Vintage Wedding Rings – A Classic Symbol of your Unity

Why should you choose to invest in vintage wedding rings? After all, what makes them so much more special than any other ordinary set of wedding rings? To answer these questions, let’s step back for a moment and think about what wedding rings symbolize. When you choose to spend your life with your beloved, you are forging a bond that will last through the ages, a bond that is full of love, happiness, and is impenetrable to outside forces. Your wedding ring is a symbol of this eternal, beautiful unity, so why would you choose to represent this unity with a bland, factory-made piece of metal? It is probably not difficult for you to agree with us when we say that representing your timeless bond is far better suited to a handcrafted, unique wedding ring that distinctly encapsulates your special vow. At Knox Jewelers, we are artisans who take great pride in producing only the finest and most extraordinary wedding rings that have the power to capture and express the true meaning of your marriage.

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There is no typical vintage wedding ring in our studios. All of our handcrafted, unique wedding rings have specific properties and attributes which imbue them with an individual character, very much unlike ordinary, industrial-fabricated bands. A few of the techniques and flourishes we painstakingly use in crafting these works of vintage art include hand engraving, hand formed filigree and milgrain, and the use of high quality gold and diamonds in perfect harmony. What truly gives our wedding bands a timeless, vintage quality is the delicate interplay of all of their constituent elements – the dance of gold and diamond, the handcrafted filigree and engraving, and the holistic attention to detail that our artisans pay to each and every one of our unique bands. Speaking of gold, white gold is a modern trend, and using yellow gold is a great way of adding a vintage feel to your ring. Rose gold, though also a modern trend, is just as effective in creating the vintage look-and-feel. Capturing the vintage aesthetic is the ultimate goal of our expert artisans, and we think that you will agree upon browsing our fine selection that we have overwhelmingly succeeded in this mission.

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All of our vintage wedding rings are made by hand by our brilliant and talented artists and metal smiths, in house. There is a world of difference between the quality work of our craftsmanship and the lifeless kind that comes from a factory. By having complete control over the design and crafting of our unique wedding rings, we can control the creation process down to each individual element, thus giving us the ability to craft a wedding band which perfectly explicates the true meaning of your marriage. The generic products produced by industrial machines cannot keep up with our artists. The machines and industrial processes employed by other jewelry companies simply do not have the artistic minds required to produce wedding rings which have their own unique, innate, and individual characters. Factories will consistently produce substandard results because at the end of the day nothing can replace our talented artists and their exquisite craftsmanship.

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These types of vintage wedding rings have a timeless, eternal appeal, and for good reason, too. These styles stand the test of time and have traveled through countless generations with no fall in popularity across the ages. Why? The answer, again, lies in the symbolism and rich meaning connoted by a handcrafted vintage, unique wedding ring. Many of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents likely had rings which had many of the attributes and elements that our own vintage rings possess – think of our rings as a way of connecting with your past and ancestry. We expertly craft all our rings with the tender loving care they deserve, and their resulting elegance, intricacy, and beauty are unmatched.

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Ultimately, a vintage wedding ring is a symbol of your love for your spouse and a future heirloom for your family. Timelessness, rich meaning, and beauty – these are just a few of the qualities of our handcrafted vintage wedding rings, and we know you will love browsing our selection. At Knox Jewelers, we can provide custom, handcrafted design services to turn your ideas into reality, and we look forward to working together with you to design a vintage wedding ring which will stand the test of time and be a symbol of your marriage.

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