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Antique Engagement Rings in Calgary, Vintage Wedding Rings in Calgary

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Calgary with an oval shaped center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo and a relief engraved band.

Get your beloved in the saddle of matrimony when you declare your everlasting love and offer of marriage with a vintage engagement ring in Calgary, Alberta, home of the world-renowned rodeo event, the “Calgary Stampede.” Of course, prior to making your pitch for making a home on the range with your beloved, you’ve got some decisions to make. First off, with so may styles, cuts, metals, gemstones, and possible adornments to choose from when considering antique jewelry for your beloved, finding the perfect ring can be daunting. Second, you need to find the perfect spot for popping the question, a setting that serves as the perfect backdrop for a life-changing moment.

Well, no need to fret, as not only can the experts at Knox Jewelers assist you with the finer details of crafting a beautiful vintage engagement ring, but they can also assist you with choosing the right venue for declaring your love and asking the the big question.

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Calgary with a unique wide diamond patterned band holding an emerald cut diamond center stone.


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Located east of the Rocky Mountains between the foothills and prairie, and boasting more than 50 parks, you will have little difficulty finding potential natural areas in which to make your loving proclamation. Many Calgarians consider Scotsman Hill to be one of the most romantic spots in the city, with the park providing an incredible view of the skyline, with the mountains beyond visible on clear days. A bit further afield, 12-mile coulee offers perhaps the broadest spectrum of nature within the city. Little doubt that a perfect spot can be found just off one of its trails, where you can declare your love with the presentation of a stunning vintage engagement ring handcrafted by Knox Jewelers.

You could give your cherished one a big picture setting as vast as your love by staging your proposal aloft in the clouds with a hot air balloon flight that provides you with stunning views of the city, and a panorama of the surrounding prairie, hills and spectacular Rocky Mountains beyond. The views alone will be enough to make you both swoon, but just imagine your beloved’s reaction when you offer life-long wedded bliss with the presentation of a heirloom quality antique ring! We do recommend perhaps making the proposal itself just before you begin your adventure, and then literally sweeping your darling off their feet as you take flight together.

If you and your loved one don't care for the idea of a hot air balloon ride, and yet you still want your declaration of everlasting love to come from up on high, then consider the Calgary Tower, the third-tallest building in Calgary. You can make your vow on the 360-degree observation deck, or make the engagement more of an occasion by combining it with a romantic dinner in the tower’s Sky 360 revolving restaurant.


Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Calgary with a round diamond held in a unique octagon setting with hand formed filigree and engraving.

Combine the adage of “couples who play together, stay together” with the long cold winter, and perhaps consider making your proposal with the presentation of a vintage engagement ring during or after an indoor “play” date. While Calgary is certainly known for its outdoor sports and activities such as horseback riding, skating, and the full-range of winter sports, Knox Jewelers knows of numerous venues that offer inside fun. The city features two world-class bowling alleys, both of which offer far more than just the bowling; two indoor trampoline parks offering a plethora of different games; an indoor go-kart racing track, and an indoor glow-in-the-dark min-golf course, just to name a few Calgarian indoor-fun spots. All of these gaming centers provide exhilarating fun, exhilaration that would undoubtedly be enhanced if concluded with the symbolic offering of wedded bliss as bestowed with a hand-crafted antique ring design.

And while Calgary certainly offers plenty of other options for making your declaration of life-long love, Knox Jewelers has profiled some of the more interesting ideas, and can also has help you determine which heirloom quality vintage engagement ring will best complement your love with that declaration.

Custom antique inspired engagement ring featuring a round light blue sapphire held in a unique halo setting.


Contemporary Engagement Rings

Calgary contemporary custom engagement ring with a round diamond center held by four prongs and a band with staggered flush set round diamonds.

Halo Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Calgary with a unique pierced diamond halo surround the round diamond center stone.

Mirco Pavé Engagement Rings

Calgary custom engagement ring with four overlapping bands of micro pave diamonds and a round center diamond held in prongs.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring with a round brilliant center diamond and filigree curl detailing in Calgary.