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Design Your Own Ring - Custom Engagement Rings

Designing your own engagement ring is an exciting and memorable process. It's a way for you and your loved one to share something totally unique and one-of-a-kind, a true symbol of your love. Our design process brings you directly in contact with our award winning designers and master jewelers along every step of the custom process. We are the Custom Design Experts™.

Once we start crafting your ring, you'll be there for every step with our Creation of an Heirloom system. With this feature, our master jewelers capture the progress of your ring throughout the entire manufacturing process and send it straight to your inbox. You'll watch the journey our craftsmen take to bring your beautiful custom design to life.

Start Designing Your Engagement Ring

You can easily get started in designing your own engagement ring by visiting our Design My Own form or using the Ask Question button on any of our ring pages.

Don't forget to start looking at center stone options! Our conflict free diamonds and gemstones will make a beautiful center piece for your heirloom. Don't worry about finding the best option, we don't expect you to know the ins and outs of choosing the perfect stone. Our designers and diamond buyers know exactly what to look for to give you a top quality look without overspending.

The Custom Engagement Ring Process

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Custom Design Consultation

You can start by selecting an existing piece from one of our unique collections or by submitting something totally unique and custom. From here, our designers are able to assist you with any questions you may have during the custom engagement ring design process. We'll help you along the way, making sure your customized jewelry turns out exactly as you envisioned. Through the help of personalized sketches and custom mock-ups, we'll ensure that your piece meets your every expectation. With that said, we know jewelry design and what works and what doesn't.

Custom jewelry design is who we are and it's what we do. We have thousands of happy customers across the globe and your satisfaction is paramount. You'll work directly with one of our designers who is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and make sure your customized ring is exactly what you envisioned.

Conflict free diamonds custom engagement rings

Center Stone Selection

Selecting a diamond and getting a great value is no easy task. Every diamond that goes through Knox Jewelers is personally inspected and graded by Brent Knox, son of the owner Brian Knox. He is an expert at finding the best quality and the right value in diamonds. He'll work directly with you and your designer, focusing on the quality you want and the budget you set. His name does happen to be on every ring we make.

Finding the right diamond isn't about the 4 C's. It's about the correct diameter to weight, good or bad clarity grades, bright and lively cuts, the perfect depth percentage, and the best weight to value. Sometimes fluorescence hurts a stone, other times it helps. We know everything there is to know about finding the best diamonds and it's in our best interest to ensure you are completely satisfied with yours.

Finger Sizing for Custom Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Ring Finger Sizing

Whenever possible, we'd like to measure the finger that the custom engagement ring will be worn on. Since we are making this fine piece of jewelry specifically for that special someone, we should try and make it as close as possible to their finger size. We are able to send out plastic sizing devices that are calibrated to our shops mandrels. As all master jewelers should, we are able to make our rings to the 1/8 size. With that said, we are very good at estimating finger size based on height, weight, and body type.

Don't worry if the size is off as we offer a free resizing within the first 12 months. It's completely seamless and won't affect the integrity of your custom designed heirloom.

Best Metal Type for a Custom Engagement Ring

Selecting the Right Metal for Your Heirloom

Knox Jewelers custom engagement rings and wedding bands are available in the following metals:

  • 950 Platinum Ruthenium
  • 14k & 18k White Gold
  • 14k & 18k Yellow Gold
  • 14k Rose Gold

Please note that the majority of pricing on our website is for 14k White Gold, our standard alloy. Most rings on our site will show you pricing for different metal types and finger sizes. If your budget allows for it, we wholeheartedly recommend Platinum for engagement rings that are worn everyday. Read more about Platinum vs White Gold here.

Those with an allergy to nickel should not use our standard 14k White Gold alloy. We recommend upgrading to Platinum to avoid any reaction. Nickel free white gold alloys are available upon request.

We strictly adhere to environmentally friendly processes and strive to make our world a better place to live. Knox Jewelers uses 100% recycled Gold and Platinum in the manufacturing of all our fine jewelry. The mining of precious metals has devastating effects on the land and environment. Waste products and chemicals used in the processes contaminate ground water and render soil useless. Our recycled metal is a more sustainable approach to a healthy and clean environment. Read more about our recycled Gold and Platinum here.

Custom Engagement Ring Warranties

What comes with your Custom Engagement Ring?

What good is an heirloom piece of jewelry if it's not made to stand the test of time? Our lifetime warranty covers the loss of any small diamond in your custom engagement ring. Just ship the ring back to us and we'll take care of it.

We also offer a lifetime's worth of free polishing and rhodium plating on your ring. Other jewelers charge up to $200 every time you want to make your ring look new again. Not at Knox. We want your ring looking new all the time and we provide this service free of charge for the life of your ring.

We guarantee that our craftsmanship will live up to your fine jewelry standards and if there's any problem upon receipt of your heirloom, we'll take care of it free of charge.

Every custom engagement ring made by Knox will be accompanied with an insurance evaluation to facilitate insurance replacement in case of loss, theft or damage to your piece. Center stone rings will be accompanied with all associated laboratory reports.

The creation of a custom heirloom

Watch the Creation of Your Custom Engagement Ring

When you're ready to begin production on your custom engagement ring you'll have a full team of world famous Knox Jeweler's craftsmen bringing your piece to life. Our designers work hand-in-hand with our production team in our Minneapolis studio to create every work of art you see on our website. We produce heirloom quality pieces that will someday be passed down to future generations.

Once you get started on your custom engagement ring, we'll send you photo updates detailing it's creation right to your inbox. Watch as our master jewelers and artisans create your masterpiece. You'll see the cutting edge technologies we implement alongside centuries old jewelry making methods in the crafting of your fine jewelry. We know how important this purchase is and we want you to be connected to it as close as possible.