5 Things You Never Knew About Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most amazing experiences in life, but it’s also an experience that’s filled with unexpected situations and emotions.  The reality of choosing an engagement ring is not nearly as nerve-wracking as proposing marriage but it still ranks fairly high up on the scale of life’s challenges.  We collected a few special hints to help you in your quest for the perfect ring.

  1. The topic of jewelry suddenly becomes much more interesting

Even if you don’t know the difference between a carat and a facet, you soon will be talking about these parameters with perfect familiarity—all because you’ve decided to propose.  All conversation around jewelry becomes more riveting, especially if she is talking about her taste in jewelry. Only by paying careful attention will be you be able to utilize these important facts to shop intelligently for her ring.  

Remember that if at first glance all diamonds look the same, you’ll soon be singing the praises of some stones that have great cut, carat, clarity and color.

  1. Hitting below the budget

No matter how well you plan, buying a good quality engagement ring will be expensive because diamonds are expensive.  Even when they’re on sale, they are still expensive. So to get quality, you have to pay for it. Just remember what your budget is and stick to, despite the pleading of that sales person behind the counter. Remind yourself that you’re driving the bus.  

It’s also important to remember that if you want a ring that is truly unique, you can design the ring yourself.  A custom ring is not necessarily an expensive ring, but because it bears the name of “custom,” you can expect to make it very original.

  1. Think about what she would buy

When you’re buying a ring for your gal, it’s easy to get confused about what type of ring to purchase. Remember that you are looking for a type of ring she would buy, not a ring that you like.  Even though you are the one spending the money, she will be wearing the ring for the rest of her life.  Make sure that what you are buying is a ring she would like, not just something that is ring that is a bargain for other reasons.

  1. Her friends are your friends

Now is the perfect time to get to know her friends better.  Why?  Because her friends can tell you more about your gal’s taste in rings than almost any other people in her life.  If you want to make sure that you are purchasing the ring of her dreams, ask her girlfriends to help you shop for it or help you design it.  She will love the end product and you will have gained the respect–and hopefully the affection–of her friends.

  1. Get ready to rest

Once you’ve purchased the ring, the real work begins. Let’s hope you’re still on good terms with her friends because they can help you arrange the most amazing proposal imaginable. It’s also doesn’t hurt to remember that this could be your one chance at giving your best girl the proposal of a lifetime.  

Antique Halo Engagement Rings

At Knox Jewelers, featuring halo engagement rings have been on trend for several years now, but these setting designs are anything but new. In decades past it was not uncommon for engagement rings to feature small diamonds or gemstones completely encircling, and enhancing the center stone. Halo ring were very common in the Edwardian, Victoria and even the Art Deco era. Framing your center stone in a diamond halo is a dazzling way to highlight and visually amplify the gemstone. A halo can be custom created around any size or shape diamond or sapphire. There are no rules when selecting a halo setting. It doesn’t have to be straight; the halo can be petal-shaped, square, or undulating. Most any shape halo is possible with Knox custom creation. If a colorless diamond halo is not what you had in mind, add some color with fancy hued sapphires or diamonds. If you are a devotee to both vintage inspired and halo ring settings, you are going to love how Knox has juxtaposed the two into amazing one-of-a-kind creations. Listed below are several antique engagement ring illustrating the vast number of ways a halo can be incorporated into a custom setting.

3338_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3338
3341_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3341
2642_1_image_yellow Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design Victoria
3025_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3025
3049_1_image_rose Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3049
3095_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3095
3146_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3146

If you have any questions about antique halo engagement ring or any of the custom ring settings featured above, please be sure to let us know. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to working together with you to design a work of art that will last and be passed down throughout the ages. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff today. We will aid you on the journey to creating your very own, one-of-a-kind piece of custom engagement ring, with or without a halo!

Where is Peridot Found?

Peridot-Map Unique Engagement Rings

  • United States of America – In Arizona, the San Carlos Apache reservation has been a major producer of peridot for many years.
  • Egypt – Extremely large peridot crystals have been found on the Isle of Zabargad off Egypt’s coast.
  • Tanzania – Rough peridot can be found in the Mpwapwa region of Tanzania.
  • Pakistan – The country of Pakistan is known for producing high quality, large peridot crystals.
  • Myanmar – Pyaunggaung is a sizable peridot mining area close to the larger city of Mogok in Myanmar.
  • Vietnam – Located in southern Vietnam, the Lam Dong Province is an ample resource of large carat peridot crystals.
  • China – China has become a large supplier of the calibrated peridots used in jewelry today.

If you are fortunate enough to have a special tie to the month of August, let us at Knox Jewelers help you custom create a one-of-a-kind piece to showcase a beautiful vibrant green Peridot in celebration of any occasion. For centuries, rich colored Peridot has been linked to light. Ancient Egyptians even called this precious stone the “gem of the sun”. In modern times, Peridot is currently being mined within one of the sunniest states within the United States, in the deserts of Arizona. Any custom piece of jewelry could be tailored to incorporate this unusual olive-green birthstone. The possibility are endless with a mineral found in such large crystal formations, allowing nearly an shape or size finished faceted stone. A Knox Jewelers custom created piece, featuring a beautiful peridot is the perfect way to showcase this vibrant gemstone. Contact us today and let’s get started. We can always search our cutters’ inventory for your perfect gemstone, or we have a selection of incredible peridots already available just waiting to be transformed!