Wide Wedding Bands – Boldly Beautiful

What do you think about wide-banded rings and wide wedding bands? Most commonly, our customers at Knox Jewelers order wide bands for use in wedding rings or as anniversary bands. But, these rings are starting to evolve in terms of their function. Today, it is not uncommon to see individuals wearing a wide band for no other reason than “just because,” and that’s great news! When our designers have the opportunity to work with a wide band, they can incorporate far more creative ideas and visual motifs into their designs than when they do not have has much real estate with which to work. When it comes to ring design, every millimeter counts, and wide wedding bands give us a huge canvas from which to craft something truly amazing. But, don’t just take our word for it – let’s have a look at some of these magnificent and unique wide-band design styles.

These elegant styles capture some of the beauty of nature. Flowing vines are adorned with leaves and flowers that have been fashioned out of precious metals and gemstones.
Some of these bands feature free-flowing borders, while others are framed with bands of micro pave.

2837_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2627_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2200_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

2227_2_image Unique Wedding Rings 1997_3_image Unique Wedding Rings

Minimalistic designs that highlight brilliant, dazzling diamonds, and lustrous high polished or satiny brushed metal. These rings also often feature geometric elements or movement in the band to create dimension.

2772_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2319_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

2441_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2434_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Mokume Gane
The stunning wood grain patterns of these designs are created from scratch each time, so every ring is truly one-of-a-kind! These bands are easily customized with different color combinations and the addition of diamonds or gemstones.

2538_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2496_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2532_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Hand Engraved
The breathtaking patterns shown are all hand-carved into the metal of these rings with a sharpened steel tool called a graver. When the jeweler creates these intricate designs, they must be very precise with each and every line they make. Changing the pressure and depth of their strokes as they carve into the metal produces dimension when the light hits the engraved design.

2487_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2648_2_image Unique Wedding Rings 2418_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Filigree and Scroll-work
Filigree curls of all shapes and sizes create a beautiful movement within a design. These scrolling lines can easily add vintage inspiration to a ring. Many times the sweeping line of metal is accented with diamonds or gem stones, hand engraving, and a beaded milgrain texture.

2411_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2490_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

2749_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2352_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2244_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Two Tone
A great way to create a unique ring is to incorporate two different colors of metal. These two tone designs showcase how much different parts of the design can be highlighted simply by

2784_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2857_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

2311_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 1962_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Like What You See? Get in Touch!

At Knox Jewelers, we’re here to help you design the custom wide wedding band of your dreams. Or, if you are not currently looking for a wedding band, we can help you to design the perfect ring for any context. Any of our pieces can be created with or without a center stone. If you have any questions about the process, or if you just want to get in touch with us, please contact us right away. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Men’s Wedding Bands – Classic to Contemporary: Designs That Will Fit Any Man’s Style

At Knox Jewelers, we don’t just create stunning jewelry for women – we also specialize in designing men’s wedding bands of all kinds. The origins of men’s wedding rings go all the way back to the matrimonial culture of ancient Egypt, wherein rings of braided hemp or reed were used to symbolize the eternal unity and love of the wedded couple. As the ages progressed, new kinds of styles came into and out of fashion, including gimmel rings, poesy rings, and more. However, the ritual of double-ring ceremonies did not develop in the United States until around the late 1940’s. Since that time, a variety of styles have taken hold in popular opinion, and customers today who are looking to have a custom, handcrafted wedding band produced to symbolize everlasting love and marriage have the ability to choose from a vast number of unique styles and variations on classic designs. Let’s take a look now at some of the different styles of men’s wedding bands we have handcrafted here at Knox Jewelers for our gentleman customers in the past, who – to say the least – have been extraordinarily happy with the final design and product.

Classic Men’s Wedding Rings

The archetypal wedding band is the classic style, usually consisting of a relatively simple design, smooth curves, clean lines, and yellow gold, though subtle variations on these attributes do exist. At Knox Jewelers, we can take a classic design and give it a refreshing, innovative set of modifications to make it uniquely yours. Whether you are looking to incorporate a different kind of metal for the band, or if you are seeking a custom set of modifications on an existing design, we would be more than happy to work with you on crafting a ring that will symbolize your eternal love.

2027_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 1676_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Hand Engraved Men’s Wedding Rings

Those individuals looking for a more vintage style of ring ought to consider a hand engraved wedding band. Our expert metalsmiths and artists at Knox Jewelers can take this style in a variety of different directions, and many different patterns can be crafted. For example, let’s take a close look at our North Shore Hand Engraved Wheat wedding band. This exquisite ring uses 14k white gold in concert with lovely wheat pattern around the center of the band. Naturally, the engraved pattern can be customized with your own unique design. Also of interest to you may be our North Shore Hand Engraved Scroll ring.

2906_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2117_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Mokume Gane Men’s Wedding Rings

Some of the most unique wedding bands we have created for our customers in the past have been Mokume Gane wedding rings. We have written about it before, but here is the short story on the art of Mokume Gane. 17th century Japan gave birth to a unique set of techniques for combining multiple metals into a flowing design which emulates the patterns of nature. At Knox Jewelers, we craft each and every one of our Mokume Gane rings from scratch, and they are some of our most beautiful works.

2922_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2884_4_image Unique Wedding Rings 2493_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

Our contemporary wedding bands incorporate a variety of different flourishes, including diamonds, gemstones, many types of finishes, geometrically-inspired shapes, and more. We also make extensive use of decorative lines and negative space to craft the most unique wedding bands around.

1769_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 1169_1_image Unique Wedding Rings 2461_1_image Unique Wedding Rings

Knox Jewelers: Creators of Unique Wedding Bands Since 1984

Create custom wedding bands for our valued customers is our vocation, and we are proud to have crafted so many unique and beautiful designs for our customers throughout the years. Have a look at our entire portfolio of men’s wedding bands to see more examples of our work. As you might imagine, we are very proud to have had the opportunities to design these beautiful wedding bands for our past customers, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about designing custom men’s wedding bands. We look forward to working together with you to design the perfect wedding band!