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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Allentown

Allentown engagement ring with hand engraving, filigree and round brilliant center stone.

The third largest city in Pennsylvania, Allentown beams vibrant with culture, beautiful parks and rich history. Allentown and the cities of Bethlehem and Easton make up the bulk of the Lehigh Valley, which is the third largest metropolitan area in the state. Allentown is central to several Northeast and Mid-Atlantic larger metropolitan areas: 55 miles from Philadelphia, 96 miles from New York City, 75 miles from Wilmington, 85 miles from Harrisburg, and 152 miles from Baltimore.

Allentown was originally named Northamptontown by founder William Allen. Allen, also a former Mayor of Philadelphia, drew up plans for the rural village in 1762. From the beginning nearly everyone called it "Allan’s town". Allen hoped Northamptontown would turn into a commercial center due to the location along the Lehigh River. By the time of the American Revolution, Allentown remained a small village of Pennsylvania Dutch and German farmers and tradesmen. In 1838, the city officially adopted the name Allentown which was not the only change in store for this town. By the 1830s America's industrial revolution was entering a booming stage. The arrival of the Lehigh Canal and later the railroad, Allentown opened up in a way that would have been beyond William Allen's wildest dreams.

One of Allentown’s signature treasures is the historic districts. Serene neighborhoods noted for beautiful architecture and intriguing stories that incorporate their history. Old Allentown, Old Fairgrounds and the West Park are supported by neighborhood groups who preserve the buildings, organize events and make them great places to live and visit. Having 2,000 acres of beautiful expansive parks, Allentown has more acres of parks per resident than any other city of its size in the United States. Recreational opportunities like biking, hiking trails, golf courses and rivers, there’s no shortage of adventure. Contrary to belief, an engagement proposal doesn't mean more if it is over the top and the center of public attention. The meaning behind the proposal, coming form the heart is the best proposal you can have.

Antique engagement ring in Allentown with cushion cut center stone, filigree and diamond halo.


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In the 1920s, Allentown transformed from a small community of Pennsylvania Dutch farmers into a marketing center for local farmers and the tradition still stands today. Farmers and merchants sell everything from fish mongers, fresh produce, baked goods and homemade candies. Start your day grabbing a cup of tea from Heffelfinger's, one of the 60 merchants that make up the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market. Continue your stroll through an extensive award-winning parks system, which boasts the highest acreage of any American city its size. Surround her with natures beauty at The Old-Fashioned Garden and the Rose Garden, located at Parkway Boulevard and 27th Street, which contain more than 100 varieties of roses and water plants. Contact a local sidewalk chalk artist to create multiple signs spaced throughout the parkway. Reaching the last plaque, a perfect atmosphere provided by the blooming roses and flowers, making a great opportunity to present your Knox Jewelers custom engagement ring.

For the winter explorer, a proposal during the Lights in the Parkway holiday tradition. From the very beginning, Lights In The Parkway has been symbolic of the holiday season because of its collaborative nature, transforming Lehigh Parkway into a winter wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights and accompanying music. Displays delight visitors who view the sights from the comfort of your vehicles. Lights in the Parkway is a great activity for couples to enjoy time together during the winter season without freezing. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate to share, after a journey through the twinkling lights tell your partner you spilled cocoa on your glove, make sure it is your left one! Ask to borrow one of hers until your hand warms up. Slip your unique Knox Jewelers engagement ring or wedding band into her glove in the ring finger spot. After a few moments, return the glove. When she slips on her glove she will definitely notice the ring.

Rose gold wedding band in Allentown with hand engraving, milgrain and diamonds.

Presenting your sweetheart with micro pave diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers can definitely be the icing on the cake as you visit the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The Boettcher Concert Hall can be a great venue to create the perfect romantic atmosphere as you offer the love of your life an engagement ring or wedding band. Okay Shannon offers a one-stop shop if you are looking to propose because it also includes a wine bar, espresso bar, and on site delectable restaurant and convenient covered parking.

A proposal with an antique inspired engagement ring in Denver can be completed with a historical train ride. Making reservations on the Ski Train can be an excellent way to escape from the stressful and fast-paced life of the city in order to propose around a serene and natural environment. A couple can enjoy passing through the 30 tunnels and the natural mountain scenery. After, they are dropped off approximately 100 feet away from the Winter Park ski lift. This can be a great option if you are looking to propose during the winter months and are still looking for an option that takes advantage of gorgeous Denver natural landscape and an intimate getaway. You can choose to exchange wedding bands and diamond jewelry an opulent club car in order to add a touch of elegance to your proposal.

Allentown engagement ring with round brilliant center stone and diamond band.


A long weekend getaway is exactly what the two of you need. Allentown has all the elements for romance with charming inns, gourmet restaurants and scenic wineries. The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is home to eight family-owned vineyards and wineries that have won countless awards, including more than 50 for wines made from Chambourcin, its signature grape. A beautiful and easy escape for wine lovers. When fall rolls around, it’s time to celebrate the kick-off of harvest season with the exclusive Harvest Weekend - The Butcher, The Baker and The Winemaker in September. Wineries proudly promote “Pennsylvania Preferred” program by partnering with manufacturers of local products to showcase their high level of quality. Wine pairings, vineyard tours, delightful cuisine and wine tastings are just the place for your proposal. Take a tour of one of the 8 vineyards in the valley. During your tour, she will notice a few rose petals along the path. As the tour progresses, so the rose petals until you reach the staging area. You arranged with the vineyard ahead of time to set up a linen draped table covered in petals. When she takes a seat on the rustic bench, she will notice the brilliance coming from the center of the table. A Knox Jewelers hand crafted engagement ring embracing a stunning diamond.

Allentown offers many possible journeys to propose, but only one possible response when your engagement ring or wedding bands are crafted by Knox Jewelers; Yes, I will marry you!

Filigree engagement ring in Allentown with half bezel center stone and yellow gold setting.

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Custom engagement ring in Allentown with four overlapping diamond bands and round brilliant center.

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Antique engagement ring in Allentown with hand engraving, filigree and micro pave diamonds.

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Halo engagement ring with bezel set round center stone and micro pave band in Allentown.

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Rose gold wedding band with scroll engraved pattern between diamond bands in Allentown.