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Vintage Engagement Rings in Cedar Rapids

Vintage style floral filigree wedding band in Cedar Rapids with micro pave diamonds.

A timeless wedding is a celebration you cherish, and vintage engagement rings in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are the perfect complement for such an occasion. The cultural and diversified city of Cedar Rapids runs along the banks of the beautiful Cedar River, a pristine destination for couples seeking a romantic setting for their special occasion. Your Cedar Rapids wedding would not be complete without a gorgeous vintage engagement ring from Knox Jewelers. You can have a custom designed piece to suit the season or the venue. Whether you are seeking a one-of-a-kind design or an antique period ring, Knox Jewelers has the skill and experience to craft a work of art that will last a lifetime.

There are plenty of venue options for a wedding or proposal in this second-largest Iowa city. Known for its deep culture and great history, Cedar Rapids truly is a landmark for planning a vintage wedding. The city is known for its theaters, museums, galleries, and historic buildings—many of which are excellent locations for such a unique occasion. Your journey here may take you to the Brucemore, the Paramount, or Theater Cedar Rapids, all of which will take you down memory lane and inspire you with creative ideas for your upcoming event.

Unique hand engraved engagement ring in Cedar Rapids. The princess cut center stone is held securely in a bezel setting. The band shape compliments the shape of the princess cut, and is adorned with an exquisitely detailed hand engraving pattern of scrolling vines.


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The Brucemore, Iowa’s Queen-Anne patterned mansion that was home to three highly prominent families, is not only found on the National Register of Historic Places, but it is also one of the most notable historic structures in the region and serves the community as a renowned cultural hub. This Victorian mansion is an inspiration in and of itself for your upcoming nuptials. This piece of history will spark your excitement for a vintage wedding paired with an exquisite vintage engagement ring crafted with the stone of your choice to impress your family and guests.

If Cedar Rapids’ historical landmarks rank high on your list of must-see venues, wait until you take in some of the region’s more interesting and unusual wedding hot spots. If you want to wow your guests, the Palmer House Stable offers a rustic and romantic theme with overnight accommodations in an 1853 stone livery stable that was once a mill. This location satisfies the “rustic,” and a vintage engagement ring from Knox Jewelers covers the “romantic” for this curious themed wedding venue option.

Custom two tone filigree engagement ring in Cedar Rapids features a white band with rose gold filigree. The peachy-orange sapphire center stone is a perfect compliment to the rose gold details. The band is carefully decorated with hand engraving and diamonds.

If a livery stable is a little too rural to satisfy your desire for an antique event setting, you might love A Touch of Class Banquet & Convention Center. This event center is located just off Mt. Vernon Road, and offers a variety of possibilities including a Victorian gazebo, a beautiful private outdoor park, or more intimate indoor spaces. There is an option for every couple, and each option is well suited for a vintage or antique style event of any scale.

When you desire a bit more class in an indoor venue for your antique or vintage-themed wedding, The Shores Event Center may be a welcome alternative. Located in the center of the Irish district, this historic building was previously the Shores-Mueller Co. The amenities are more modern with a dance floor and lighting options to suit your wedding requirements.

When a proposal is in the air, Cedar Rapids may just be your first choice when you are ready to show off a stunning period gown or tux complemented by a handcrafted vintage engagement ring in a wedding for the ages that will not soon be forgotten. Let your destination be your guide in this historical Iowa gold mine, and let Knox Jewelers assist you along the way. In a custom creation made expressly for each individual, begin your new life wearing the most breathtaking ring that will dazzle onlookers and represent a lifelong commitment between two people who deeply care for each other.

Stunning woven infinity band engagement ring in Cedar Rapids. This custom vintage halo engagement ring features a woven diamond band and hand formed filigree curls.


Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement rings in Denver with Blue Sapphire center stone

Halo Engagement Rings

Stunning art deco halo engagement ring in rose gold. This gorgeous design features an emerald cut center diamond with a halo and step-cut diamond sides. The carre cut diamonds and baguettes really add to the vintage art deco feel of this custom halo engagement ring.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique yellow gold engagement rings in Cedar Rapids with exquisite hand engraving, delicate filigree curls, and diamonds. This unique halo engagement ring is one of a kind!

Split Shank Engagement Rings

Antique split-shank halo engagement ring in Cedar Rapids is stunning with an emerald halo. The bands are detailed with gorgeous hand engraving and the basket under the halo is filled with hand formed filigree curls.