The Importance of a Lifetime Warranty

As the saying goes, ‘A Diamond is Forever’, we believe a warranty should last just as long.

All of Knox Jewelers’ heirloom quality rings are protected by our lifetime warranty.  This service is free of charge and covers all  regular maintenance needed to ensure your ring lasts generations.

It’s important to understand that jewelry is not a maintenance free purchase.  Just like a car, periodic service is required.  Cleanings and inspections are designed to catch when work needs to be done.

Without our lifetime warranty, you could be paying hundreds of dollars to keep up on yearly maintenance elsewhere.

The Knox Lifetime Warranty Covers:

  • Free Rhodium Plating and Polishing is offered twice a year to keep your ring looking like new.

  • Cleaning and Inspections are always free, no appointment is needed at our Minneapolis or Woodbury locations.

  • If during one of these inspections there is a loose stone, we will take care of getting it tightened for you, a savings of $19 a stone.

  • If a side diamond ever falls out or is damaged, Knox will replace it free of charge, an average savings of $73 per stone.

  • Included in our warranty is one free ring sizing, so your ring will have a perfect fit.

  • You will want to have your ring insured under a homeowners or renters policy.  We will issue you a free certificate of sale; this is the document your insurance carrier will need.  It will outline all the important details about your center gem and ring.  The average cost for a similar appraisal is $125.

  • Our lifetime warranty also helps in case something major happens to your ring.  Like it was lost, stolen or damaged.  With Knox,  we will cover up to $250 of your insurance deductible in the event you need to make an insurance claim.

  • Lastly, to keep your ring looking brilliant between in-store cleanings, we supply you with a free jar of jewelry cleaner every year.

As you can see, the savings of common services needed to maintain your ring will add up to thousands of dollars over a lifetime of wear.  Knox is here to protect your purchase for the rest of its life.

When we created our lifetime warranty, we wanted to make it easy for our customers to maintain.

We don’t need you to come in every six months to the date like most jewelers do. We want to see your ring once a year.  If you happen to miss an annual inspection, don’t fret, we can reinstate your warranty after we inspect your ring on your next visit.

We don’t require you to keep a signed and dated inspection book to get warranty work done.  We keep track of your visits so you don’t have to.

The jewelers that crafted your ring are also the ones who will take care of your jewelry when warranty work is needed.  We will never ship your ring out of state or use sub-contractors for repairs.

Almost all warranty work is performed while you wait.  Jewelers who are not equipped for on-site repairs like us will have to send your ring out, which can take up to four weeks.

Contact us today if you have any questions concerning our warranty or getting started on your custom engagement ring.

The Importance of a World Class Warranty in Maintaining your Ring

After you have purchased the perfect ring, there are a few things you need to know about the importance of Knox Jewelers lifetime warranty in maintaining your engagement ring and wedding bands. All fine jewelry requires maintenance. In much the same way that your automobile requires cleaning, regular oil changes, and other preventive maintenance, your jewelry also requires this kind of commitment. After all, you would not allow your home, vehicle, or even your body to go without the proper maintenance that they require, and you have made an investment in the future of your jewelry. It is also important to consider for when you pass the piece down and wish for it to retain its heirloom quality.

All precious metals and jewelry require the occasional polishing to keep them in tip top shape and heirloom quality. However, the key word here is occasional. You should not polish your precious metal jewelry too often because polishing removes a small amount of metal each time. That is why we do not recommend you polish your jewelry more than twice per year. You should also know that polishing will only remove minor surface scratches, and have no effect on deep nicks, gouges, or other serious damage. Take this into account, and have a plan in place – damage, unfortunately, is a fact of life, but it is repairable through more advanced means than polishing.

There are also some types of metals such as white gold which also need to be rhodium plated in order to give it a bright white, highly polished shine and gleam (much like how platinum is naturally). On its own, white gold has a slightly yellow undertone due to the fact that it is alloyed from the natural yellow gold. In other words, there is typically a specific maintenance plan for a particular metal and piece, and this is very important to consider when looking at the fine print of the warranty that will cover your precious, heirloom quality rings.

We back every single one of our fine engagement rings with our Knox Jewelers lifetime warranty. Some jewelers charge an additional fee to cover your rings with a warranty, but we include ours with all of our ring because we believe that it is important to stand behind our work. We know there will be a necessity for periodic maintenance, and we want to ensure that you are able to keep your ring at the heirloom level of quality at which it was always meant to be, indefinitely.

Now, let’s do a breakdown of the savings you will see when you choose Knox:

With Knox Lifetime Warranty ~Without Knox Lifetime Warranty
Free Rhodium Plating Twice a Year ~ $106 annually
Free Polishing Twice a Year ~ $60 annually
Free Cleaning and Inspection ~ Free
Free Jar of Cleaner per year ~ $20 annually
Free Stone Tightening ~ $19 on average per stone
Free Side Diamond Replacement ~ $73 on average per stone
Free First Ring Re-sizing ~ $115 on average per sizing
Free Insurance Certificate ~ $125 on average per item
$250 Deductible Coverage for Insurance Claims ~ Your full deductible per claim

As this list explicates, having a great warranty policy like Knox Jewelers lifetime warranty will inevitably save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over the life of your ring.

Unlike other jewelers, we make our warranty procedures as simple and easy as possible. Only a single checkup per year is required, and you do not need to have an exact, locked-in date for this checkup. Most jewelers, on the other hand, require a checkup on an exact date every six months or they will void your warranty. At Knox, we think this is crazy, so we strive to give you a friendly and convenient warranty experience. Furthermore, if you cannot make it in to see us for a few years, don’t worry – we can reinstate your warranty on your next visit.

To make your life even easier, we keep track of your visits in our computer system. You won’t need a “warranty booklet” that needs to be signed and dated. Most jewelers require the booklet, and they won’t sign it unless you remind them; if you forget, it voids the warranty. We don’t play that game here.

When you bring in your ring for maintenance, the same master jewelers who crafted it will also perform the necessary maintenance – that is service you can trust. At Knox, we strive to take care of each and every single one of our valued customers. Unlike other jewelers, we promise to never leave you hanging.