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Unique Engagement Rings

We are designers of unique engagement rings. All of our finely crafted pieces are created from the ground up by our master jewelers in our Minneapolis, Minnesota studio. Designed from the very beginning for your finger size and exact center stone you choose. Our pieces are made to last for generations, to be passed down someday as an heirloom.

We take extreme pride in our unique line of engagement rings. We use materials made of the highest quality and our fabrication techniques utilize cutting-edge technologies alongside old-world, proven jewelry-making methods. We don't believe in hollowed-out shanks or cast filigree. We believe in doing things the right way, even if it's harder and takes longer.

We are a family-owned jeweler and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Alongside our heirloom quality pieces, we deliver top shelf service. Our salespeople, artisans, and jewelers have many years of experience in fine jewelry consultation and we're experts at making the perfect engagement ring for you. Whether you're shopping online across the world or visiting our Minneapolis jewelry store. If you are looking for finely crafted wedding rings without center stones, check our our unique wedding bands.

Micro Pavé Engagement Ring with a 2.20 carat diamond center stone. Shown in 950 Platinum Ruthenium and featuring 6 bead-set with milgrain diamonds.

Micro Pavé Engagement Rings

Diamonds are meant to sparkle! Our micropavé engagement rings showcase the brilliance and fire of even the smallest of diamonds. From our bead-set diamonds with bright-cut and milgrain detail to our refined U and V cut pave styling, every Knox micropavé piece is masterfully crafted to show the beauty of your gems.

True micropavé is the setting of small diamonds, usually 1.5 mm in diameter or less, in three rows using a hex point or honeycomb styled pattern. The term is derived from a paved cobblestone road. The result is a uniform field of sparkling diamonds or a ring that is "paved" with diamonds

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U-cut Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum featuring a 1.50 carat cushion cut diamond.

Halo Engagement Rings

Where vintage meets modern! We have a huge selection of halo engagement rings that can be custom designed to fit your taste. Each design is made specifically for your Knox center stone, and the styling often enhances the overall size of the engagement diamond. This style is reminiscent of antique edwardian period jewelry.

Halo engagement rings feature a perimeter of diamonds around the center stone. We use different sized halo diamonds and setting styles to achieve different effects. Our favorite designs are usually adorned with milgrain or U-cut micropave.

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Antique engagement ring shown with a pear cut diamond in 18k Yellow Gold.

Antique Engagement Rings

Old world style renewed! Our antique styled engagement rings take influences from the Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian eras. Add a little Knox craftsmanship and style, and you have yourself one beautiful engagement ring.

We make our antique engagement rings around any shape or size center stone. They are often adorned with filigree, hand engraving, and milgrain. Our antique line is known for it's unique details. We typically use micropavé diamonds along the band and sometimes around the center stone to form a halo.

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Four sets of three curls make up this filigree engagement ring which also features interior lattice wire work. Ring is shown with an oval brilliant center diamond, hand engraving, and milgrain.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Delicate and decorative! Our finely crafted filigree engagement rings add the perfect amount of flare to your heirloom. Hand created and often designed in sets of two or three, filigree wire work is the perfect way to make your engagement ring truly unique.

Our filigree engagement rings use 950 Platinum, 18k Yellow Gold, or 14k Rose Gold wire. Each piece must be precisely fabricated and fit before it is soldered into your engagement ring. This takes an incredible amount of craftsmanship and skill. Traditionally, filigree is only hand wrought and never cast in-place. We prefer the clean lines of finely crafted hand made filigree wire work, and believe you will notice the difference as well.

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This hand engraved engagement ring is shown with a wheat pattern on both side of a knife-edge shank. Ring is made in white gold and also features filigree.

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

The beauty of bright-cuts! Our hand engraved engagement rings feature wheat, scroll, and relief patterns. Hand engraving is typically used with milgrained edges and borders. This art-form is a sure way to make your engagement ring more unique than the rest.

By definition, hand engraving is the art of carving symbols and patterns into metal by pushing sharp and hardened tools into a softer metal. With the proliferation of mass production into the jewelry industry and the crude mechanical replication of the art, our customers have sought us from across the globe to adorn their heirlooms with finely crafted hand engraving.

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Rose gold contemporary engagement ring shown with 1.00 carat princess cut

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Clean. Bold. Modern. Our contemporary engagement rings feature either soft, graceful curves or modern straight lines. Available finishes are polished, satin, and brushed. Some designs feature channel set diamonds for a clean, brilliant look.

Our contemporary line is available in white, yellow, or rose colored metal. Center stones are typically bezel or half-bezel set. Many of our contemporary engagement rings are solitaires.

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Platinum diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Classic and Traditional. Solitaire engagement rings are an excellent way to highlight your center stone. If you want the diamond to sit high or low, or at just the right height, our solitaire designs can be tailored to fit your needs.

There are many styles of prongs to set your diamond solitaire in. Basket settings allow more light to reach the stone, letting it look whiter and brighter. Claw prongs produce a high-end look that resemble claws or talons, and is a good way to set your unique engagement ring apart from the rest. Of course, you can always add a little sparkle with some small diamonds placed into the setting.

Solitaires can be traditional or modern, petite or wide. Whatever your style, let Knox Jewelers make a beautiful solitaire engagement ring for you.

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Blue sapphire engagement ring shown in floral setting with 5 smaller diamonds prong set in 14k White Gold.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Add a splash of color! A sapphire engagement ring from Knox Jewelers is a sure way to something totally unique. All of our settings are available with diamond or sapphire.

Did you know that sapphires come in every color of the rainbow? Also, it is the only other gemstone, besides diamond, that we recommend to be worn everyday over a lifetime. Everything else is far too soft and fragile to endure everyday wear. All of our sapphires come from conflict free sources.

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