Micro Pavé Engagement Rings

The focus of this article is to illustrate some of the differences in micro pavé engagement ring styles, design elements and setting styles.

If you are looking  for a more thorough description and definition of Micro Pave. Please see our Pave? or Micro-Pave? article linked here:


Hand Cut Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Examples

We will start with some hand cut Micro Pavé examples. Hand cut Micro Pave refers to a diamond setting style in which each little prong holding the diamonds in the ring design are cut out by hand. As well as cutting out each little prong, the diamond setter will also also cut out the area under and around where the diamond is to be set so as to give the setting style a nice aesthetic as well as help show off the micro pavé diamonds.

We only offer these hand cut micro pave setting styles in Platinum rings as other metals are not as ideally suited for this type of detailed hand work.

Here is  an extreme close up photo (macro shot) of a hand cut micro pavé engagement ring. We call this setting style, U-cut, which is a good descriptive of the U shape area cut out underneath each diamond. As mentioned, this hand cut pattern  helps accentuate the micro pave diamonds and also lends the design a very attractive aesthetic.

2296_5_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Good example of a Hand Cut (U-cut) Micro Pave Engagement Ring Click on image to see other images and video of this ring

Here is another very close up example of a hand cut micro pave engagement ring. Note on this example how the U-cut style was also incorporated into the micro pave halo around the center diamond.

2301_7_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Hand cut micro pave engagement ring with hand cut halo & claw prongs

Here is a top view of the same U cut Micro Pave halo design engagement ring.  This view illustrates how this setting style minimizes how much metal shows and thus accentuates the micro pave diamonds.

2301_3_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Example of hand cut micro pave engagement ring with halo and claw prongs