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Center Stone Setting Charges

Gemstones Purchased from Knox Jewelers

Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires purchased from Knox Jewelers have design customization, setting labor, and insurance costs included in the retail price. There are no additional charges when using these gemstones. Other gemstone types may incur additional costs due to setting labor and insurance.

Stones Provided by Customers

Knox Jewelers is able to set diamonds provided by customers, assuming that the diamond(s): (1) Will not pose a higher than normal risk during the rigors of the setting process. (2) The diamond(s) meet our standards for symmetry and appropriateness for the setting style. Please note that Knox Jewelers LLC reserves the right to decline the setting of any diamond(s) at our sole discretion such as irreplaceable diamonds that are custom cut.

We are not able to set any other type of gemstone. Please bring your diamond(s) into our studio for inspection to verify that it is a diamond we can set. This process takes 2 to 3 business days. For distant clients, we typically just need to see a copy of the lab report or qualifying appraisal to determine if we will be able to set the diamond.

Stone Setting Charges

Additional charges will be added for setting labor and insurance costs. This charge also covers the handling of your diamond while in our possession. It does not cover any shipping costs. This charge can be found using the calculator below.

Diamond Value:
Stone Setting Charge:

Customization Charges

Additional charges may be added for customizing a design around your center stone.

1 Year Warranty

Jewelry containing items not purchased from Knox have a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Additional Materials and Labor

Using a different shape or size center gemstone in a design other than what is picture may require additional materials and labor.