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Metal Type:
This unique halo design has woven rows of micro pavé diamonds cascading over and under the delicate split band design. The diamonds flow around and under the four prong 1.00 carat center stone, adding movement and radiance. The design is exclusively Knox, and sure to make a statement.
This lovely solitaire design features a unique bypass shank that beautifully frames the center stone. The 1.00 round brilliant cut diamond is elegantly held in a four prong style mounting. The prongs gracefully taper to a wider size for additional support at the base.
Double prongs unite into one at the top of the 1.25 carat center stone of the Azure. The domed band is decorated with flush set micro pavé diamonds to embellish the beauty of the design. Smooth polished edges of the 14k white gold enhances the luster and brilliance of the diamonds for an elegant feel.
The Cianti design adds a touch of subtle glamour with a band of graceful micro pavé split-bead set diamonds.  The split shank gradually widens to reach the four prongs crafted in 14k white gold which captures a 1.00 carat round brilliant cut center diamond.
Breeze is a delightful modern solitaire featuring a 0.75 carat center stone. The bypass securely fashions the round diamond at the top of the band for a contemporary feel. The sleek high-polished finish enhances the brilliance of the diamond. This low-profile setting sits closely to the finger for comfort and style.
Galaxy is a unique design inspired by the night sky. The criss-crossing bands and raised halo are all adorned with micro pavé that will twinkle like the stars. The 0.75 carat princess cut diamond is the center of attention with chevron prongs holding the corners securely in place.

Made in USA

The fluid split shank design flawlessly joins to secure a 1.00 carat kite set princess cut diamond. With four sophisticated chevron prongs capturing the diamond, the band splits and gracefully frames the center stone. Moselle is truly a unique setting that is beautiful at every angle.
Varenna is a captivating design with its interwoven micro pavé bands. Two rows run parallel to each other and are met with an adjacent third band. Suspend high above the mounting the 1.00 carat round brilliant is accented with small diamonds along each prong giving it a mesmerizing side view.
Verona is an exquisite solitaire displaying a 1.0 carat round brilliant. The six V-shaped prongs are fashioned next to each other to form sets of double prongs. This decorative feature blends seamlessly into the reverse tapered band. The high-polished finish heightens the luster of the brilliant center.
The Eclipse design is a modern solitaire that proudly displays a 1.00 carat round brilliant diamond in an eye-catching full bezel setting. A reverse taper shank decorates with clean lines that draw the eye towards the center stone. A high polish finish adds radiance and shine.
Graceful curves of two bands of gold are woven to create the captivating look of the Diane design.  Crafted in 14k yellow gold and shown with a round cut center diamond of 1.00 carats.  The split band has four marquise cut sapphires placed perfectly into the woven band openings.
The Trellis Design is a classic statement with a 2.00 carat round brilliant cut center diamond. The high polish of the 14k white gold band accents the center stone for a luminous look. The four prongs gracefully overlap one another to create an intricate woven pattern on the sides.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Our collection of contemporary engagement rings features modern styles and clean lines. They can be sleek and defined or curvaceous and whimsical. They are made to last a lifetime and are made in either platinum or any color of gold. Modern rings are usually vintage or classic rings with a contemporary twist. But sometimes changing the way a stone is presented or using a modern ring material to stone combination can make a wedding ring enchanting. If you see a ring on this page that you want, or want customized to your desire, please let us know. We would love to help create a modern ring that’s perfect for you. Contemporary engagement rings can be made for any shape center stone and we create them for your specific finger size.