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Metal Type:
Petite - Contemporary Engagement Rings
Hixon - Contemporary Engagement Rings
Rosa - Contemporary Engagement Rings
Milano - Contemporary Engagement Rings - Pave
Lucille - Contemporary Engagement Rings - Emerald Cut, Baguette
Motion - Contemporary Engagement Rings - Half Bezel, Low Setting
Our collection of contemporary engagement rings features modern styles and clean lines. They can be sleek and defined or curvaceous and whimsical. They are made to last a lifetime and are made in either platinum or any color of gold. Modern rings are usually vintage or classic rings with a contemporary twist. But sometimes changing the way a stone is presented or using a modern ring material to stone combination can make a wedding ring enchanting. If you see a ring on this page that you want, or want customized to your desire, please let us know. We would love to help create a modern ring that’s perfect for you. Contemporary engagement rings can be made for any shape center stone and we create them for your specific finger size.