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Green Jewelry - Recycled Gold Jewelry - Recycled Platinum Jewelry

An Heirloom ring for the love of your life... a better planet for your children.

The natural human sense of responsibility built within our core, the sense of taking care of our future lineage for centuries to come. This responsibility goes beyond reducing your carbon footprint by joining a carpool, beyond recycling the newspaper or plastic shopping bag, and beyond turning off the water while you brush your pearly whites.

All of the elements Knox Jewelers utilize in the jewelry we create come from the earth. We rely on the earth to manage its core temperature in order to produce brilliant diamonds and gemstones. We rely on the pulling forces of gravity directing water down mountain sides and through streams to pool together in rippling lakes, bringing the precious stones to the surface. We won't rely upon mining companies to generate source materials for our products which ravish our planet's natural resources. Of the precious metals used by Knox Jewelers, 100% are recycled. This means each component we handcraft in gold, platinum, or silver are sourced from refined recycled metals.

We feel that doing our small part for the future of our planet helps makes a difference with each new piece of Knox Jewelry. In countries around the globe, mining conditions, environmental run-off effects, and outdated mining practices continue to be a great source of conversation due to massive destruction factors. It takes the processing of 20 tons of ore just to extract enough precious metal for one sole ring setting. As a result, Knox Jewelers chooses metal suppliers whose commitment to recycled content and production of the utmost metal purity and quality match our own procurement specifications.

Knox Jewelers takes great pride in our jewelry portfolio. Our designs are unique, created one at a time to ensure the utmost care is taken for quality and strength. We hope you can appreciate our efforts to use 100% recycled metals in our fine heirloom pieces. Simply, the land that would be destroyed for large-scale mining is just too precious to us than the metals that could be removed from it.