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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Arlington

Wide band wedding ring in Arlington with floral inspired patterns between diamond bands.

Browsing through the extensive catalog of Knox Jewelers is the best way of finding engagement rings in Arlington, Virginia. Our selection of pieces and styles covers all kinds of rings; from the most traditional ones, reminding the Victorian and Edwardian eras, to the most modern designs, using geometric motifs to enhance the natural beauty of the exquisite jewels we use in our workshop.

Also, it's easy to find Knox Jewelers' wedding bands in Arlington, as we completely understand that different couples have different needs and aesthetic sensibilities. We use a mixture of the best technology with the most successful traditional techniques of jewel making. Here, at Knox Jewelers, we understand how important this moment is; the most memorable day in your life, and we want to help you making it just perfect.

Custom engagement ring in Arlington with half bezel round center stone and embellished diamond band.


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The county of Arlington, in the northern limits of Virginia, is the house of the Pentagon. Located in southern shore of the Potomac river, this city can be considered as the sister of Washington D.C., as they are so close together that they could even be the same city. There are lots of very important official buildings and government offices in Arlington, but not everything is business there.

Gateway Park, in the northern side of Arlington, is the perfect spot to enjoy the fantastic skyline of Washington D.C. from a privileged point of view. This park is close to the water, but surrounded by the city. There, you can enjoy a delightful picnic watching the skyline in a natural and beautiful environment. This place is perfect for a romantic proposal, as it has everything you can imagine and relate to at the reach of your hands; water, city, nature and landscape. All the elements, thrown in together in harmony in a fantastic way that can awake anyone's most sensible side.

In 1954, the European country of Netherlands gave a beautiful gigantic carillon to the people of the United States, as a gift in appreciation of their valuable help during World War II. This incredible monument is located in Arlington, and open to the public. If the visitor is lucky enough, it's possible to appreciate the breath taking sound of its 50 bells. The Netherlands Carillon is mounted on top of a huge tower. That tower features a beautiful observatory, from where you can appreciate the magnificence of the landscape from a bird's point of view. The whole structure is surrounded by a field of tulips, official flower of the Netherlands, making this spot one of the most beautiful imaginable. A proposal here, with all this magic environment, and the message of hope and friendship that the carillon symbolizes, is bound to lead to a successful and fruitful marriage.


Wide band wedding ring in Arlington with intricate curls and diamonds in rose gold.

For a different kind of proposal, Gravelly Point Park offers a very unusual form of environment: a beautiful park, calm, quiet, relaxing and soothing, where people lay down in the grass and watch the planes land and take off the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The park is just beside the Potomac river, and the views are just impressive. The landing of the planes is a traditional form of entertainment, as you can see them really up close and feel their raw power. Proposing to your loved one in this kind of environment, with such a mixture of natural and man made force, and using one of Knox Jewelers' engagement rings or wedding bands, is the perfect way to ensure that this day will be remembered forever.

The peace and quietness of Arlington's parks can be experienced at its full at Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park. This extensive park, full of forests, paths and hidden spots, is a preferred spot for hikers and nature lovers. The paths follow the old railroads, and every now and then is possible to cross under ancient bridges, full of mystery and magic. This park is abundant in special locations for a surprise proposal, for a situation where nature and man can hold hands in a grasp of love.

Arlington engagement ring with hand engraving, filigree and micro pave diamonds.


Finally, to appreciate the full impact of the Potomac river, the Lady Bird Johnson Park is a fantastic spot of tranquility and peace. Technically, it is an island, separated from Arlington and Washington D.C., but located really close to the former. Here, completely surrounded by the river, and separated from the noises of the city, the lovers can say their promises aloud and give their engagement rings and wedding bands in an environment that evokes the peace that one finds in real love.

All of these locations in Arlington can make a proposal perfect, and Knox Jewelers' engagement rings and wedding bands are there to support you and give you the confidence you need to make this day the most important and beautiful one of your entire life.

Arlington engagement ring with diamond halo and yellow gold setting.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement ring in Arlington with pear shape center stone, hand engraving and filigree.

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Unique wedding band in Arlington with micro pave diamonds in a crisscross pattern.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement ring in Arlington with hand engraving and round brilliant center stone.

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Arlington engagement ring with round brilliant center stone and diamond band.