Where is Peridot Found?

Peridot-Map Unique Engagement Rings

  • United States of America – In Arizona, the San Carlos Apache reservation has been a major producer of peridot for many years.
  • Egypt – Extremely large peridot crystals have been found on the Isle of Zabargad off Egypt’s coast.
  • Tanzania – Rough peridot can be found in the Mpwapwa region of Tanzania.
  • Pakistan – The country of Pakistan is known for producing high quality, large peridot crystals.
  • Myanmar – Pyaunggaung is a sizable peridot mining area close to the larger city of Mogok in Myanmar.
  • Vietnam – Located in southern Vietnam, the Lam Dong Province is an ample resource of large carat peridot crystals.
  • China – China has become a large supplier of the calibrated peridots used in jewelry today.

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