Cool Diamond Pics

There really is something almost magical about looking into a diamond, so I thought that I would start a collection of interesting photos.

It is very difficult to capture the beauty of a diamond in a photograph, but like other examples of natural beauty, such as a photo of a beautiful sunset or a scenic panorama, a photo that captures the essence of a sparkling diamond can also be a work of art.

Here is a photo of a .19 carat fancy intense pink diamond we sold earlier this year. Diamonds

Raw Diamond Crystals

Here are four very interesting photos of raw diamond crystals. These raw diamond crystals are the exact form that diamonds are found in nature. Note the varying body color of the diamond crystals. Most diamonds found in nature will have some tint of color, the yellow tints and brown tints are the most common. A diamond crystal without a tint of yellow or brown is very rare and desirable, these diamonds are given the top three grades of D-E-F or colorless.
It is even more rare to find fancy colors such as the fancy intense pink diamond shown in the last article.

Photos courtesy of International School of Gemology

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Attachment@id=133156339 Diamonds

Attachment@id=133156340 Diamonds

twinned%20diamond%20octahedral Diamonds

More Pictures to come…

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