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Engagement Rings in Charleston, Wedding Rings in Charleston

Micro pave platinum engagement rings in Charleston.

The most fascinating engagement rings in Charleston can be found at Knox Jewelers. If Charleston is the place you have been dreaming of to make your marriage proposal, the perfect location and jeweler are waiting for you! Charleston is home to numerous breathtaking views, beaches, memorable walks, fabulous food, shopping, and much more. Few locations can surpass South Carolina's romantic low-country; it makes you fall in love all over again.

At Knox Jewelers, we want your engagement to be just as memorable as your wedding day. Our beautifully designed and custom made wedding bands in Charleston will add the final touches to any backdrop you choose to make your marriage proposal. For example, did you know that located on the banks of the Charleston Harbor sets a stunning hidden oasis? The Charleston Harbor-Resort and Marina is a tranquil harbor front retreat. Commemorating the historic past with a marriage proposal of a promising future is a wonderful way to ignite your loved one's enthusiasm.

Charleston is admired for its historic charm; however, it also boasts a pulsating contemporary arts scene. If you want to propose to your loved one within a trendy environment, take a visit to Charleston's Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art situated in an eye-catching new setting on Calhoun Street. Offer the ultimate gift of love from Knox Jewelers contemporary engagement ring collection featuring progressive styles and flawless lines. The demonstration of love is just as important as the emotion, and each person's image of his or her loved one is unique. Offering a unique contemporary engagement ring within the modern setting of an art institute is a work of art in itself!

Unique intricate Wide Band Heirloom bands in Charleston.


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If you are in love with a Southern Belle, walk her through the scenic gardens at Middleton Place. The surroundings are reminiscent of an aged Southern Plantation. Then, take a leisurely walk by the river and propose waterside. Show her the beautiful sapphire engagement ring set against dazzling white diamonds from Knox Jewelers, and gaze into her eyes as they gleam with elation and affection.

In many ways, Charleston remains extremely independent from the external world. Yes, the city is small; nonetheless, it has managed to sustain a dynamic amount of exclusive shops, especially as you go north, away from the heavily touristy area of its historic center. Take your soon to be bride on Upper King Street, perhaps the best shopping district in Charleston. Browse through a few of the 50,000 rare Blue Bicycle Books about literary fiction, philosophy, science, and quixotic poetry. Take a peek at the new shops on neighboring Cannon Street. Relax just off King at St. Phillip Street's stylish Hope & Union, Charleston's superb and spectacular coffee shop. Sip a cup of cappuccino, order a tasty sweet and offer her a classic Filigree Knox Jewelers engagement ring made from 14kt white gold and platinum with a round center 1.00 carat diamond.

As we already know, Charleston Harbor is a magnificent location to propose in Charleston; however, only a few minutes away is the enchanting village of Sullivan's Island with pristine sand and sweeping ocean. Explore this fascinating predominately residential island on foot, and then propose at Poe's Tavern, the township's trendiest pub. This choice of venue indicates that you are probably the very casual, laid back type. Thus, a Knox Jewelers hand engraved engagement ring with a western bright-cut and relief-designed pattern, will set the mood perfectly. Immaculate artistry along with creative astuteness will certainly have your beloved saying yes before you have the opportunity to mutter the words "will you marry me."

Antique inspired engagement rings with filigree, and engraving and knife edge design in Charleston South Carolina.


Having a quiet night at the Woodlands Resort & Inn, a popular 5-star restaurant and inn in the region can be a romantic highlight. The drive you take up to Summerville will be well worth it. Then, offer your loved one a beautiful Knox Jewelers halo engagement ring that exudes radiance and shimmer. From archetypical to archaic, your halo engagement ring designed with a sparkling gemstone will certainly top off a most invigorating day.

Proposing marriage is a remarkable milestone in anyone's life, and offering the ideal engagement ring is of the utmost importance. Knox Jewelers has an array of engagement rings, unique wedding bands, impressive jewelry, and more, to suit every taste. The fairytale begins long before the wedding day. It starts when one decides to propose and selects the engagement ring they feel encompasses the depth of their commitment and adoration. Knox Jewelers have managed to put those very emotions into beautiful engagement rings that lasts a lifetime.

Hand cut pave engagement rings Charleston South Carolina.

Halo Engagement Rings

Yellow gold halo engagement ring in Charleston

Unique Wedding Bands

Charleston unique wedding bands with hand engraving and micropave diamonds.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique oval engagement rings in Charleston with milgrain and filigree.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement rings in Charleston with Blue Sapphire center stone