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Emerald-Ring Unique Engagement Rings
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Emerald is the vibrant green gemstone variety of the mineral beryl. This incandescent gemstone has been a favorite throughout history. It is highly regarded for its incredible color and unique internal characteristics. The beryl mineral family holds several other notable gemstones including the seawater blue aquamarine and delicate blush hued morganite. However, emerald is usually the most well known member of the beryl family. It was been prized and collected by royalty and celebrity alike for thousands of years. There are of course are other green hued gemstones, like peridot or tourmaline, but emerald is always the standard which all other greens are compared to.

Emerald receives its intense color from traces of chromium and some times vanadium in its mineral structure.

This gemstone can be found worldwide, but the largest producer of emeralds today is Columbia. In antiquity, emeralds were mined in Egypt, India and Austria since the 14th century.

Its intense green color emulates new growth and spring time. Meaning it is the perfect companion birthstone to the month of May, when flowers begin to bud.

Emerald, and all other beryl gemstones, are not as durable as sapphire or diamond, so if you choose to set an emerald into one of our custom ring settings, it would need to be worn with care and might not be suitable for everyday jewelry. However, this glowing-green gemstone shown here could make a stunning right hand ring. This round cut green emerald is currently featured on our online gemstone list, and it is just waiting to be made into a custom created masterpiece!

Let us at Knox Jewelers help you design a custom created piece of jewelry holding this rare and beautiful emerald featured here or any other available option on our gemstone list!

Emerald Unique Engagement Rings
Round Cut Emerald