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Yellow Gold – Pure Decadence

Just what is yellow gold, exactly? Is it special or unique in some way? The answer is a resounding YES. 24k yellow gold is pure gold. It is the baseline for all forms of gold; in other words, yellow gold is what comes out of the mine. Colored golds like white gold are typically alloyed with silver, nickel, and other similar classes of metals to give it that whiteness. Rose gold’s alloy is made up of mostly yellow gold and copper which results in the beautiful, warm peachy hue.

More and more of our valued customers are beginning to opt for yellow gold engagement rings, weddings bands, and more. At Knox Jewelers, we love to work with yellow gold, and we are ecstatic that it is making a come back on the market. Even yellow gold is alloyed with other metals, commonly copper and silver, to create a more durable metal for use in jewelry. Pure gold is very soft and malleable and while some pieces may be made from 24k gold, rings especially should not be made from pure gold because the daily wear and tear will be too much for it. Our favorite is 14k yellow gold because it meets the right balance between durability, cost effectiveness, and aesthetic quality. 18k makes for beautiful rings as well, as you can see in the two rings below. The higher content of gold in the alloy provides a more vibrant yellow color than the 14k gold, but it is not as durable as the 14k gold. It is also more expensive.

This unique diamond engagement ring was custom created to blend 18k yellow gold's vibrant color with the classic elegance of platinum. The band is detailed with micro pave, relief style hand engraving, intricate hand formed filigree, and more.This stunning unique engagement ring is show with a two-tone double halo set with micro pave, and an asscher cut center diamond.

What sets us apart at Knox Jewelers is our commitment to ensuring you have the perfect blend of pure gold and metal alloy that balances the issues associated with both. Certain kinds of alloy blends can have issues down the road, including weaknesses in the internal structure of the piece, and a lack of ductility which can also cause many issues. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with alloys which ensure maximum durability, strength, and beauty for your jewelry.

Now that you have a good understanding of the characteristics of yellow gold, let’s take a look at some of the yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands we have created for customers at Knox Jewelers in the past. Each of these rings has its own unique style, and we hand-tailor each of our exquisite pieces exclusively for our clients. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the stunning examples of engagement rings and wedding bands we have crafted for our customers.

Design 2627 – Inspiration from Nature

Design 2627 is inspired by the natural, fractal patterns of nature, thus evoking a sense of leaves, petals, and other organic entities. It is made of the 14k yellow gold that we described previously, and it has a side weight of .44 ct. The leaves and stem system of the ring circumnavigate the entirety of the band, and they are also accented with beautiful micro pavé diamonds and outlined with a lovely milgrain texture. To complete the natural appearance of this exquisite piece, we then add larger round diamonds to represent the iconic circular shape of the flower center.

Unique wedding band shown in yellow gold with a leaf, vine, and floral pattern. The leaves and flowers are set with diamonds for added brilliance!
Freyja – Intricate and Bold Beauty

Our Frejay design is an absolutely stunning piece. Its baseline material is 14k yellow gold, like our other yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands. The centerpiece of this exquisite design is the large rare-colored sapphire. Yellow gold is perfect for bringing out the warm tones of this rare sapphire. We then added an uniquely designed halo to the center to orbit the sapphire. It is bead-set with vibrant diamonds to complement the warm tones of the yellow gold and the sapphire. Finally, the hand engraved designs and hand formed filigree curls of the piece truly make it one of our most beautiful rings.

This custom yellow gold engagement ring features a unique design featuring relief style hand engraving on the band. The sapphire center stone is surrounded by white diamonds which are complimented by platinum filigree on the sides of the halo setting.
Design 3004 – Luxurious Elegance

Our Design 3004 is the pinnacle of luxury and beauty. 14k yellow gold forms the baseline material for this piece, and two concentric rings of micro pavé diamonds orbit a center stone. As you can see, the diamonds and yellow gold go perfectly together, as the yellow gold band provides a great level of contrast for the stones. Regardless of the angle at which you view Design 3004, it is bound to look stunning in every way.

This unique diamond halo engagement ring features an oval center stone in a double halo. The ring is created in 14k yellow gold and the white of the micro pave diamonds stands out against the warm hue of the metal.

As you have seen, yellow gold can be used in a variety of designs to accentuate the warm color tones of the other elements. It is perfect for both complementing and contrasting with other elements in a piece. We hope you enjoyed learning about yellow gold; please contact us if you have any questions about using it for your own rings.

This antique inspired diamond engagement ring is shown with a pear cut center diamond on a knife edge band. The band is detailed with hand engraving and hand formed filigree.Unique Wedding Band shown in two tone with white and yellow gold. This adds detail while still preserving the sleek look of the ring.Unique engagement ring featuring a half bezel set oval center stone in a white gold band. Yellow gold filigree, hand formed, is set with tiny diamonds in the leaves.

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Diamonds Stud Earrings – The Perfect Gift for that Perfect Someone

Are you looking for a gift to complement our exquisite custom diamond engagement rings? Did you know that at Knox Jewelers we craft the finest diamond stud earrings? Well, now you do! What makes diamond stud earrings so special, anyway? The primary attribute of stud earrings is the floating appearance that they simulate on the ear or earlobe. From the frontal perspective, stud earrings lack a visible connection point between the decorative part of the earring and the post-and-back design that secures it to the wearer’s ear.

This post penetrates directly through the ear and is held securely in place with a removable friction back or clutch mechanism. On occasion, we craft our stud earrings so that the post is threaded, thereby allowing a screw back to securely hold the earring in place. Another mechanism we recommend for securing earrings is known as a locking back which is equally, if not more, secure than the screw back design.

Now, a note about diamond qualities for our stud earrings: At Knox Jewelers, we recommend different qualities for earrings than we would for the center stone of an engagement ring because the ring gets more exposure and will be looked at more closely than earrings. For color we suggest using the H through J range for colors of earring diamonds. You do not need to go any higher than this, as you will be unable to appreciate a very high color from the average distance at which you perceive the studs on someone’s ears. Furthermore, J will not show too many nuances of yellow as it is the very bottom of the near-colorless range. As for clarity grades, SI-1 to I-2 is optimal for earring clarity, but this also depends on the size of the studs. As a rule, the smaller the studs, the less noticeable the clarity will be.

Naturally, there are a variety of different settings which fit this paradigm, including Martini settings, Four Prong Basket settings, Bezel settings, and Halo settings. Each setting has its own unique character and appearance, but what they all have in common is the dedication we make at Knox Jewelers to creating stunning earrings. Please also note that the carat weights we have listed are the total combined weight of both studs, and there are other carat weight options beyond our examples in this blog post.

Let’s take a look at some of these design styles now.


Our 2/3 ct Martini Studs feature 14k white gold, three sophisticated prongs, and look absolutely stunning on any ear.

These beautiful diamonds are set in a martini style setting which allows the most light in from the top of the diamonds and will really show off their sparkle.

Four Prong Basket

These 1.00 ct tw round diamond studs come with a 14k white gold four-pronged basket that looks elegant and regal.

These round brilliant diamond earrings are shown in a 1.00ct total weight size, with a four prong basket setting. This secure setting elegantly matches the prong setting style of many engagement ring center stones.


Bezel diamond studs feature a seamless circular 14k white gold bezel that circumnavigate the entirety of the diamond setting.

These elegant earrings accentuate the shape of the diamonds with the high polished metal forming to the edge of the stone.


Our round halo diamond stud earrings are absolutely exquisite. Gracefully orbiting the center diamond setting are numerous diamond inlets featured in 14k white gold. If you are looking to impress, then the Halo style may be the perfect match for you.

The diamond centers of these earrings are surrounded by dazzling diamond halos. The vibrant halo adds size and glamour to these beautiful earrings.

The majority of diamond studs are round, but we can hand-craft studs of any size or shape. The second-most common shapes for studs is the Princess cut. Princess diamond studs are typically square in shape and derive their name from the designs created by A. Nagy in London during the 1960’s. Our .44 ct. tw. Princess Studs are a perfect example of this unique style.

These beautiful princess cut diamond studs are a simple, but elegant and easy to wear every day. This design can be customized with other setting styles, metals, or diamond shapes.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our diamond stud earrings. If you are looking to harmonize with our engagement rings or wedding bands, have a browse of some of the past earrings we have handcrafted. We know you will find a pair that perfectly complement our other beautiful pieces, and are happy to help create a custom design if you aren’t finding the perfect pair.

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Tanzanite: December’s Newest Breathtaking Birthstone

It’s that time of year again. The time when the snow begins to fall, when the world’s major holidays occur, and when one has a valid excuse for curling up inside with a book and a cup of hot tea on a cold and windy day. But, December is also the month of the tanzanite gem – the youngest of all known gems. Though the rare crystal has long been known and used by the native Maasai people of Tanzania, it was only recently discovered in 1967 by Manuel de Souza, a professor and prospector who was searching for rubies in the region. Upon initial discovery, he and other gemstone experts had assumed the gemstone was some form of sapphire with especially vibrant properties. It wasn’t until Henry B. Platt of Tiffany & Co came across it that tanzanite earned its name. So, you might be wondering what is so special about tanzanite. After all, if it was difficult for the people who discovered and named it to differentiate from sapphire, what makes it so unique? The truth is that tanzanite is in an unique class all of its own, a truth reflected by its inclusion in the birthstone list in 2002 due to its growing popularity and widespread understanding of its uniqueness.

Knox Jewelers' Rachel Lily design shown with a stunning oval tanzanite center. The lush color accentuates the unique design of the antique inspired knife edge band.

There are many aspects of tanzanite that make this gemstone so unique and aesthetically intriguing, as well as making it the perfect December birthstone. The first aspect you will notice about a tanzanite gemstone is its alluring and very beautiful violet blue color. However, it is rare for a tanzanite freshly mined from the earth to have this intense blue color. It is a common process to heat treat tanzanite to give it the luminous color portrayed in pictures of the gemstone. This brings us to another important topic: The problems with color coating. You see, while heat treatments are a permanent change and do not have any negative impact on the stone, it has been discovered that some tanzanite gems have been coated in a thin layer of material to give them the blue and violet appearance many strive to achieve. However, these methods have come under intense scrutiny due to their unreliability. In fact, industry professionals do not recommend coating as the material applied during the process wears off very easily. That’s why you should always ensure that the tanzanite jewelry you purchase is HEAT treated, not coated. Here in the United States it is required that any coatings be disclosed at the point of sale.

One of the most important steps in preparing a tanzanite gem for market is the cutting process. Tanzanite possesses a very peculiar quality that makes the cutting process more complex than usual. The gemstone is pleochroic which means if you try to view tanzanite from different angles, you will see different colors. In the case of tanzanite you will see a burgundy-brown from one angle, violet from another, and blue from the third. When the gems are heat treated it removes the burgundy-brown, creating a dichroic stone and leaving only the blue-violet colors that are so prized for this gem. Because of this dichroic property, the direction of the cutting will play a pivotal role in determining the general face-up color of the tanzanite piece, a variable which must also correspond with the financial considerations involved in cutting any gemstone. In general, cutting tanzanite so that it shows an intense blue color in its face-up position is likely to result in more weight loss than cutting it to emphasize its violet-blue color.

Knox Jewelers' Lucille design shown with a beautiful 2.00ct emerald cut tanzanite center stone. This elegant design is a statement piece that will demand attention!

There are a few more considerations to take into account for customers looking to purchase one of our hand-crafted tanzanite jewelry pieces. Firstly, tanzanite is rated around 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale, making it fair to below average in durability. That’s why we recommend using tanzanite in non-ring pieces such as pendants, earrings, and necklaces, as this will reduce the risk of damage occurring to the gemstone during normal, daily wear. For someone who is aware of the risks and takes care of their piece however, it makes for a stunning center stone in an engagement ring! As for carats, tanzanite is more often found in larger carat sizes which makes it a great option for the focal point of any piece. Smaller tanzanite stones tend to be less vibrant in color (while, of course, being less expensive). Finally, tanzanite can be cleaned gently with warm, soapy water and a soft tooth brush or other implement.

Make this December one to remember with a beautiful, elegant tanzanite piece. At Knox Jewelers, we are experts in crafting beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and more. Choosing tanzanite for your custom jewelry is certainly a unique experience, and we would love to help you through the process and choose a beautiful tanzanite gemstone for your next idea. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions at all about these beautiful gemstones, and happy holidays from everyone at Knox Jewelers!

Knox Jewelers' Rae design is a regal beauty. Shown here with an antique cushion cut tanzanite center surrounded by a halo and band of dazzling micro pave diamonds. The underside of the center setting is hand engraved, and the pave is done in the French Handcut "U" style.

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Pear Engagement Rings – A Tradition of Elegance

Pear engagement rings come to us from a long lineage of diamond cutting styles, stemming all the way from the late Middle Ages. In the beginning, diamonds and other gemstones were typically used in their natural octahedral states. Over time, jewelers developed different techniques for forming diamonds into unique and symmetrical shapes, including pear shapes. Although the initial diamond cuts produced by European jewelers were quite crude, their techniques began to evolve steadily over time, thus leading to the work of a very important Flemish jeweler known as Lodewyk van Berquem.

Lodewyk van Berquem was the first artisan to introduce the applied concept of absolute symmetry by utilizing his hand-made scaif device to form stones into a shape that was historically known as the pendeloque shape, also then known as the briolette cut. This cut was the prototypical ancestor of the pear cut center diamonds we offer at Knox Jewelers today. This cut was extremely popular during the Victorian era in Europe due to its symmetry, refinement, and inherent beauty, all of which are characteristics found in the modern pear engagement rings we offer in the present era. Pear cuts are especially prized for their elegance, and we are very proud to offer a line of beautiful rings of this form hand-crafted by our in-house artists.

As you might imagine, there are almost an infinite number of ways to customize these rings, and at Knox Jewelers we offer them in a great variety of unique styles, each of which has its own individual character and spirit. The best way to discuss the different customization options and styles available for you to choose from is to talk about the actual rings that we have made in the past. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the high quality engagement rings we have custom designed for our valued customers.

To start, let’s take a look at our Pear Cielo engagement rings. This beautiful design features 14k White Gold and a 1.00 carat pear cut center diamond surrounded by a luxurious, micro pavé adorned halo. This ring is an example where the diamond takes center stage in the piece. All other elements of the ring orbit around the center diamond, thus drawing the eye toward it. Its teardrop shape that is customary of pear cut diamonds gently moves the eye around the remainder of the piece, thereby drawing in all of its unique and pristine elements.

This beautiful diamond engagement ring features a split shank band cradling a pear cut center diamond. The halo around the center stone and the band are both detailed with micro pave.

Another exquisite design we offer is our Design 2545 engagement ring. This pear engagement ring features a beautiful 1.50 carat full bezel set pear cut diamond with a beaded milgrain edge that accentuates the center stone. The 14k yellow gold provides a striking and beautiful contrast with the center diamond. The geometric design of the ring incorporates smooth but linearly inspired curves to give it an organized and ornate appearance. All of the elements of the antique inspired piece are oriented around the center cut diamond, though other stones can also be incorporated into the center.

Stunning antique inspired engagement ring with a knife edge band and a pear cut center diamond in a bezel setting. The band is detailed with hand formed filigree, hand engraving, and milgrain textured edges.

Of course, pear cut center stones are not the only configuration we have available. Additionally, we also offer diamond rings in a side stone configuration. Our Venus engagement ring, in particular, is a beautiful example of the side stone settings. The center gemstone of the Venus ring is the primary focus of the piece. Branching off from the center stone are two pear shaped diamonds which flow with the two rows of micro pavé that circumvent the entirety of the ring. Our Venus engagement ring showcases the beauty and intricacy of side stone pear cut diamond settings.

Regal engagement ring featuring a blue cushion cut sapphire center stone accented by a pear cut diamond on either side. This three stone design is then outlined by a split shank, micro pave band.

At Knox Jewelers, beautiful designs are the lifeblood of our business. Our pear engagement rings hold within them a long history of beautiful craftsmanship, tradition, and elegance. Of course, the pear engagement rings we have listed in this post are just the tip of the ice berg: We offer a huge variety of uniquely hand crafted engagement rings that incorporate pear cut diamonds in both center and side stone configurations. We hope that you will take a very close look at our exquisite selection of these expertly crafted rings. Naturally, if you have any questions at all about our pear engagement rings, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to designing the perfect ring for you!

Elegant diamond engagement ring with a pear cut center stone in a micro pave halo. The band is detailed with hand engraving and small flush set round diamonds. Contemporary diamond engagement ring with a pear cut center stone. This wide, high polished band highlights the graduated side diamonds and the dazzling center diamond.Stunning pear cut yellow diamond with yellow gold prongs on a white gold halo and micro pave band.Vintage inspired diamond engagement ring featuring a pear cut center diamond. The band is hand engraved with hand formed filigree curls visible from the sides, and the top is designed to resemble leaves set with diamonds.

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Top Ten List of the Most Beautiful Rings of 2014

The Rachel Lily is an exquisite antique inspired design shown in 14k white gold with an oval center diamond in a bezel setting. The band is detailed with hand engraving and hand formed filigree.

At Knox Jewelers, we take great pride in designing our premium engagement rings and wedding bands. We incorporate our signature design elements, including hand engraving, hand-formed filigree, and milgrain detailing in addition to our outstanding hand-cut stone settings. Our brilliant and talented jewelers take great pride in putting tender, loving care into each and every one of the pieces we produce, and we guarantee that you will find nothing in our inventory but the highest quality jewelry.  As the year draws to a close we like to look back on the rings that were most admired and most requested. Without further ado, here are Knox Jewelers’ top ten most beautiful rings of 2014:

10. Winter Water Band – Etched

Starting with number 10, we have our beautiful Winter Water Etched Bands. Our jewelers use the traditional Japanese techniques of Mokume Gane to create the distinctive curves and patterns of this exquisite band. It is truly a stunning work of art and one of the most unique rings we offer. If you are looking for a ring that bridges the gap between the traditional and the modern, the Winter Water band is for you.

Unique Mokume Gane wedding band from Knox Jewelers. This band is shown with an etched finish in white gold and sterling silver.

Here are some variations of this artistic Mokume Gane design:

High polished Mokume Gane band shown in Knox Jewelers' Winter Wind colors and pattern.Beautiful Mokume Gane band shown with a brush finish and small flush set diamonds.Richly colored Mokume Gane band shown in warm hued rose and yellow gold along with the white gold and silver of the Winter color scheme.Custom Mokume Gane band featuring rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver. This rich Spring color combination accents the row of carre cut diamonds on the top of the band.

9. Motion

Our talented artists crafted our Motion rings to evoke a sense of spiraling movement. The focus point of this movement is its center gemstone, thus giving our Motion rings an absolutely exquisite aesthetic. Your eyes will be drawn from the beautiful spiraling contours all the way to the center stone.

The elegant Motion design is a contemporary solitaire that swirls around the round brilliant cut center diamond.

Here are some variations of our elegant  Motion design:

Elegant Princess Tona design features a princess cut center diamond in a contemporary solitaire band. This band gives the illusion of movement with the kite set center stone.This custom version of our Motion design fetures a Ceylon Blue Sapphire center stone and exquisite hand formed filigree curls.Motion Channel from Knox Jewelers is a regal contemporary diamond engagement ring. The large graduating diamonds leading into the round brilliant cut center diamond create a sleek look,Beautiful split shank halo engagement ring shown in white gold with micro pave details.

8. Centurion

For those individuals searching for a precision-crafted, elegant wedding band which calls to mind the grace and sophistication of its namesake, our Centurion rings are the perfect match. A round band of 14k rose gold circumnavigates an outer layer of 14k white gold, thus giving our Centurion band a unique and stylish design.

This unique men's wedding band is shown as a two-tone with a white gold band and a rose gold wire inserted into it. This design features open space to highlight the hand formed ring of gold wire. This design can be created in any color combination.

7. Caledonia

If you are seeking a remarkable ring which incorporates a highly complex, fractal design, then look no further than our beautiful Caledonia. This ring uses intricate filigree curls and diamonds to weave a beautifully elaborate design that is sure to impress anyone who has the honor of catching a glimpse of it.

This regal wide band ring is stunning as a right hand ring or a wedding band. The intricate filigree designs are detailed with milgrain edging and micro pave diamonds.

Our stunning Caledonia has inspired some wonderful variations:

This wide band was custom designed to be a narrower version of the Caledonia design. This beauty is dazzling!This breathtaking engagement ring features a round brilliant cut diamond on a wide band of filigree and micro pave.Custom engagement ring featuring an emerald cut, emerald center stone. The wide band is adorned with filigree and micro pave for a dazzling result.This two tone ring is stunning with the rose gold filigree intertwining with the white gold micro pave settings. The blue sapphire center stone adds to the vibrant play of colors.

6. Bonita

Is there Amor in the air, Señor? If so, you ought to know that our Bonita ring will perfectly capture it with its vintage-inspired design. Hand formed filigree curls and hand engraving make this piece one of our most lovely and intricate rings. We think you will agree that it is truly “Bonita!”

An elegant, vintage inspired diamond engagement ring shown in 14k white gold. The band is a knife edge detailed with hand engraving and hand formed filigree.The side view of this beautiful knife edge band reveals the side of the center diamond along with stunning hand formed filigree and hand engraving.

This elegant design has lovely variations:

This antique inspired diamond engagement ring has a rounded band with a row of milgrain on the top to create a mock-knife-edge. Hand engraving and hand formed filigree complete the design.This stunning knife edge band is shown in platinum with hand formed filigree and hand carved relief engravings.

5. North Star

Antique inspired patterns and engravings are intertwined in our North Star band with micro pavé diamonds all oriented about a .50 carat round center gemstone set in a delicate, exquisite eight prong setting. To add additional sparkle, the design is framed with a fine milgrain detail.

This dazzling wide band diamond engagement ring is shown in 14k white gold with a round diamond center. The sections of micro pave create a star burst pattern which are outlined with milgrain texture.

Here are some variations of this sparkling beauty:

This wide ring can act as a fashion ring or even a wedding band! The star burst pattern is created through engraving, micro pave diamonds, and milgrain textured edges.This beautiful design is inspired by the night sky with diamonds that sparkle like the stars. The beautiful blue of the sapphire center stone adds lush color among the glittering white diamonds.This wedding band is a unique piece shown in 14k white gold with vibrant diamonds set into a star burst pattern.

4. Jolie

Passers by won’t be able to resist sneaking a glance at our head-turning Jolie. With a a 1.25 carat round center diamond and diamonds wrapped almost all the way around the circumference of the ring, our Jolie band is stunning and absolutely certain to turn heads. Like many of our other band designs, our Jolie rings can be made for any type, shape, or size of center stone.

The beautiful Jolie diamond engagement ring is shown in platinum with hand cut pave. The U-cuts are a French style of pave.A stunning, hand cut pave setting, the Jolie is adorned with vibrant diamonds. The rails of the center stone setting are also set with small diamonds.

Small changes can create unique variations of any design:

A unique setting shown in platinum with hand cut pave in the U-cut French style. This stunning design is easy customized to any center stone shape.A stunning variation of the Jolie design showing the U-cut band in platinum with a simpler center stone setting. This piece is a timeless classic.

3. Venita

Venita takes some of the ideas of Jolie and goes all out with a 1.50 carat cushion cut diamond. This ring is available exclusively in platinum, and we think you will agree with us that it is simply extraordinary. The double claw prongs in each corner add a sophisticated detail to the halo, and we hand carve the V-cut setting of micro pavé diamonds to fit each diamond and the area around it, thereby creating a seemingly endless row of diamonds.

This stunning platinum engagement ring features a hand cut pave band with V-cut settings. The cushion cut center stone is highlighted by a cushion shaped halo.This diamond engagement ring features V-cut pave settings on a platinum band with a cushion cut halo. The setting are all cut by hand after the ring is cast into platinum.

The Venita has inspired beautiful custom variations:

This elegant custom design is shown with U-cut pave, a hand cut French style, to show off the dazzling side diamonds on the band and cushion shaped halo.This stunning design features hand-cut pave with V-cut settings. The basket under the halo is also detailed with pave for added glamour.A regal design with a richly colored center stone, this ring is adorned with V-cut pave settings which are created by hand.

2. Rachel Lily

The centerpiece of our Rachel Lily design is its stunning 1.50 carat oval cut diamond. Combined with its hand engraved sides and the diamonds and filigree in its basket, the Rachel Lily band is one of our most exquisite and beautiful pieces. Best of all, our Rachel Lily design can be made for any type, shape, or size of center stone.

The Rachel Lily is an exquisite antique inspired design shown in 14k white gold with an oval center diamond in a bezel setting. The band is detailed with hand engraving and hand formed filigree.The knife edge style of band gives this design a very vintage look. The hand engraving and hand formed filigree are breathtaking.

The Rachel Lily was actually created as a custom version of our Marseille Design:

This unique diamond engagement ring is vintage inspired with a knife edge band, hand formed filigree and hand engraved details.

Some other variations of these two antique inspired designs are:

This custom diamond engagement ring features hand formed filigree and milgrain textured edges on a knife edge band.A stunning antique inspired engagement ring featuring a yellow diamond center stone in a yellow gold bezel.Breathtaking yellow gold, antique inspired engagement ring with a pear cut center diamond. The band is detailed with hand formed filigree and hand engraved designs.

1. Rebecca Kristine

And, finally, coming in at number 1 on our list is our lovely Rebecca Kristine. The beauty of this antique inspired band is beyond words. Each part of this gorgeous ring is crafted with tender, loving care and intimate attention to detail. Scrolling filigree adorns the circumference of the band, and beautifully faceted diamonds decorate each and every angle of the platinum metal elements. The yellow 18k gold elements have been detailed with astonishing and intricate relief hand engraving to make Rebecca Kirstine one of the most beautiful and stunning pieces in our entire collection.

This breathtaking two tone engagement ring is shown in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The band is a regal mix of relief hand engraving, hand formed filigree, and pave diamonds.This breathtaking two tone engagement ring is shown in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The band is a regal mix of relief hand engraving, hand formed filigree, and pave diamonds.This breathtaking two tone engagement ring is shown in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The band is a regal mix of relief hand engraving, hand formed filigree, and pave diamonds.

Two variations of this gorgeous ring are:

This beautiful antique inspired band is shown in a two tone of 14k white and rose gold. The intricate hand formed filigree and relief style hand engraving make this a positively regal piece.A beautiful custom design featuring a knife edge band with relief style hand engraving. The band is two tone in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The oval center stone is accented on either side by graduating diamonds. This custom interior plate adds an incredibly special touch to an already stunning ring.

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