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Metal Type:
This solitaire design is shown with a pear shaped, rose cut, salt and pepper diamond.The band is hand hammered and carved to create a faceted texture that compliments the top-facets of the stone. The dark gray-black of the center stone looks stunning with any of the precious metal colors.
A refined beauty, our Petite engagement ring design is a classic solitaire setting updated in vivid rose gold. A 1.20 carat round diamond is held at the center in a low-set four prong setting. A slim rounded band finishes this minimalist solitaire design.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Our collection of contemporary engagement rings features modern styles and clean lines. They can be sleek and defined or curvaceous and whimsical. They are made to last a lifetime and are made in either platinum or any color of gold. Modern rings are usually vintage or classic rings with a contemporary twist. But sometimes changing the way a stone is presented or using a modern ring material to stone combination can make a wedding ring enchanting. If you see a ring on this page that you want, or want customized to your desire, please let us know. We would love to help create a modern ring that’s perfect for you. Contemporary engagement rings can be made for any shape center stone and we create them for your specific finger size.

The Nuance Between Contemporary and Modern Design

Knox Jewelers collection of contemporary engagement rings features distinctive and unique styles. Every contemporary engagement ring is designed using traditional techniques. Contemporary design elements are based on refined details that draw the eye and take your breath away.

Although modern and contemporary designs are not the same, contemporary rings often feature modern designs. Unique modern ring styling usually fits into contemporary designs. However, the opposite is not generally true.

Modern ring design represents the 1920’s to the 1950’s, and is a defined style. Contemporary design, however, is ever changing and produced by artists living in the 21st century. Characterized by artist execution using decorative, valuable materials, contemporary rings have become a craft that represents the essence of artistic expression.

The main difference between contemporary ring design and modern ring design lies in details and generations. Contemporary designs are created by living artists and are representative of personal and cultural identity, family or community. Contemporary design elements will feature softened or rounded lines as opposed to the stark, bold lines seen in Modern design.

Contemporary ring designs are created by artists using traditional procedures. Jewelers will often transform precious metals and colorful gemstones into jewelry with their hands. Our contemporary ring designers find inspiration in contemporary architectural styles, revealing the magnificence of our handcrafted work.

Contemporary designers focus on form, proportion, harmony, and how the eyes experience space. It is essential for a designer to balance their vision with a realistic concept into a wearable work of art. Planning out simple forms, such as circles and rectangles, and how the light reacts with the metal will result in an engagement ring designed with a pure focus on the whole finished look of unity.

Practices of old jewelry masters and Modern Design are merged with an extraordinary group of engagement rings from our collection. At first glance, the setting may seem simple, or plain to the eye. However, with just a slight turn, your eye is immediately drawn into a new perspective of the piece. As an example, seeing your whole center diamond in profile will take ones breath away.

Contemporary jewelry is very internally diverse, and in some ways represent the cultural phenomena and social attitudes of today. Creators of contemporary jewelry decide to distance themselves from the typical conventions of highly decorative embellishments. Pure contemporary designers find elements that represent deeper meanings or ideas that creates an emotion.

Contemporary jewelry has transformed over the ages from traditional jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets to imaginative pieces that adorn entire human forms. Signature pieces such as wrist cuffs, knuckle bands, and waist chains let your style take shape. Of course, those worn on our client's hands remain a staple favorite.

Recent trends show how contemporary jewelry can incorporate a wide range of materials, genres, and cultures. Modern and traditional jewelry trends now blend seamlessly to transform original pieces into new works of art. The beauty of contemporary rings is that the client can blend casual rings that are eclectic in nature with comfort. While bold, these rings are also the epitome of luxury and elegance.

Contemporary color palettes rely heavily on black, white, and natural tan colors. It is also common for clients to seek out an accent of bold color. For example, a white gold ring could feature a scarlet Ruby or rich cobalt Sapphire.

Contemporary designs, techniques, and styles bring new perspectives to jewelry. One thing still stands true, and that is the quality and workmanship of a Knox Jewelers heirloom. Traditional techniques such as hand finishing are still used to ensure a higher quality, timeless pieces that not only look stunning now but will also in years to come.