gemstone. The world’s largest rough diamond to date was unearthed in South Africa in 1903. The Cullinan weighed 3,106 carats rough and was cut into 9 larger finished pieces and 96 smaller brilliant cut diamonds.
  • India – Until 1730 the only known source of diamonds was the Golconda region in south India. These mines are long since depleted and India’s current sources of diamonds are small deposits.
  • China
  • Australia – The Argyle mine in Australia has been the world’s largest producer of diamond to date by volume. The mine is also known of its fancy colored pink, red and brown diamonds.
  • Russia – A significant source of Russian diamonds comes from the Yakutia region of Siberia. Russia is a leading supplier of diamonds though most of their gemstones are smaller in sizes than their African counterparts.

If you are lucky enough to hold diamond as your April birthstone, let Knox Jewelers help you custom create a one-of-a-kind piece to showcase this queen of  gemstones. The possibility are endless with such a versatile mineral. Diamond can be found in a wide range of colors, carat sizes and cuts.  A Knox Jewelers custom created piece, featuring a beautiful diamond or diamonds is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion falling within the month. Contact us today and let’s get started. We have the perfect diamond just waiting to be transformed!

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Here at Knox Jewelers, we tend to see all of our custom created design as miniature works of art. While some ring’s attractiveness can not be denied with their intricate detailing and elaborate silhouettes. Others deliver a powerful statement of beauty with their subtle simplicity and clean lines.

Standing the test of time, an elegant diamond solitaire will never go out of style. Selecting a simple engagement ring does not limit the ways you can personalize it to your taste. With metal selections, setting styles and rows of stacked wedding and anniversary bands, your ring can stand out from every other. A custom created engagement ring solitaire can be elegant and simple, as well as unique to you.

Our Classic Solitaire engagement ring has always been, and most likely will remain, one of the most sought after and well loved settings we offer. The uncomplicated design allows the focus to remain on the brilliance and beauty of whatever center stone you hand pick to be featured within its four prongs. The Classic Solitaire is timeless, elegant and a great blank canvas to display a one-of-a-kind diamond or colored sapphire.

A classic solitaire setting by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers' Classic Solitaire Design.

We have numerous variations of the classic solitaire available that have been customized with differing setting styles, band shapes, textures and hand engraving. Small details in solitaire engagement rings, like the shape of your center stone or your precious metal selection, are modest alterations that could truly reflect your personal taste and style. By trying out gemstone and metal pairings distinct to you, you may discover a subtle variation on a classic style that perfectly represent you and your relationship. Listed below are solitaire engagement rings grouped by differing center stone setting styles, which would be an important determining factor is the final look of your custom design. Any of the designs listed below, or any others featured on our website, can be crafted in your preferred precious metal and custom fitted around the center stone of your choosing.

Four Prong Solitaires
Four prong settings are the traditional approach to the solitaire engagement ring. Four prongs cover the minimal amount of your center stone, allowing more of the gemstone to be seen face-up. A kite set diamond, like the center image, is a variation on the four prong setting that rotates the prongs 45 degrees. This alteration offers a less ’square’ look.

A selection of Knox Jewelers created solitaire engagement rings.

Knox Jewelers Designs: Trellis, Moselle, Satin

Multiple Prong Solitaires

Six or eight prong settings enhance the ’round’ look of a center stone and offer extra security compared to their four prong counterparts.

A selection of solitaire engagement ring created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Designs: Lattice, Antique Solitaire, Knife Edge Solitaire

Double Prong Solitaires

Choosing four double-prongs to hold your center stone adds a regal vintage inspired look to any solitaire engagement ring.

A selection of solitaire engagement ring created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Designs: Inspiration, Design 3228, Dove

Full Bezel Solitaires

A full bezel center setting is a very modern addition to a solitaire engagement ring. In a bezel setting, there are no prongs, instead a thin band of precious metal surrounds the center gemstone. This setting style is growing in popularity for its sleek look and contemporary feel. This setting style is extremely secure, as the center stone is completely enclosed. It can also allow for low-set engagement rings.

A selection of solitaire engagement rings created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Designs: Design 3245, Cashmere, Delicado

Half Bezel Solitaries

A half bezel center setting is the perfect compromise of elegance and security. A half bezel solitaire is still encompassed part way by smooth edges of metal but the center stone is not completely enclosed. A half bezel can be featured in may ways, straight or twisted like the images below.

A selection of solitaire engagement ring created by Knox Jewelers.

Knox Jewelers Designs: Ripple, Luna, Calla

If an elegant solitaire engagement ring is the perfect choice for you and your significant other, contact us today. We can start to custom create any solitaire setting by tailored it around your preference in center setting, metal and gemstones selections. Solitaire engagement rings are the perfect start to a customized bridal set with the addition of personally curated wedding and anniversary bands. Nearly anything is possible with Knox Jewelers custom creation.

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CanadaMark™ Diamond Options

At Knox Jewelers, we prefer and only recommend CanadaMark diamonds when origin is a concern, as they offer the most robust diamond tracking system on the market.

Our stock of Canadian diamond options have documentation insuring that the diamond has been mined and cut in Canada and therefore absolutely conflict free. We offer engagement ring center diamond sizes as well as smaller Canadian melee diamonds to feature as side stones in ring settings and wedding bands.

CanadaMark Diamond

CanadaMark Diamond

When you select a CanadaMark diamond as your center stone, you can be assured of its Canadian origin by means of a unique tracking system that follows each stone from its mine of origin all the way through every stage of production until a polished and faceted diamond is completed. Every CanadaMark diamond is responsibly mined in the Northwestern Territories of Canada and is finished to meet specific quality standards. Each gemstone is guaranteed to be natural and untreated. CanadaMark is the only diamond to come with an independent assurance of its ethical Canadian origin.

Canadian diamonds formed deep within the earth more than a billion years ago and were hidden below ground in the Northwest Territories. A few hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the region is barren and remote. Every CanadaMark diamond is recovered from either the Ekati or Diavik diamond mine. The Ekati location was Canada’s first mine and was commissioned in 1998. Diavik on the other hand, was discovered later but is larger and produces more diamonds in terms of carat weight. The Ekati and Diavik mines have both been carefully designed, through extensive consultation with Aboriginal communities of the region, to protect wildlife in the Lac de Gras area. The mines also have a history of developing technologies and processes to conserve the environment. Supporting local business is also a top priority for the mines, which recognize that a thriving northern economy benefits both company and employees.

A view of the Ekati diamond mine in Canada.

An aerial view of the Ekati diamond mine. Photo courtesy of Dominion Diamond Corp. and GIA.

Every CanadaMark diamond is given a certificate card. Before this can be issued, the manufacturer must provide detailed evidence of the diamond’s origins, technical characteristics, such as weight, cut, color, and quality, and movement through its tracking systems. Each diamond that meets the CanadaMark program’s tracking and quality criteria is registered on the CanadaMark database and given a unique serial number. The serial number and the CanadaMark logo are then laser inscribed onto the girdle of the diamond. The serial number and the diamond’s polished and rough weight are printed onto a certificate card that accompanies each CanadaMark diamond.  You will receive this certificate card upon pick-up when your engagement ring is completed.

All of our diamonds options offered in our hand crafted rings are guaranteed in their strict adherence to the United Nations Kimberley Process to insure that all diamonds sold at Knox Jewelers are conflict free. If absolute origin is a concern, we do offer CanadaMark diamonds that are documented all the way from the mine to finished product. If you are interested in selecting a Canadian option to feature in your custom engagement ring, please contact us to inquire on current availability. We can help you custom tailor your perfect engagement ring around a beautiful CanadaMark diamond of your choosing.

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