Where is Pink Tourmaline Found?

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Western United States – Both tourmaline and quartz crystals can be found in the Cryo-Genie mine located in San Diego County, California.

Eastern United States – Unusual yellowish-green tourmaline is mined from a source in Maine.

Brazil – Paraiba tourmaline, which is electric aqua blue, is found at the Mina da Batalha source in northeastern Brazil.

Nigeria – Central Nigeria is a source of reddish purple tourmaline.

Kenya – Tourmaline in greens and yellows is mined in Kenya.

Tanzania – The Umba Valley in Tanzania is known as an important source of many fine gemstones including tourmaline.

Namibia – Namibia is a source of fine-quality gem tourmaline including unique blue-green stones.

Zambia – Tourmaline can be found in small deposits at the Jagoda mine in Zambia.

Mozambique – Local miners search Mavuco in Mozambique for rare copper-bearing tourmaline.

Madagascar – Many tourmaline including purples can be found near Antananarivo in Madagascar.

Afghanistan – Afghanistan is a source of yellow and green tourmaline.


Myanmar – In 2006 a source of tourmaline was discovered in Letpanhla near Mogok, Myanmar.

Russia – Tourmaline can be found in the Transbaikal region of eastern Russia.

If you are lucky enough to have a special event, such as a anniversary or birthday, coupled to the month of October, let us at Knox Jewelers help you create a custom one-of-a-kind piece featuring a captivating rosy pink tourmaline. Tourmaline’s namesake comes from toramalli, which means “mixed gems” in Sinhalese, a language spoken in Sri Lanka. It happens to be a very appropriate title, as tourmaline has been discovered in a multitude of colors. Very few gems match tourmaline’s dazzling range of hues. The mineral variations include deep reds, pastel pinks, flattering peach, vivid greens, vibrant yellows and rich blues. Due to its wide array of colors, tourmaline throughout history has been mistaken for many other gemstones. People have probably used tourmaline gemstones for centuries, but until the development of modern technology, they identified it as some other stone, like sapphire or ruby, based on its coloring. The pink hue is the shade used as the birthstone for the month. This flattering hue would make an amazing mother’s ring or anniversary band.

All of our custom designs including rings, bands or pendants can be altered to hold this colorful birthstone. The possibility are endless with a rainbow gemstone naturally mined in so many saturated hues. A Knox Jewelers custom created piece, featuring a beautiful pink or any intensely colored tourmaline, is the perfect way to celebrate your special occasion falling within the month. Contact us today and let’s get started. We can always search our cutters’ inventory for your perfect gemstone, or we have a selection of eye-catching pink tourmaline in a variety of sizes and cuts already available!