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Engagement Rings in Baltimore, Wedding Rings in Baltimore

Micro pave platinum engagement rings in Baltimore.

If you and your true love are planning to tie the knot and are looking for engagement rings in Baltimore, Maryland you need look no farther than Knox Jewelers. This particular city has endless venues that are available if you are looking to exchange wedding bands in Baltimore. The city of Baltimore was originally named after a member of the Irish House of Lords. Lord Baltimore, was the original proprietor of the colony of Maryland. This regal history is still seen today in the city through its endless historical venues and elegant attractions that can serve as the perfect place to propose or to tie the knot with custom diamond jewelry.

The Federal Hill Park in Baltimore is a great location for presenting the love of your life with an engagement ring from Knox Jewelers. Federal Hill Park was originally a lookout that was used during the war of 1812 as well as the Civil War, but today this park is the most scenic location in all of Baltimore. This is one of the top spots for a scenic proposal in the city, and rightfully so with its tranquil view of the whole Inner Harbor. Once your dearest has accepted your proposal and is proudly showing off the beautiful micro pave diamond jewelry that you chose for them, return to this scenic location for engagement photos and later to exchange your wedding bands.

Unique intricate Wide Band Heirloom bands in Baltimore.


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It is often believed that food is an expression of love and has strong romantic ties. Italian cuisine is often revered as one of the most romantic cuisines in the world. Couples can look forward to presenting unique engagement rings in the Little Italy section of Baltimore. Little Italy provides an experience and a true taste of Italy without needing to spend hours on a plane. A romantic dinner by candlelight can be the perfect touch for presenting the love of your life with a stunning piece of diamond jewelry. Soon your new fiance will want to choose wedding bands so that you can also have an heirloom quality piece from Knox Jewelers.

Baltimore is currently home to one of the biggest and the best aquariums in the country. The National Aquarium can be a great location to propose because it is full of beautiful spaces and fascinating creatures. The peaceful atmosphere as well as the endless collection of aquatic creatures can be the perfect combination for an unusual and fun proposal. Have the beauty of these natural habitats compliment your proposal by choosing a sapphire, antique inspired engagement ring in Baltimore. The aquarium can easily make arrangements for your proposal in order to make sure that it is a personal and memorable experience. In addition, once your darling has shown their family and friends the exquisite gemstone or diamond jewelry that you had custom made by Knox Jewelers, The National Aquarium can also host your ceremony and reception! Make this magical moment even more romantic by exchanging your vows and wedding bands in the same place you got engaged.

These tender moments will be ones to treasure and with the high, heirloom quality of Knox Jewelers gemstone and diamond jewelry you can be assured that your engagement ring and wedding bands, symbols of your love and devotion, will be passed down the generations of your new family along with the romantic story of how it came to be.

Art Deco inspired solitaire engagement rings in Baltimore, Maryland.


Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold and morganite halo engagement ring in Baltimore

Men's Wedding Bands

Baltimore unique two tone wedding bands with brushed finish.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings in Baltimore.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Stunning filigree engagement rings in Baltimore with two tone band and relief hand engraving.