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Wide Wedding Bands – Boldly Beautiful

What do you think about wide-banded rings and wide wedding bands? Most commonly, our customers at Knox Jewelers order wide bands for use in wedding rings or as anniversary bands. But, these rings are starting to evolve in terms of their function. Today, it is not uncommon to see individuals wearing a wide band for no other reason than “just because,” and that’s great news! When our designers have the opportunity to work with a wide band, they can incorporate far more creative ideas and visual motifs into their designs than when they do not have has much real estate with which to work. When it comes to ring design, every millimeter counts, and wide wedding bands give us a huge canvas from which to craft something truly amazing. But, don’t just take our word for it – let’s have a look at some of these magnificent and unique wide-band design styles.

These elegant styles capture some of the beauty of nature. Flowing vines are adorned with leaves and flowers that have been fashioned out of precious metals and gemstones.
Some of these bands feature free-flowing borders, while others are framed with bands of micro pave.

This stunning wide band features an intricate flow of vines, leaves, and floral motifs. Small diamonds are set among the the leaves on the top section of the band to add flashes of radiant light. All of the edges are carefully hand detailed with milgrain texture.This unique wedding band features a leaf and flower pattern shown is warm hued yellow gold and set with brilliant white diamonds.This nature inspired wide band is a graceful design that combines organic metal work detail within the unique pierced pattern. Diamonds are nestled among the woven vines and leaves for a touch of enchantment. The gentle flow of the pattern is mesmerizing.

Belladonna is a hypnotic floral band that is fashioned from a mix of large filigree curls, leaves, and flowers. Diamonds accent this interior pattern. All the edges are refined with milgrain texture to create depth in the design. The wide band is bordered on each side with a band of micro pavé diamonds.This unique, hand-crafted floral band is inspired by the stunning flowering cherry trees. The edges of each branch are detailed in milgrain texture for dimension. There are two rows of micro pavé framing the design, and each flower and leaf is adorned with vibrant diamonds.

Minimalistic designs that highlight brilliant, dazzling diamonds, and lustrous high polished or satiny brushed metal. These rings also often feature geometric elements or movement in the band to create dimension.

The Fireworks band is a glamorous, heirloom quality right hand ring. This mesmerizing design uses four split-shank bands to create layers and add dimension to the entire piece. Each band is set with micro pavé to dazzle the eye with bursts of white and rainbow light.The Vega is a stunning example of modern artistry while utilizing traditional jewelers techniques. Two rows of round cut diamonds totaling 1.63 carats are set with unique split-prongs and U-shaped detailing for maximum sparkle. Crafted in 14k white gold, the lustrous high polished center adds a contemporary flair.

Our Concave Perfection is a contemporary twist to the traditional. Three rows of gleaming micro pavé diamonds totaling 1.38 carats embellish the band and capture the light. The design is hand cut by our experienced jewelers and each stone is precisely set in place to last a lifetime.Function and design join in the Virage design beautifully. A single row of round cut diamonds totaling 0.67 carats gently waves around the whole band. The diamonds are channel set by hand for maximum security and sparkle. A satin finished 14k white gold band compliments this innovative design.

Mokume Gane
The stunning wood grain patterns of these designs are created from scratch each time, so every ring is truly one-of-a-kind! These bands are easily customized with different color combinations and the addition of diamonds or gemstones.

The artistry of our Solstice-Autumn Wind ring is astounding. A beautiful mixed-metal Mokume Gane inlay in rose, yellow and white make this ring truly breathtaking. The simplistic and contemporary look of the wide mounting design elegantly displays the round brilliant cut diamond in a channel setting. This stunning band is created from a technique called mokume gane. 14k white gold and sterling silver merge together under high heat to form a brilliant "wood grain" design. The pattern is flush set with scattered diamonds adding an elegant sparkle. The design is hand forged in-house by our talented Mokume artist.Warm color tones in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold separated by sterling silver merge together under high heat to form a brilliant "wood grain" mokume gane pattern. The pattern is framed with two rows of bead set diamonds adding elegant sparkle. The design is hand forged in-house by our talented Mokume artist.

Hand Engraved
The breathtaking patterns shown are all hand-carved into the metal of these rings with a sharpened steel tool called a graver. When the jeweler creates these intricate designs, they must be very precise with each and every line they make. Changing the pressure and depth of their strokes as they carve into the metal produces dimension when the light hits the engraved design.

Continual scrolls grace the surface of Design 2487. The unique hand engraved style displays a raised relief in which each of the scroll designs are higher than their background. Perfectly placed round cut diamonds are flush set within the larger curls.This glamorous concave diamond band is featured in a lovely 14k rose gold metal. Curved edges are decorated with hand engraved scroll-work for a picturesque view. Two rows of bead set diamonds line the top of the ring for brilliance. The sandblasted finish adds a chic texture along the center of the design.Flora is an elegant band that uses old world techniques in the form of hand engraving to create a mesmerizing pattern. The design is hand cut in the traditional scroll pattern and raised in relief for a 3D effect. The design is embellished with two rows of micro pavé diamonds that truly capture the light.

Filigree and Scroll-work
Filigree curls of all shapes and sizes create a beautiful movement within a design. These scrolling lines can easily add vintage inspiration to a ring. Many times the sweeping line of metal is accented with diamonds or gem stones, hand engraving, and a beaded milgrain texture.

The Cirrus design frames beautiful scroll filigree curls which capture varying sizes of round cut diamonds. The hand stippling on this design makes a wonderful background to the high polished turns of filigree. The domed band is finished with edges of milgrain.This vintage inspired wide band features a flowing pattern with pierced elements and art deco inspired fan shapes. There are bezel set diamonds within the center design and two rows of micro pavé diamonds framing the pattern. The edges of each section are detailed with milgrain texture for added definition.

Design 2749 is a brilliant display of pierced filigree scrolls and micro pavé diamonds. The wide 14k white gold band presents a significant display with two outer bands of round cut micro pavé diamonds. Within the bands, the open spaces and milgrain edging highlight the filigree design.Intricate pierced scrolls created in 14k white gold and adorned with bead set diamonds. For Design 2352, the natural 3.50 carat cushion cut blue sapphire is embraced with four regal, diamond capped prongs. Hand applied milgrain finishes our Knox Signature heirloom band. This design can be made for any type, shape, or size center stone.Intricate pierced scrolls created in 14k white gold and adorned with bead set diamonds. The Britty design showcases the emerald cut green gem stone with distinction by four diamond capped prongs. Two rails of shared prong round diamonds are finished with hand applied milgrain on our Knox Signature heirloom band. This design can be made for any type, shape, or size center stone.

Two Tone
A great way to create a unique ring is to incorporate two different colors of metal. These two tone designs showcase how much different parts of the design can be highlighted simply by

This breathtaking wide band is hand crafted in 14k white and rose gold. The flowing white bands of micro pavé lead the eye toward the asscher cut diamond center. Sprigs of high polished rose gold leaves fill the wide pockets in a warm contrast to the dazzling sparkle of the white diamonds.Capturing hues of leaves turning in the Autumn, Design 2857 wraps tones of rose and white 14k gold around your finger. Alternating patterns of crisp bright-cut vines join turned leaves with brilliant, bead set round cut diamonds. Hand applied milgrain on every ring edge finishes this unique band.

Our Dolce design features .67 carats of shimmering natural pink and white diamonds. The 14k rose gold marquise shapes are flanked by full bezel set round diamonds. Two rows of micro pavé diamonds frame the pattern. The edges of the design are finished with milgrain texture for added detail.This enchanting two tone design can be worn for any occasion. The inner pattern is made up of alternating white round bezel set diamonds and yellow gold marquis elements set with two fancy yellow round diamonds. The pattern is framed with micro pavé bands.

Like What You See? Get in Touch!

At Knox Jewelers, we’re here to help you design the custom wide wedding band of your dreams. Or, if you are not currently looking for a wedding band, we can help you to design the perfect ring for any context. Any of our pieces can be created with or without a center stone. If you have any questions about the process, or if you just want to get in touch with us, please contact us right away. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – Reflecting Nobility and Elegance Throughout the Ages

Emerald cut engagement rings are stunning, beautiful, and unique, and we are proud to offer them at Knox Jewelers. Why should you consider an emerald cut center stone over the plethora of other options available to you? For one, rings with emerald cut center stones are popular among the powerful and famous, including Camilla Parker Bowles (wife of Prince Charles), Grace Kelly (fiancée of Prince Rainier), and Melanie Knauss (fiancée of Donald Trump). The emerald cut is an elegant cut which incorporates a stepped square stone with cropped corners in order to reduce light dispersion and brilliance. Let’s take a closer look at this cut now and show you just how versatile and lovely it can be in any context or design.

The History of the Emerald Cut

Originally, the emerald cut was designed – unsurprisingly – as a special way to cut emeralds in order to address the issue of inclusions that emeralds naturally have. However, as time progressed, the emerald cut found its way into use with other stones, too, including diamonds. Today, the emerald cut is widely regarded as bold, elegant, and striking- all of which are attributes we strive to imbue within our own designs at Knox Jewelers. And, as we’ll discuss shortly, we’ve taken this classic cut in innovative new directions.

This unique engagement ring is stunning with a three stone halo design. The emerald cut center stone is set in between two beautiful half moon diamonds, and each stone is surrounded by its own glittering micro pave halo. The side features hand formed filigree to add to the antique inspirations of the piece.This elegant vintage inspired design features an emerald cut diamond on a hand engraved band. Hand formed filigree curls compliment the flow of the scroll and half wheat patterned engraving.The beautiful Lorrie design is a solitaire featuring an emerald cut diamond on a wider, hand engraved band. The intricate scroll pattern of the engraving is mesmerizing as light shimmers in and out of the bright cuts forming the pattern.

The Advantages of the Emerald Cut

The emerald cut has a number of valuable properties which make it a great and versatile choice for those customers looking to incorporate elements of nobility and boldness in their engagement ring for that special someone. What makes an emerald cut stone so versatile is its ability to be placed in almost any context and still look amazing and harmonious with the other elements of the ring. For instance, it is not rare to see an emerald cut center stone crafted in conjunction with such features as micro pave and halos, to name a couple.

The Imperial design is a contemporary engagement ring with a wide, high polished band sweeping up to the cathedral setting of the emerald cut center stone. The luster of the metal perfectly compliments the mesmerizing mirror effect of the diamond's step-cut facets.This breathtaking diamond engagement ring features a split shank band leading to a cathedral set halo. The center stone is a mesmerizing emerald cut diamond, whose mirrored step-cut facets stand out perfectly from the brilliant micro pave of the band and halo.The gorgeous Britty design features a rare emerald cut green sapphire on an intricate wide band. The ring is designed with an intricate pattern of filigree curls, bezel set diamonds, milgrain textured edges, and micro pave.

Customization Options

To that end, we offer an almost unlimited variety of customizations options for your emerald cut engagement ring at Knox Jewelers. To best show you the variety of options available to you, let’s take a close look at some of the engagement rings we have designed for our customers.

Emerald Cut Whisper – Hand Engraved Emerald Cut Beauty

A stunning example of a hand engraved solitaire we have designed in the past is our Emerald Cut Whisper ring. This beautiful design features a hand engraved pattern reminiscent of wheat that gently guides your eye to the luxurious .65 ct emerald cut center diamond.

The Emerald Cut Whisper is an elegant hand engraved solitaire engagement ring. The full wheat pattern on the band flows towards the emerald cut center diamond with its mirrored step-cut facets.

Design 1158 – A Stunning Emerald Cut Sapphire

Naturally, you are not limited to emeralds or diamonds when it comes to the emerald cut. Our lovely Design 1158 is a striking variation of our Lucille design which swaps the center diamond for a gorgeous sapphire that truly gets the spotlight on this platinum-based ring.

This stunning three stone engagement ring features a 2.00ct emerald cut blue sapphire center stone with a diamond baguette on either side.

Design 1857 – An Exquisite Combination

We are quite fond of micro pavé stones, here, and Design 1857 takes our fondness for them to an entirely new level. This exquisite ring evokes a sense of nobility and pride due to the .80 ct emerald cut diamond that is framed in a four prong setting. Micro pavé stones are present all along the exterior of the 14K white gold band. This design truly exemplifies the versatility of an emerald cut stone.

This beautiful diamond engagement ring features a micro pave band set with an emerald cut center stone. The mirrored facets of the step-cut center diamond are vibrantly contrasted by the scintillation and fire of the small round diamonds on the band.

Design 2754 – A Lovely Halo-framed Emerald Cut Stone

The final ring we want to showcase is our brilliant Design 2754. As we said before, an emerald cut center stone can be used in just about any kind of context, including within a halo arrangement. In this piece, a 1.00 ct emerald cut emerald is embedded within an Art Deco-inspired micro pavé halo and shoulder detail. No matter the surrounding elements, an emerald cut stone is guaranteed to both enhance those elements as well as look fantastic all on its own.

This stunning emerald engagement ring is shown with an emerald cut emerald gemstone center. The band is set with a double row of diamonds leading to baguette side bars which frame the halo.

We’re Here to Help!

If you are interested in incorporating an emerald cut center stone in an engagement ring for that special someone, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff here at Knox Jewelers. We would be thrilled to discuss the options available and how best to utilize this remarkable cut in a stunning piece just for you. We’ll explore different customization options, including band types, engravings, and more. We look forward to working together with you to design a unique emerald cut engagement ring!

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Rose Gold – Timeless Beauty

Before we begin, it is important to note that gold is naturally a yellow metal, and that any other forms of gold, including white and rose, are combinations of gold with other metals – we call these combinations alloys. We’ll talk more about that in the next section, but in the meantime you should know that rose gold is an excellent way to add personality to your jewelry as well as give it a signature, unique appearance – in fact, rose gold is beginning to gain popularity and momentum among jewelers and customers alike, especially here at Knox Jewelers. Without further ado, let’s learn all about rose gold.

The Basics of Rose Gold

As we said before, rose gold is a combination of gold and another metal. 14K rose gold is usually formed with gold (about three fourths), copper (about one fifth), and a marginal amount of silver. This blend of metals allows for 14K rose gold to be strong enough for jewelry as well as have its distinctive rosy hue from which it derives its name.

This breathtaking scalloped wedding band is shown in rose gold with diamond and hand engraved details.This gorgeous wide band is shown in richly colored rose gold and the sides are detailed with intricate hand engraving. The top of the band is lined with two rows of micro pave diamonds which contrast the sand blasted finish in the center of the ring.This elegant wedding band is shown in rose gold and is created using a French style of hand-cut pave called the U-cut style.

Growing Popularity

Rose gold has been steadily gaining in popularity, and for good reason – no other alloy quite matches the splendor and beauty of this red-tinted gold. More and more individuals are choosing to utilize rose gold in their custom engagement rings and wedding bands. Our designers have successfully used rose gold in a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces, and we are quite thrilled by the rise in popularity of this gold alloy for many creative reasons. Even men’s wedding bands are starting to feature rose gold!

This men's wedding band is shown with a white gold band set inside a rose gold band. The rose gold edges and interior are finished with a high polish which, along with its warm color, contrast handsomely with the brushed finish of the white gold.This contemporary men's wedding ring is shown in 14k white gold with a brushed finish. The negative spaces in the band are created to highlight the 14k rose gold wire running through the middle of the piece.

Mokume Gane

One of the areas in which rose gold is extraordinarily useful is in the practice of Mokume Gane. At Knox Jewelers, we are experts in these techniques, and having the option of using rose gold in conjunction with yellow and white gold can allow us to design some truly stunning Mokume Gane rings. In the next section, we’ll take a look at these designs as well as other ones we have crafted by hand for our customers in the past.

This decadent men's wedding band features a tri-color Mokume Gane pattern set into a platinum band. The Mokume Gane is a combination of white and rose gold with silver. The top of the band is set with a row of carre cut diamonds.This contemporary diamond engagement ring features a wide band set with a Mokume Gane inlay. The large round center stone is held in a half bezel setting and is accented perfectly with hues of the rose, yellow, white gold and silver of the Mokume pattern.

Our Unique Designs

Rose gold looks fantastic with many different elements. The unique engagement rings and wedding bands we have created for our customers are varied, but they all share one attribute in common: they are exceedingly beautiful with their rosy tint. Let’s take a look at some of them now:

North Shore Rose

This design makes exclusive use of 14K rose gold to give the ring a bright hue and warm texture. Combined with our detailed hand engravings and milgrain textures, North Shore Rose’s rose gold base truly looks fantastic all on its own without other metals or stones.

This set of matching wedding bands is done in warm hued rose gold. The rings feature intricate hand engraving for a vintage appeal.

Flora – Autumn Wind

Flora is one of our stunning examples of Mokume Gane craftsmanship. This piece uses three metals: 14k yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, all mixed and blended together to give the natural appearance for which Mokume Gane is so well regarded. We’ve also added two rows of lovely, sparkling diamonds to give this ring a beautiful aesthetic.

This stunning Mokume Gane band features a pattern made of white, rose, and yellow gold interspersed with silver. The edges of the band are lined in dazzling micro pave.

Design 2903

Finally, Design 2903 shows how regal and vibrant 14k rose gold can look in conjunction with a center stone – in this case, a 1.25ct princess cut center diamond. Rose gold is a truly versatile alloy that is both durable, striking, and warm, and we think that these designs truly make the case for its use in practically any context, including with diamonds, other stones, hand engravings, and more.

This cathedral style diamond engagement ring is featured in 14k rose gold with a "river" of diamonds set fully underneath the elevated center stone.

Two-Tone Designs

Designs featuring multiple metals are another way to add more detail to a design. As you can see, the warm hue of the rose gold stands out beautifully against the cool luster of the white gold.

This breathtaking antique inspired ring features a beautiful mix of white and rose gold. The sweeping bands of micro pave flow towards the asscher cut center diamond while the high polished luster of the rose gold flares and leaves accent the design.This regal engagement ring features and oval cut diamond surrounded by a rose gold and diamond halo. The band is featured in white gold and all of the side diamonds are set using a hand-cut pave style called the U-cut.

This unique wide wedding band is shown in white gold with accents of rose gold. The ring is adorned with micro pave, and the rose gold accents are set with pink diamonds.This graceful design features three flowing bands of micro pave diamonds. The outer two bands are shown in 14k white gold while the middle band is featured in the decadent, warm hued rose gold.

Rose Gold Mock-Ups

We are more than happy to hand sketch or create a computer mock-up of your preferred design with rose gold. If this might be something in which you are interested, please let us know. We will create a detailed sketch of your piece and allow you to make modifications as you see fit – helping you to design a custom engagement ring or wedding band is what we are here to do.

Knox Jewelers Is At Your Service

We do not simply design stunning and unique engagement rings and wedding bands – we also go the extra mile in ensuring our customers understand exactly what goes into the process as well as give them complete freedom in the outcome of a particular design. If you have any questions about rose gold, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working together with you to design a beautiful rose gold engagement ring or wedding band!

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Orange Garnet – January’s Radiant Jewel

For those lucky individuals with January birthdays, there are a lot of options from which to choose when it comes to garnet stones. An oft-overlooked color of garnet is the radiant orange garnet, also known by its mineral classifications hessonite, spessartine, and mandarin. Hessonite, also known as Cinnamon Stone, is a type of grossular, which is a species of garnet. Hessonite has a very distinct red hue which gravitates toward orange and yellow, though hessonite is often heavily included and is rarely used in jewelry.  Spessartine, on the other hand, is another species of garnet with characteristic orange and light-red color tones. Finally, mandarin garnets are a specific type of spessartine with a fiery and radiant orange color. We know that’s a lot of different terms to throw around, so let’s take a look at the history of these beautiful stones, how you might use the orange garnets to create unique engagement rings or wedding bands with a stunning and innovative look, and what to look for in a high-quality orange garnet.

Hessonite garnet often has a turbulent inner appearance called the roiled affect. - © GIA & Tino Hammid, courtesy Gordon Bleck

Hessonite Garnet

Spessartine garnets contain eye visible inclusions more often than most red garnets like almandine and Pyrope. - Gift of John Bradshaw Copyright

Spessartite/Mandarin Garnet

The History of Orange Garnets

The garnet stone has a rich and detailed historical legacy. Emperors, kings, philosophers, generals, and famous individuals of all kinds have worn jewelry adorned with beautiful garnet stones for centuries. The garnet has been exceedingly popular in Europe, especially throughout the 1700’s and 1800’s, wherein they were prized for their rich hues and tones. In fact, Spanish astrologers once used the garnet to signify the sun – indeed, the orange garnet is almost perfect for representing the radiant beauty of the sun. We have only seen the garnet in present in a variety of mythological and literary works, thus lending credence to the fact that the garnet is one of the most desirable gemstones in the entire industry and has been for some time.

What to Look for in an Orange Garnet

As with all gemstones, your primary considerations with orange garnets are going to revolve around clarity and color, as well as durability. Most spessartines, including mandarin garnets, have excellent Mohs hardness and durability while also sporting strong and deep colors and excellent clarity. At Knox Jewelers, we will help you to select the perfect orange garnet for your piece and ensure that it passes muster in all aspects to ensure that your engagement ring or wedding band is absolutely perfect and stunning.

The beautiful antique inspired engagement ring, Three Stone Vera, is shown here with vibrant spessartite garnet side stones. These luscious orange stones add a bold richness to the piece and would look stunning with yellow or rose gold as well. The stunning side view of Knox Jewelers' unique engagement ring, the Three Stone Vera. The spessartite garnet side stones add a rich, warm hue to the ring.

What Makes Garnet The Perfect January Birthstone

Orange may not be the most popular color when it comes to gemstones, but don’t be too quick to write off orange garnets. Spessartine and mandarin garnets can be combined with a variety of different metals to create a truly beautiful piece which is both exciting and elegant. For centuries, orange gemstones have been used to create jewelry with evocative and rich feelings, images, and patterns, all of which have contributed to the uniqueness and fashion of these orange garnets. For individuals seeking to integrate a powerful red gemstone into their jewelry, and especially for those individuals with January birthdays, an orange garnet is the perfect choice.

This custom, vintage inspired engagement ring features a spessartite garnet center stone with rose gold filigree curls. The sparkle of the side diamonds, and luster of the hand engraved band really make the center stone stand out!

Garnet Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

At Knox Jewelers, we have crafted a rich and varied collection of unique engagement rings and wedding bands for our customers in the past. All of the designs we have created for our customers can utilize any gemstone you can imagine, including orange garnets. A stunning combination is to utilize a white gold or platinum band in conjunction with an orange garnet setting – the contrast of these two elements creates a stunning and exciting synthesis of color, elegance, and beauty, all of which contribute to making your custom engagement ring or wedding band a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

The Bergenia is a unique engagement ring featuring a wide band with a double row of micro pave and a uniquely shaped micro pave halo. The center is shown here as a spessartite garnet. The hand formed filigree on the sides of the band could be done in rose gold to further compliment the rich color of the center stone.

Have Any Questions? We’re Here to Help!

If you are thinking about utilizing an orange garnet gemstone in a custom jewelry piece, then please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Here at Knox Jewelers, we have long worked with orange garnets and have crafted some truly exquisite pieces for our customers, and we would be happy to help you design a unique ring which uniquely describes you or your loved one. We are not only available to answer your questions, but we would also be glad to walk you through the entire process of designing a unique piece of jewelry just for you, from start to finish. We look forward to meeting you and working together with you soon!

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Green Garnet – January’s Great Beauty

While red garnets are among the most popular variants of garnet on the market today, two types of green garnet, Tsavorite and Demantoid, are also stunning, beautiful, and perfect for that special someone with a January birthday. At Knox Jewelers, we enjoy creating custom rings with our customers to include colorful center stones or whatever other details you may desire. Let’s take a closer look now at the different between the Tasvorite and Demantoid garnet types and see which one is best suited for you.

Tsavorite: Perfect Clarity, Color, and Strength

Tsavorite derives its name from the location where it was found in Tsavo, Kenya. It was discovered by Campbell Bridges, a Scottish geologist who dedicated his life to championing the African gem mining industry. The unique properties of Tasvorite are derived from the fact that it is completely natural and produced entirely in nature – in other words, no heating or other artificial processes are necessary. Tsavorite is known for its intensely green color and outstanding dispersion and brilliance, important factors which make it more than an equal match for emerald. In fact, Tsavorite is even more durable than comparable emerald gemstones, making it a superior option at only a fraction of the cost.

Here you can see the beautiful range of colors and shapes that Tsavorite Garnets can come in.

Demantoid: Among the Most Brilliant

Demantoid (meaning ‘ diamond like ‘) is another type of green garnet that is most well known for its higher refractive index and dispersion when compared to Tasvorite and other green grossular variants. Although relatively obscure in terms of popularity, demantoid is among the most brilliant of gemstones, and most definitely so among the garnet family. As a green andradite, it has slightly better intrinsic properties than its counterparts, though it is also somewhat softer.  Demantoid garnet is stunning, and was the favored gem of Imperial Russia for time. This particular garnet variation is rare however, and can be quite expensive to acquire jewelry grade gems.

Here you can see some examples of the stunning Demantoid variety of Garnet.

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands by Knox Jewelers

Both Tsavorite and Demantoid are fantastic choices for those customers who are looking to design a unique engagement ring or wedding band with a green garnet stone setting. Green garnet stones can be coupled with practically any kind band or design, including the various golds (white, rose, yellow), platinum, and more. Furthermore, the designs we have crafted from scratch for customers in the past can be outfitted with a green garnet stones for a unique and beautiful touch.

The beautiful Design 2469 is shown with a stunning oval cut, tsavorite garnet center stone. The unique star burst cut-out of the halo further accentuates the oval shape of the center stone and halo. The halo and band are detailed with micro pave diamonds.This charming ring is shown with a round, tsavorite garnet center stone in a claw prong setting. The intricate hand engraving on the domed band, and the bezel set surprise diamonds at the base of the setting add mesmerizing details to this elegant ring.

Get in Touch with Us!

We are a friendly crowd here at Knox Jewelers, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about green garnet stones. We are gladly able to assist you in coming up with a unique design that incorporates the exact metals, flourishes, and garnet stones you desire, while also working together with you in a collaborative process. Naturally, you’ll want to act sooner than later – green garnet stones are still relatively less known than emeralds and other more popular gemstones, thus making them considerably less expensive than their comparatively sized counterparts. Get in touch with us soon!

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