Gemstone Spotlight

Diamond-Ring Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Design 3367

According to GIA, only one in every 10,000 diamonds mined will have a fancy color. At Knox Jewelers, we have created several beautiful custom rings displaying extraordinary colored diamonds, and everyone was a singular work of art. There is something almost magical about diamonds displaying an usual body color.

While fancy color diamonds have traditionally been a less desirable than their colorless counterparts, their popularity and availability has grown dramatically in the past several years. A large number of Knox patrons have recently selected colored stones and colored diamond to feature in their custom creations in place of colorless diamond.

This fancy deep brown pear cut diamond is currently featured on our online fancy colored diamond list, and is waiting to be made into a custom created masterpiece!

Fancy colored diamonds are rare and can be found in nearly every hue, with some colors being more common than others. Brown and yellow hues occur more often than the scarcely seen blues, greens, pinks, oranges, purples and reds. These diamonds will have a body color extending beyond the normal D-to-Z diamond color grading scale. They are graded on special scale, with their value increasing with the intensity and saturation of their color.

Let us at Knox Jewelers help you design a custom created piece of jewelry holding the extraordinary pear cut brown diamond featured here or any other available option on our fancy colored diamond list!

Diamond Unique Engagement Rings
Pear Cut Fancy Deep Brown Diamond

January’s Custom Engagement Ring Spotlight

Spotlight-January Ring Spotlight Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jewelers Custom Design 3223

Our new favorite custom created engagement ring features a trio of striking blue lab created round sapphires woven amidst a band of micro pavé set diamonds. This ring is crafted in 14 karat white gold. The bright white metal adds a striking contrast against the vivid blue sapphires. Its micro pavé diamond band winds seamlessly around the three round cut sapphires creating a unique interlacing triple halo design. Each sapphire is set within four prong inside their diamond halos. This braided design can be recreated to accommodate any type, shape, or size center stones. Contact Knox Jewelers today to custom tailor this design to your preferred precious metal and central gemstone selection to create your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring!

Custom Creatation with our Lost Wax Casting Process

Knox Jewelers specializes in one-of-a-kind custom created engagement rings and wedding bands. Every ring commissioned through Knox is built from the ground up, starting first with a hand sketch or CAD image. Once a design is finalize in 2D, the ring will be brought to life on our 3D printer. This technology allows us to grow a 1:1 wax prototype of your design layer by layer. Once this wax model is completed, the ring will enter its final transformation into precious metal. This step in the process is called lost-wax casting, since the wax prototype is lost in the process. The model will melt away and metal will take its place.

Lost wax casting is an age-old process that dates back many thousands of years. Artists and craftsmen of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and Africa used the lost wax method of casting to produce their intricately detailed jewelry and trinkets. The oldest lost-wax cast sculpture was found in the Cave of Treasure near Israel, and has been dated back to 3700 BC.

Below is a closer look at the crucial steps in Knox Jewelers’ perfected modern lost wax casting process.

AB-1024x682 Custom Creation

The casting process begins by measuring the proper amount of water and investment. The jeweler carefully measures each element, making sure the perfect amounts are used. If the mixture is not exact, the investment will not harden and set correctly. Once the investment powder and water have been added to a mixer it is very important both are mixed for a specific amount of time. This process is done under a vacuum to ensure few air bubbles enter the mixture and cause weak spots within the mold, which could further lead to breakage or inconsistencies during the casting process.

CD-1024x682 Custom Creation

The wax prototype of your ring is placed within the flask first, then the flask is filled with the investment mixture. Once the plaster-like investment hardens overnight, the container will be placed upside-down in a kiln oven to melt the wax.

EF-1024x682 Custom Creation

Once the wax prototype has melted away it will leaves an empty mold of your ring design. The jeweler removes the hot flask from the kiln and positions it into the casting machine.

GH-1024x682 Custom Creation

The jeweler will measured out the exact amount of metal casting grain need to create your piece and pours it into the crucible. A crucible is a metal container used for heating substances at high temperatures. The metal is heated to a molten state under a vacuum sealed chamber within the casting machine.

IJ-1024x682 Custom Creation

The casting machine is rotated allowing the metal will pour into the flask and fill the empty mold. The flask is then removed from the casting machine and submerged in water to cool. The cooling process breaks up the investment surrounding your ring, making it easier to retrieve the cast metal piece.

At Knox Jewelers we believe that there is no shortcut to quality. Every step in our creation process is a necessary step towards obtaining an heirloom quality ring. The lost wax casting method may be time consuming, but it ensures every ring we create is one-of-a-kind, and custom tailored for her. Contact us today to get started on your custom created engagement ring or wedding band!