Ring Styles from The Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan Engagement Ring Inspirations 

Did you happen to spot the stunning diamond ring poised elegantly on Daisy Buchanan’s ring finger in The Great Gatsby? The beautiful cushion cut center surrounded in a halo of diamonds has certainly captured the attention of many. The influential attributes of the roaring twenties was portrayed in a lavish display of platinum and diamonds in Daisy’s engagement ring.

carey-mulligan-great-gatsby-dancing-300x225 Unique Engagement Rings
Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby follows a cast of characters during the summer of 1922 in a prosperous town located on Long Island. The setting of the story was at the cusp of the Art Deco period where society embraced symmetry and bold geometric shapes. This portrayal of the American Dream depicts the transformational shift in culture of economic prosperity and exuberance.

Daisy’s glamorous ring showcases a cushion cut diamond which captures the timelessness of an old mine cut and the sophistication of a modern round brilliant. An old mine cut has an unmistakable vintage appeal with individual hand cut facets and a proportionate shape to its original rough form. The modified square shape of a cushion cut combines the essence of a bygone era with the sophistication of modern technology. The cushion cut is a contemporary diamond shape that embraces the romantic allure in one of the first diamond cuts in history.

2271_3_image Unique Engagement Rings
A Beautiful 2.20 ct Cushion Cut Diamond

The Great Gatsby story paints a picture of an American ideal where freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and social mobility. Luxurious parties, expensive cars and platinum jewelry were a symbol of wealth and success. Daisy’s elegant platinum band was a statement of high societal standing.

This classic look was featured in a beautiful U-cut style setting. U-cut is hand created pave where each prong is cut out by hand and the metal area around the prong. The U-shape pattern is formed when a jeweler carves the metal where the diamond is placed. This design technique allows diamonds to be set closer together, giving the ring more sparkle.

The U-cut method can only be crafted in platinum due to the metals superior strength. With platinum’s durability, less metal is needed to give the appearance of an endless row of diamonds. With less metal covering the diamonds, Daisy’s ring glimmers from across the room a t every angle.

2393_1_image1 Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jeweler's Sarah Ann: Platinum U-Cut

To complete the historical look, Daisy wore a matching U-cut wedding band with micro-pave diamonds. Pave, is a French word meaning ‘paving a street.’ Her ring was paved with smaller diamonds to showcase her cushion cut diamond.

Another way to display a cushion cut diamond in platinum is a V-cut pattern. In this approach, the jeweler forms an angle on each side of the metal where it meets at a point, forming a V-shape. Like the U-cut, this technique can only be custom created in platinum. Showing less metal from the prongs and more of the micro-pave diamonds will maximize the radiance of the ring.

2383_5_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jeweler's Venita: Platinum V-Cut

The Art Deco ring by Knox Jewelers represents The Great Gatsby period stylistically with bold geometric shapes. Clipped corners of a rectangular halo compliment the sharp, symmetrical lines of the emerald cut center diamond. To portray the fashion of the Great Gatsby era, two raised rectangular accents are parallel to the center halo.

1025_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Knox Jeweler's Art Deco: Emerald Cut Diamond

Another common jewelry style for the era, the combination of diamonds and sapphires. Sapphires add a rich blue color to emphasize the beauty of the center diamond. This velvety blue fashion statement is a chic way to enhance the white luster of platinum.

2224_2_image Unique Engagement Rings
A Knox Jeweler's Minneapolis Custom Design

At Knox, we carry an entire collection of antique inspired styles in platinum or gold. As a custom design jeweler located in Minneapolis, we can create a design with or without a halo. Add surprise diamonds around the crown of the center diamond or build a halo around the diamond shape of your choice including cushion, round, oval or princess. Wear a Great Gatsby inspired ring of a timeless era, crafted with a contemporary appeal.

Micro Pavé Engagement Rings

The focus of this article is to illustrate some of the differences in micro pavé engagement ring styles, design elements and setting styles.

If you are looking  for a more thorough description and definition of Micro Pave. Please see our Pave? or Micro-Pave? article linked here:


Hand Cut Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Examples

We will start with some hand cut Micro Pavé examples. Hand cut Micro Pave refers to a diamond setting style in which each little prong holding the diamonds in the ring design are cut out by hand. As well as cutting out each little prong, the diamond setter will also also cut out the area under and around where the diamond is to be set so as to give the setting style a nice aesthetic as well as help show off the micro pavé diamonds.

We only offer these hand cut micro pave setting styles in Platinum rings as other metals are not as ideally suited for this type of detailed hand work.

Here is  an extreme close up photo (macro shot) of a hand cut micro pavé engagement ring. We call this setting style, U-cut, which is a good descriptive of the U shape area cut out underneath each diamond. As mentioned, this hand cut pattern  helps accentuate the micro pave diamonds and also lends the design a very attractive aesthetic.

2296_5_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Good example of a Hand Cut (U-cut) Micro Pave Engagement Ring Click on image to see other images and video of this ring

Here is another very close up example of a hand cut micro pave engagement ring. Note on this example how the U-cut style was also incorporated into the micro pave halo around the center diamond.

2301_7_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Hand cut micro pave engagement ring with hand cut halo & claw prongs

Here is a top view of the same U cut Micro Pave halo design engagement ring.  This view illustrates how this setting style minimizes how much metal shows and thus accentuates the micro pave diamonds.

2301_3_macro Unique Engagement Rings
Example of hand cut micro pave engagement ring with halo and claw prongs

Split Shank Engagement Rings

At last count we had upwards of 50 split shank engagement ring designs with new and custom versions coming out on a regular basis. Many of these split shank engagement rings have micro pave set diamonds in the design. Others include a diamond halo. We wanted to feature some of our more popular split shank engagement rings designs in one article so that someone unfamiliar with our website or store could look and compare many different designs on the same page.

Please note that the images are linked to the rings product page which will have additional photos and possibly a video of the ring.

The first split shank design is a very clean and simple split shank design with pave diamonds. The center stone is a 2 carat round center diamond.

2068_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Classic Split Shank Engagement Ring with diamonds in the split shank

2.20 carat cushion cut diamond in a very elegant split shank engagement ring

2271_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
2.20 carat cushion cut diamond in split shank engagement ring

Here is a micro pave split shank design with a round micro pave halo

2464_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Micro Pave Split Shank with Micro Pave Halo and Round Center Stone

Here is a very similar design with an Asscher shape center diamond

2451_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Split shank micro pave engagement ring with Asscher center diamond

Here is a Split shank design with a round center diamond in a cushion shape diamond halo, the design also features a surprise diamond

(click through to other photos to see surprise diamond)

1428_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
This Split shank design features a round center diamond in a cushion shape diamond halo, the design also features a surprise diamond

1051_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Here is a beautiful split shank micro pave, halo design engagement ring with a princess center diamond

2.00  carat princess cut set in a beautifully delicate micro pave split shank design

2282_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
2.00 carat princess cut set in a beautifully delicate micro pave split shank design

Speaking of halos, the signature look of our Cielo design is the combination of a split shank with a halo. We have made this design for just about every shape center stone, here are a few:

1110_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Round Halo Cielo

Another round center diamond version…

937_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Round Brilliant Cielo

One more…

1570_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
RB Cushion Cielo

788_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Princess Cielo

1045_1_image Unique Engagement Rings
Cushion Cielo