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Stone Setting

We are able to set diamonds provided by the customer. This service is only offered to customers that visit one of our stores. Sorry, no exceptions.

Stones Purchased from Knox Jewelers

Stones purchased from Knox Jewelers have design customization, setting labor, and insurance costs included in the retail price. There are no additional charges when using a stone purchased from Knox.

Stones Provided by Customers

Knox Jewelers is able to set diamonds provided by customers. We are not able to set any other type of gemstone. Please bring your diamond(s) into one of our locations for inspection to verify the integrity and value. This process takes 2 to 3 business days. This service is only available to customers who visit one of our retail locations.

Stone Setting Charges

Additional charges will be added for setting labor and insurance costs.

Customization Charges

Additional charges may be added for customizing a design around your center stone.