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Diamond-Ring Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Design 3367

According to GIA, only one in every 10,000 diamonds mined will have a fancy color. At Knox Jewelers, we have created several beautiful custom rings displaying extraordinary colored diamonds, and everyone was a singular work of art. There is something almost magical about diamonds displaying an usual body color.

While fancy color diamonds have traditionally been a less desirable than their colorless counterparts, their popularity and availability has grown dramatically in the past several years. A large number of Knox patrons have recently selected colored stones and colored diamond to feature in their custom creations in place of colorless diamond.

This fancy deep brown pear cut diamond is currently featured on our online fancy colored diamond list, and is waiting to be made into a custom created masterpiece!

Fancy colored diamonds are rare and can be found in nearly every hue, with some colors being more common than others. Brown and yellow hues occur more often than the scarcely seen blues, greens, pinks, oranges, purples and reds. These diamonds will have a body color extending beyond the normal D-to-Z diamond color grading scale. They are graded on special scale, with their value increasing with the intensity and saturation of their color.

Let us at Knox Jewelers help you design a custom created piece of jewelry holding the extraordinary pear cut brown diamond featured here or any other available option on our fancy colored diamond list!

Diamond Unique Engagement Rings
Pear Cut Fancy Deep Brown Diamond

Insuring Your Custom Created Jewelry

You now hold your Knox Jewelers custom created engagement ring in your hands. You have toiled through every step of the process, hand selected your perfect center stone and customized your one-of-a-kind setting. Now its done, and you hold a tiny work of art that will become a future heirloom. There is only one final hurdle to cross before you can wear your custom ring with peace of mind, and that is having your ring insured.

It is a tragedy really, when people lose their custom created jewelry to fire, theft, misplacement or damage. It is an even greater tragedy if that jewelry was not insured for replacement. It may never be possible to replace the sentimental value place on custom engagement rings or wedding bands, but the piece itself can be recreated. We recommend insuring your custom created jewelry, so that is tragedy ever befalls it, you will not have to pay out of pocket to replace it.

The best way to figure out the right option to insure your custom jewelry is to first contact your insurance company to see what coverage is available. Most jewelry can be insured through your renters of homeowners policy, or supplemented by an additional rider. If you have neither of these, independent coverage plans are available through such companies as Jewelers Mutual.

Any ring purchased through Knox Jewelers will be accompanied by a Certificate of Sale that will include all the information you will need to have your custom pieces insured. This includes the details regarding your setting, the specifics on any gemstones featured in the setting and a photo of the piece. After several years, insurance companies may requested an updated appraisal for your jewelry. This is because values change on fine jewelry and your investment should be covered for their current replacement value.

Insuring your jewelry is always recommended. If you have any questions about insuring your Knox Jewelers custom created masterpieces, contact us today and we will assist you towards fine jewelry ownership peace-of-mind.