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Forever One Moissanite Shapes
A new trend has gained momentum here at Knox Jewelers. We have been creating more and more custom engagement rings featuring a beautiful moissanite center stone than ever before. At a fraction of the cost, colorless moissanite is the perfect stand in for natural diamond in any custom created ring from Knox. Our heirloom quality, hand finished detailing combined with the fiery brilliance of moissanite makes for a dazzling engagement ring that is sure to turn heads.

We offer Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite as a center stone options in any one of our custom created engagement rings. Charles & Colvard was the original creator of moissanite and we trust them to supply environmentally and ethically responsible lab created gemstones.

The Forever One Moissanite is the product of twenty years of research that refined the way this gemstone is created. The end result was a colorless gemstone with high dispersion that can hold its own against natural diamond.

Forever One Moissanite is currently available in eight different shapes, allowing you a variety of cuts to choose from to feature in your perfect ring. All of our available moissanite gemstone options can be viewed here, on our Online Gemstone List.

We are one of the few suppliers of Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite in Minnesota , and we offer it as a center stone option in all of the custom rings.

Moissanite Facts

  • Moissanite is a gemstone in its own right, not a diamond simulation or alternative.
  • All moissanite used in jewelry today is lab created. Large quantities of the gemstone are rarely found in nature. Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize winner, first discovered minute quantities of this mineral nearly a century ago in an ancient meteorite that fell to earth in Arizona. Created moissanite is silicon carbide formed as a single crystal.
  • Forever One Moissanite faces up colorless, and closely mimics the appearance of colorless or near colorless diamond.
  • It ranks very high on the Mohs scale of hardness at a 9.25. This makes it a durable gemstone that is suitable for everyday jewelry, such as an engagement ring.
  • Moissanite is available in many carat sizes and cut shapes. Our current cut options include round, cushion, princess, radiant, oval, pear emerald and asscher shapes.
  • Moissanite gemstones have a brilliance, hardness, and dispersion unlike any other lab created gemstone currently available.
  • A higher dispersion rate allows moissanite to emit more color and light flashes than it diamond counterpart.
  • Lab created moissanite is close to flawless with no visible inclusions.

Stop in to our gallery to view a moissanite center stone in person, and discover for yourself the beauty of the Forever One colorless moissanite. Once you view this gemstone in person, you will understand why several customers have recently selected this gemstone to be featured in their custom created engagement rings!


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