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Unique Wedding Bands. Unique Wedding Rings.

Unique Wedding Bands & Wedding Rings

We are designers of unique wedding bands. Our pieces are made to last for generations. They are made to be passed down someday as an heirloom. Whether you're looking at a matching band to complement your engagement ring or you like one of our wider signature rings, all of our pieces are created by the hands of our master artisans. There is no better symbol than a wedding ring to show the unity and love between two people. Let Knox create the an heirloom that you two will share forever.

Our wedding bands are made of the best materials and the highest craftsmanship. You can see the quality in the thousands of photos on this very site. We make our wedding rings in gold or platinum. We prefer platinum as it's the ideal metal for everyday jewelry due to its durability.

We are a family-owned jeweler and have a vested interest in your experience with our company. All of our customers receive status updates showing the creation of their heirlooms. From start to finish, you watch as your tailored wedding band is made from the ground up specifically for you. All of our customers are invited to watch the documented journey of the creation of their heirlooms. From start to finish, you will receive photographed updates of your tailored wedding band as it is made from the hands of our artists specifically for you.

Diamond Wedding Band featuring bezel set round diamonds with milgrain.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds are known for their eye catching beauty by reflecting light like no other gem. Not only are diamonds the hardest material on earth, but each one has been around for over one billion years. It's no wonder that diamonds are used in jewelry to celebrate incredibly important moments in our lives.

We here at Knox understand how important your wedding band should be. Handcrafted locally in Minneapolis, your wedding band with diamonds will withstand the test of time. Our skilled designers will help you create your perfect ring. Whether your diamonds are channel set, flush set or micropave set, your diamond wedding band will sparkle like no other and be uniquely you.

At Knox, not only do we use superior quality diamonds, but each piece is diligently created with care by master jewelers. We never compromise on quality and produce heirloom quality pieces that can be passed on from generations to come.

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Filigree Wedding Band featuring bead set diamond rails with milgrain framing a beautiful flowing scroll pattern.

Filigree Wedding Bands

Our finely crafted filigree wedding bands are truly unique. You won't see these designs at any other jeweler. Every piece is finished by the hands of our master jewelers. We utilize scroll wire work in our designs and pierced out patterns with bead-setting and bright-cutting. Our style is heavily influenced from both Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Our filigree wedding bands can be made in platinum or any one of the three colors of gold. We often use diamonds and gemstones to further adorn each design. These designs take countless hours to produce and the result is a beautiful heirloom. We take pride in our hand created filigree bands wedding bands, and you will notice the beautiful intricacy of filigree as you wear it on your finger.

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Hand Engraved Wedding Ring in platinum with bead-set diamonds.

Hand Engraved Wedding Bands

Hand engraved wedding bands are influenced from the Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorians eras. We have numerous patterns that we artfully etch into each ring. From long swooping scrolls to clean and tight wheat patterns, our hand engraving will add that perfect unique touch to your wedding ring. Our hand engraving is not done by a machine. You will notice the unmatched delicacy and flashes of light created from bright clean lines hand cut into our engraved wedding bands.

Our hand engraving can be put on any part of a wedding band. The most common place to engrave is the outside of the ring, typically where the gemstones stop. We engrave in two different styles. Western bright-cut and relief. Western bright-cut is typically used for narrower bands where the engraver creates deep and contrast-rich cuts that form a pattern in the metal. Relief engraving is well suited for wide bands which give us a larger palette to engrave on. In relief engraving, the engraver takes the Western style bright cut a bit further by removing the background of the pattern. This adds more dimension and contrast to the engraved design. Both styles are beautiful in their own way and take a true craftsman to create.

We have wedding band sets available for him and her, we also have unique options available for all couples.

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Channel set diamond eternity band.

Eternity Bands

Nothing says forever like one of our heirloom quality Knox eternity bands. Made with high quality diamonds or sapphires, your ring is sure to demand attention. Perfect as a wedding band or anniversary gift, Knox eternity bands can be made in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. Each ring is made specifically for you by our artisan jewelers.

With gemstones going all the way around the ring, there is no dull side to these bands. Eternity rings must be made in the exact finger size for the wearer as it is nearly impossible to resize these designs.

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Hand Engraved Wedding Ring in platinum with bead-set diamonds.

Mens Wedding Rings

Here at Knox, we understand that our female clients aren't the only ones looking to create a unique one-of-a-kind wedding band. The combination of our cutting edge technologies mixed with old world style jewelry making has allowed us to create numerous wedding band options for men.

Rustic, organic, mokume gane, beveled, grooved, engraved, carved, two tone with stones or without. The sky is the limit! At Knox, our skilled designers and sketch artists are here to help you with your wedding band design. We know how important your wedding day is and we feel privileged to help you choose a wedding band that is uniquely yours and will last a lifetime. Our mens wedding bands can be custom made to any width or finger size.

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Unique Wedding Ring with diamonds and milgrain.

Unique Wedding Bands

Our signature unique wedding bands are totally unique and only found at Knox. We prefer to use wider dimensions to showcase as much detail as possible. These heirloom bands are sure to grab attention and make a statement.

Our unique weddings bands are often done using diamonds or sapphires. The styling of the bands incorporate elements from our other collections such as filigree, hand engraving, and mokume gane. These rings can be worn as a wedding band, or that perfect right hand ring.

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