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Knox Heirloom Quality

We guarantee every Knox ring to be of the highest heirloom quality, free of any manufacturing and/or material defects. If even one of the tiniest little details of a Knox ring is not to your liking upon receipt, we will take care of it to your utmost satisfaction. Our quality standards are second to none in all of Minnesota.

We make your ring from the ground up right in our Minneapolis production studio. We control everything that goes into making your ring, from start to finish. We produce some of the nation's finest engagement rings and wedding bands.

Our customers go with Knox because they know they are getting a top shelf product and heirloom quality. We use G color, VS-2 clarity diamonds that are aligned with GIA standards. You'll see this difference in our engagement rings over the other jewelry stores. When our jewelers select the little diamonds to be set in your ring, each one is measured individually three times to confirm it's quality and size. That size is measured to 0.01 millimeters, which is 10 microns or 10% of the thickness of a sheet of paper. This precision ensures all side diamonds are identical and the consistency helps them focus on their craft. When you make fine quality jewelry like we do, precision is paramount.

We believe in using the best materials possible for a piece of jewelry you are going to wear for the rest of your life. It is very, very important to remember that not all Platinum is the same. Out of the 4 main Platinum alloys used for jewelry, we use the best one, 950 Platinum Ruthenium. Of the four, it has the best combination of hardness and durability which yield the best scratch and wear resistance. This resistance, is what Platinum is so renowned for. On the other end, the 950 Iridium alloy is the worst Platinum alloy and should not be used in rings. This low-cost and easy to manufacture Platinum alloy is extremely problematic because it is so soft, bends easily, and scratches the worst. The consequences of making your rings in this alloy lead to non-repairable conditions for your engagement ring or wedding band.

The level of work our jewelers put out is regarded as some of the nicest in the nation and further research on our company will reinforce that fact. Our bright-cuts and milgrain are all done by hand. Our setting work is truly top shelf; all the beads on the melee diamonds are nice and even, their size is small enough not to notice, yet large enough to endure a lifetime of wear. Our bezel setting is crisp, yet secure, finished off with a shiny bright-cut. Our center stone settings are impeccable and designed exactly for the stone you choose. The 1000's of high quality engagement ring photographs on this site will undoubtedly show you the quality we are producing.

The level of fit and finish our product yields is only possible because of the stringent and grueling standards our family practices at every part of the design and manufacturing process.

Smart consumers are starting to figure out that a lifetime warranty can't make up for poor craftsmanship and inferior design. We don't believe in hollowing-out the inside of your ring or thinning out the bottom to save on metal costs like a-lot of our competitors rings that are brought to us for repair. These two major design flaws in mass-produced pieces always lead to costly repairs down the road that are not considered maintenance. Do not accept a piece that is hollowed or thinned out.

All of our pieces are designed specifically for the center stone you choose. The number one reason a center stone falls out is because it doesn't fit properly in the setting. If the ring is made around the center stone, then that problem doesn't exist. The second and third reasons for a stone to become loose or fall out is because the prongs are either severely worn away or they are dislodged from their original position.

You need to get insurance coverage for your jewelry. The most common way to lose any piece of jewelry, including center stones, is because the whole item is physically lost or stolen. Lifetime warranties do not cover loss. Save yourself from a future head-ache; get insurance and make sure your ring is designed around your center-stone.