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Unique Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands - The Creation of an Heirloom


We at Knox Jewelers believe that one of the best parts of creating heirloom jewelry is watching the work of art being made. With that, we are proud to present our clients with a documented journey of their jewelry creation.

From start to finish, our master jewelers and artisans capture up-close photographs as they work on your heirloom jewelry. You will see firsthand your design come to life. These updates arrive in your inbox ready for your viewing pleasure. We know how important this piece of jewelry is and we believe these glimpses will share a unique perspective with you and your family.

A custom engagement ring or wedding band isn't only about design. Custom jewelry also takes a mixture of engineering, expertise, and execution to bring an idea to life. Our designers and craftsman have worked their whole lives creating fine quality jewelry and their passion is evident in their work. Step inside the world of our artisans and watch the craft of making heirlooms.

Split Shank Engagement in Platinum with Emeralds in the Halo

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