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Custom Design Policies

Please note our online custom design quote is not an offer to provide a free design. This is an offer to provide a free quote on a project that can be succinctly articulated to our design team.

Our custom design service and our free online custom design quote are intended for customers that have a reasonably clear vision of their design in mind. Due to the time intensive nature of providing accurate and timely quotes, we must ask that you limit your request to one primary design only. Our free custom design quote is specifically not intended for pricing out various disparate or dissimilar designs. Thank you for respecting this policy.

We are not able to modify, customize, or match jewelry items not made by Knox.

Copy of a Design

  • We are not able to make a copy of a copyrighted design
  • We are not able to use a copyrighted design as significant inspiration for a custom design
  • We are not able to accept links to web sites or receive images of any copyrighted designs

Due to the volume of requests we receive we will disregard any such request.

Realistic Budgets

We are not able to supply free online custom quotes for projects with unrealistic budgets. If our designer determines that our quote will surpass the stated budget by 100% or more, the free quote request will be disregarded.

Complicated Designs

Due to the difficult nature of providing an accurate quote for complicated designs, we reserve our right to decline to provide a free quote on any potential project at our sole discretion.

Available Metal Choices

  • 14k White Gold
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 14k Rose Gold
  • 14k X1 White Gold
  • 14k Palladium White Gold
  • 18k White Gold
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • 18k Palladium White Gold
  • 950 Platinum Ruthenium

Customer supplied metal

We are not able to cast with metal provided by the customer.

Custom Wedding Bands

When making a wedding band to fit an existing engagement ring, we will need the engagement ring at our shop for either:

  • The duration of the design and production time.
  • A minimum of two times. At the beginning of the process to ensure the fit between the wax of the wedding band and the engagement ring. At the end of the production of the wedding band to ensure an optimal fit between the two rings.

Design Rights and Intellectual Property Agreement

All designs remain the intellectual property of Knox Jewelers LLC.

All jewelry designs (drawings, computer generated images, 3-D files and other written and visual ideas) made with any input or consultation from Knox Jewelers shall remain the intellectual property of Knox Jewelers and no right of conveyance for said design(s) in part or in whole is given or implied by the deposit and/or design fee paid to Knox Jewelers for this Custom Design Agreement. Any exception to this policy must be in writing.

Any jewelry design(s) seen through to production with any input (drawings, computer generated images, 3-D files and other written and visual ideas) or consultation from Knox Jewelers shall remain the intellectual property of Knox Jewelers and it is hereby agreed between customer and Knox Jewelers that Knox Jewelers is simply selling one copy of said design to the customer. Any exception to this policy must be in writing.

Custom Design Finish Dates

There is no short-cut to quality. Custom design production times typically average four to five weeks after approval of design. Complex designs that require CAD-CAM and/or multiple castings can take longer.

We highly recommend starting very early for any custom design items desired for a specific event or occasion.

Diamond Weights

Diamond total weights for jewelry are listed as exact weights for specific in-stock items only. The diamond weights listed for any given design may vary in future productions of the exact same design.

Diamond weights in finished items may vary from design software estimates.

Diamonds are matched for size, color and clarity, but the exact total weight of the diamonds is likely to vary from item to item.

Hand Engraving and Hand Detailing

Hand engraved or hand detailed designs are subject to slight variances in design and patterns from one job to another. We will always do our best to replicate desired designs and accommodate particular design requests, but the nature of hand engraving and/or hand detailing is such that the same pattern or design may vary slightly from job to job.

Model Changes and Modifications

As the master models used for the production of our jewelry wear out over time, it is necessary to produce new master models which may vary slightly from previous designs. This means that successive designs from the new master models may vary slightly from the photos posted on our web site.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes will be honored for two weeks. For a custom quote to be valid, it must be a written quote from either an email thread or from our in-store quote system. Please note that any verbal quote given on the spot is only a ball park figure and is not a valid quote. Please be aware that custom quotes may be subject to re-quoting if metal prices and or diamond prices increase significantly since the time of the initial quote.

Custom Design Fees and Payment Schedule

When going forward with a custom project, we require a payment in advance of $500.00 - $800.00 depending on the complexity of the design. This design fee is included in the initial quote and is therefore 100% applicable toward the final balance. Upon receipt of the design fee, we will begin the engineering and design of the project in our 3D design software. After our submission of our 3D design of the project to the customer for approval, it is hereby agreed that either the customer or Knox Jewelers may elect to not move forward with the project for any reason. If the decision to not move forward is elected by either party, it is hereby understood by both parties that the design fee is retained by Knox Jewelers as payment for services rendered to that point.

Upon approval of the design and before beginning work on the actual jewelry item, we require the balance of the custom design quote to be paid in full.

Custom Design Return Policy

All custom designs are considered a non-cancelable / non-returnable order. In the event of any deficiency in workmanship and/or materials occurring with a custom order item that does not meet our quality control standards, all workmanship and materials warranties are still in effect and the deficiency in workmanship and/or materials will be remedied. However, even in the event of a workmanship and/or materials warranty issue, the custom order item remains non-cancelable / non-returnable.