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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Albany

Albany custom two tone engagement ring with an oval diamond held center by four prongs and a band featuring bead set diamonds, milgrain edging, filigree and relief engraving.

Couples looking for engagement rings in Albany have an opportunity to browse through the online selection offered by Knox Jewelers. If you are in the market for a set of wedding bands in Albany you do not need to look further than our one-of-a-kind masterpieces, created in the form of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers. You took great care in selecting your partner and they deserve a piece of diamond jewelry fashioned into unique engagement ring or wedding bands, forged by hand with the same level of care.

Located north of New York City on the Hudson River, Albany has a rich history as a center of transportation since the cities inception. When Englishman Henry Hudson, exploring for the Dutch East India Company, reached the area in 1609, he claimed it for the United Netherlands due to great trade possibilities. The area was incorporated as the village of Beverwijck, or Beaver District, in 1652. When New Netherland was captured by the English in 1664, the name was changed to Albany, in honor of the Duke of Albany.

During and after the Revolutionary War, Albany County saw a great increase in real estate transactions. After Horatio Gates' win over John Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777, the upper Hudson Valley was generally at peace as the war raged on elsewhere. Prosperity was soon seen all over Upstate New York. Migrants from Vermont and Connecticut began flowing in, noting the advantages of living on the Hudson and trading at Albany, while being only a few days' sail from New York City. Albany reported a population of 3,498 in the first national census in 1790, an increase of almost 700% since its chartering.

In 1797, the state capital of New York was moved permanently to Albany. From statehood to today, the Legislature had frequently moved the state capital between Albany, Kingston, Hurley, Poughkeepsie and the city of New York. Albany is the tenth-oldest state capital, but the second-oldest state capital city in the United States. As one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the original thirteen colonies and the longest continuously chartered city in the United States, Albany is one of the first cities in the world to have installed public water mains, natural gas lines and electricity bringing substantial new industry to the city and surrounding area during the 19th century.

Albany custom engagement ring with a round diamond center and a nature inspired leaf and vine patterned band.


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Planning the perfect proposal can be overwhelming. At Knox jewelers, we create unique diamond jewelry and every once and a while we have an opportunity to help make the proposal just as unique by offering a few ideas to the suitor. Albany is a beautiful location for presenting a Knox Jewelers engagement ring and the BIG question. Whether you're a sports enthusiast looking for the next big game, an avid art lover in search of hidden treasures or a foodie with a big appetite for fresh produce and local flavors, Albany has a perfect setting for your proposal any time of year.

Escape with your someone special on a romantic hot-air balloon ride. Adirondack Balloon Flights float over breathtaking vistas of the Adirondacks, the historic town and villages of Lake George, Saratoga Springs Region of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Soar with a 30-year-old company that goes to great heights to make sure couples enjoy the date of a lifetime and experience the first form of flight that dates to 1783 in Paris. Float on gentle air currents beneath the colorful canopy of a hot air balloon. Discover magnificent views of the Adirondacks and the feeling of escape and freedom that only a hot air balloon ride can give. The Adirondack Balloon Flights are the first hot air balloon ride company in New York State. They feature small group and romantic private hot air balloon rides in the spectacular Adirondacks for an unforgettable hot air balloon adventure. Pilot Phil has the fine details covered like digital pictures of your memorable balloon ride experience. Get involved with an opportunity for a hands-on experience to help the ground crew with the hot air balloon. Or you can just stand back to enjoy the process of getting ready to propose. During flight and after she says “Yes”, enjoy a champagne toast served during the flight or a mimosa to enjoy while on a morning flight. And just a little tip, tie the engagement ring or wedding bands to your belt loop before you leave the ground. Your Knox Jewelers diamond jewelery will sparkle unlike anything you have seen before however, if dropped at hundreds of feet above the ground it may get a little tough to spot!

Antique inspired custom engagement ring with an oval cut diamond center with a tapering band featuring bead set diamonds, hand engraving and milgrain edging in Albany.

Discover the peace and serenity of a romantic proposal at The Red Cottage. Surround yourselves with a secluded hideaway just moments from Albany in the historic Sugarlands. The Red Cottage is located in a rural setting and not too far to all parts of the Capital District. This peaceful and private retreat is nestled amidst three acres of lush gardens and trees, a brick colonial main house and large barn. Discover a peaceful retreat for your proposal with your own private and well-appointed cottage, quaint furnishings, a laundry list of amenities and an array of restaurants and entertainment nearby offering the perfect rendezvous getaway. Diamonds for breakfast? With the luscious meals prepared by the inn keeper and chef Ms. Stafford Davis at the main house, nestle your custom crafted engagement ring withing the pristine place setting and let her discover the true beauty of sharing a meal together. For a secluded moment, propose with a Knox Jewelers engagement ring and matching wedding bands at a private picnic for two on the cottage's comfortable patio overlooking wild blueberry bushes, unique bird houses and a woodsy walking trail.

Couples who laugh together, stay together! Take your romantic proposal to downtown Albany and stop at The Comedy Works for dinner, laughs and a night that will change your life. National comedians like Wanda Sykes as well as the funniest local comedians will have you laughing out loud and in stitches all night long at one of the top comedy clubs in America. In the new venue, located at 500 Northern Boulevard, there are two beautifully renovate showrooms. We are thrilled to be able to offer the community two different options; the main showroom that hosts weekly shows and a private, downstairs showroom that accommodes all kinds of events.

The Comedy Works is a perfect venue for your proposal. Whether you are a wanting a party for two or a private audience filled with your closest friends and family, the facility can cater to your needs. The Comedy Works staff aim to please by customizing the menu, show times and performers to make your event the way you want it...a success. The Comedy Works provides some of the best talent in America to perform at your proposal. For over 20 years, they have worked with venues and organizations to find specific talent to act as keynote entertainers, masters of ceremonies or roasts. Since they know their talent well, acts provide material rated from "G" on up. To really bring the funny to your proposal, tell your partner you are taking them out to see a local comedian, one of whom you have heard tremendous reviews on. During dinner, the emcee will announce the local talent, that's your que to go on stage and profess your love to your one and only through poem or prose, laughs and limerick. When you present the custom diamond jewelery from Knox Jewelers, she will be truly taken by surprise.

Custom two tone engagement ring in Albany with a center bezel set diamond and filigree and hand engraving band details.


The avid vintage movie buff would love to have a proposal when watching a movie under the stars at the Jericho Drive-In. One of the last remaining Drive-Ins in America, the Jericho has all the vintage nostalgia from yesteryear. Jericho Drive In is located at 21 Jericho Road , 5 miles south of Albany on Route 9W. The Jerocho opened its doors on June 14, 1957 and have never closed. The drive in screen is one of the largest in the area coming in around 40 feet high by 90 feet wide and it sits approximately 23 feet off the ground. Since the closing of several Drive Ins in the area, the Jericho is now the only theater left in Albany County. During intermission, take her for an ice cream at the concession stand. She could hear your proposal from the nice family owners over the radio between movies or after intermission before the next feature on the big screen itself. When you propose with a Knox Jewelers hand crafted engagement ring at the Jericho Drive in you are making a special memory at a special place while keeping this great part of American Drive In history alive.

With family and a few close friends, propose to your partner at a casual diner party at your abode. Most times, an intimate small gathering of those you both love will make the most memorable proposal event and Albany's own A.C. Everson, who makes amazing custom pinatas, would be a fun ending to the evening. A.C. can create any shape or size pinata to accompany your event theme. A cup of latte, a favorite vacation spot or even a replica of her first pet, anything is possible in pinata creations. When you partner takes the first swing, the hidden Knox Jewelers engagement ring is revealed from within the pinata creating a fun proposal and a truly unique way to present her with a custom designed engagement ring. And like all Knox Jewelers engagement rings and wedding bands, you will have another great story to pass down to generations explaining you filled the pinata with “carats”.

In your history together, this milestone deserves a spectacular location and an engagement ring setting so unique, the event is transformed into a lifelong memory. We believe marriage is a precious bond and your proposal should kindle memories from the start of your lives together. And like the quality found in heirloom quality rings from Knox Jewelers, memories to last a lifetime. Which ever Albany destination, venue or experience you choose remember one thing; she will look at her left hand everyday. On that hand rests your tribute to a commitment for the rest of time. Presenting her with unique diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers will convey your exact sentiment flawlessly.

Custom wide band ring in Albany with an intricate pattern of scrolls and bezel set round diamonds bordered by diamond rails.

Custom Engagement Rings

Antique oval custom engagement ring in Albany with a bezel center setting, milgrain edging and hand engraving.

Spilt Shank Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Albany with a bead set diamond split band and a cushion cut center diamond.

Classic Engagement Rings

Custom classic engagement ring with a round center diamond held by four diamond set prongs atop a graduating diamond band in Albany.

Unique Wedding Bands

Custom unique wedding rings in Albany with bezel set round diamond each surrounded by a diamond halo.