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Knox Jewelers is a family owned jewelry store known for unique and high-end engagement rings and wedding bands. Each ring is tailor-made for your finger size and the center stone you choose. We can do this without any extra costs passed to you because we are designers and manufacturers. Our heirloom quality pieces are thousands of dollars less than comparable designer brands you'll find at other stores It's a win-win situation all around. Get a top quality unique diamond engagement ring for a great price, all while supporting a honest, local family business who makes their own product.


We have two showrooms in Minnesota, one in Minneapolis and the other in Woodbury. Click here for our engagement ring store hours and locations. Both shops feature our unique line of engagement rings and our staff is able to assist you with our no pressure approach. Yes, no pressure! We don't need to force you into buying from us. We are up-front and honest, our products are awesome, and our prices are great. After comparing all other jewelry stores, you'll see why Knox Jewelers is rated so highly amongst consumer review sites.


There was something astounding we learned during the opening of our 2nd store. During the numerous interviews we had with our local competitors' employees, we realized how different our no pressure sales approach is from the rest. These poor sales people are forced to get every customer that walks into the door to buy something. Doesn't matter what it is, they have to get you to buy today. Our competitors are going to pressure you into buying on your first visit. If the first salesperson can't get you to buy, you will be turned over to another. They have to do and say whatever they can to get your money into their hands that first visit. Simple as that. Once they have your money, they are experts are holding on to it. Don't take our word for it. Go experience it for yourself. That pressure and dishonesty is not what you want in such an important purchase. You want open, honest, and sound advice. We at Knox Jewelers are here to help you!



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We wholeheartedly recommend GIA certified diamonds for the center piece of your engagement ring. Other reputable jewelers will say the same. High quality diamonds only go to GIA to be certified. Every jeweler knows this. Some jewelers will con you into believing that their certified diamonds are comparable to GIA certified stones but their prices are hundreds or thousands less. That's the most common trick used on unsuspecting customers to make them think they are getting the deal of a life time. Too bad it's not real. You are paying less money because you are getting a lesser quality. It's that simple. It is widely known across our industry that these grading laboratories inflate their diamond grades. This makes their stones appear to be a better value for the same quality. They're not. These laboratories use the same grading scale not the same grading standards. You are not saving money. You are paying less for a lesser quality stone.


All of our engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom jewelry come with our free status update service. We believe in sharing the creation of your heirloom. We capture photos at every stage of our manufacturing process and send them right to your inbox.


We offer interest free financing to customers who are approved for credit. We have plans starting at 6 months and ones as long as 60 months. Whatever you need, we can make it work for you. Click here to learn more about our financing.