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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Cedar Rapids

Filigree engagement rings with hand engraving and milgrain in Cedar Rapids

If you are looking for engagement rings in Cedar Rapids, IA then you're in a vibrant urban hometown with lots to offer, see and enjoy. This growing city of five seasons can easily accommodate any type of engagement proposal that comes to mind; and with an engagement ring from Knox Jewelers you'll be looking for wedding bands in Cedar Rapids in no time! Being the second largest city in the state of Iowa, Cedar Rapids boasts of picturesque parks, landmarks, buildings and venues, and overall natural beauty that can play the role for a perfect backdrop to any proposal; whether it be indoor or outdoor.

Each proposal should be as unique and tailor-made as the engagement ring that is presented in Cedar Rapids. When it comes to variety and uniqueness; Knox Jewelers is able to provides high-quality custom made engagement rings and wedding bands that go hand-in-hand with each unique and unforgettable proposal. Knox Jewelers works diligently to ensure that each hand crafted ring is it's own individual piece of art that will withstand the test of time; which is why each piece of diamond jewelry is meticulously handmade. The time, energy and quality workmanship that is spent on each ring ensures that it will in-fact one day become an heirloom; and will forever be a major piece of your love story.

Cedar Rapids unique engagement rings with oval diamond and vintage filigree.


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The Paramount Theatre is just one of the many beautiful buildings in Cedar Rapids that just happens to be rich in history, and can provide an extremely elegant feel to any proposal. It listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of just 300 movie “palaces” left in the United States according to a story in USA Today. Built in the architecturally extravagant 1920's. The theatre was meant to exude a romantic, high-class feel; which lays out the perfect atmosphere to propose with a stunning piece of diamond jewelry. The building does indeed look exactly like a palace; and offers many spacious areas that could easily accommodate a more private place to pop the question. The theatre annually hosts many different events ranging from Broadway series to concerts & fundraisers; and even Orchestra Iowa; which is the premier symphony orchestra in this region. There are many events that are going on at the Paramount theater year-round; so finding an excuse to get your bride-to-be to this exquisite location should be no challenge.

Cedar Rapids engagement rings with milgrain and micro pave

For couples that love the outdoors, the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids can provide a vast array of options for a unique outdoor proposal. This location consists of around four miles of hiking trails, with gorgeous tall grass prairies and oak savannas. The nearby Vecny woods also has acres of massive hardwood trees for even more space to plan out an intimate and private proposal. Regardless of what time of year the proposal takes place; there is always something to enjoy at this location; whether it be cross-country skiing, fishing, bird-watching or hiking. This spacious area surrounded by natural beauty creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere to present your future fiance with an engagement ring. The sparkle of the carefully selected piece of diamond jewelry will be accented by the sunlight and will make your dearest think that you've taken stars from the night sky to place on her finger.

Hand engraved wedding rings and diamonds in Cedar Rapids


Exchanging unique wedding rings at a more unconventional place like the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena may be more your style. Have fun with your significant other while cheering on the Rough Riders hockey team; or even plan a skating outing for your proposal. Active couples that may want to share their proposal with onlookers should consider using the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena as part of their love story.

Overall, Cedar Rapids Iowa is full of history, culture and variety. Having the perfect proposal planned is extremely important; as it will be a memory that you both share forever. The way you display your engagement and marriage through your diamond jewelry are also extremely important; as they are seen by the wearer and those around them every day. You and your significant other should be happy and proud when looking down at your rings each day; and they should be a reminder of how unique and special your relationship is together. Knox Jewelers wants your proposal to be as unique and beautiful as the engagement rings and wedding bands that are custom created each and every day.

Antique inspired engagement ring in Cedar Rapids.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring with filigree in Cedar Rapids.

Hand Engraved Wedding Bands

Cedar Rapids hand engraved wedding bands in a scroll pattern.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Cedar Rapids micro pave engagement rings with oval center stone.

Custom Engagement Rings

Cedar Rapids custom engagement ring with bezel set radiant cuts.