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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Colorado Springs

Custom wide band engagement ring in Colorado Springs with a diamond set center floral design and hand engraved vine patterns.

If you are looking for unique engagement rings in Colorado Springs, Colorado look no futher than Knox Jewelers. After you've looked everywhere else for engagement rings and wedding bands in Colorado Springs, give yourself the opportunity to find one of a kind pieces of gemstone and diamond jewelry at Knox Jewelers. We have an extensive collection of custom made jewelry that is always growing, and our design consultants are here to help you create the engagement ring and wedding bands of your dreams.

If you are thinking about popping the question to your sweetheart, a few things have probably crossed your mind: what kind of ring to get, where to propose, and what to say. Being in Colorado Springs there are many unique places that you may consider proposing at. Whether you want it to be a private ocassion or a family affair, there is definitely no shortage of places in the scenic city of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs custom engagement ring with a unique diamond set mosaic wide band design and petal prongs holding a round center diamond.


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Although we at Knox Jewelers are here to ensure that you have the perfect custom engagement ring, finding a meaningful and romantic spot to present your new piece of unique diamond jewelry can be a challenge when you have so many great options. One may think, why not take in the entire view of Colorado Springs and the gorgeous surrounding mountains? For those of you not afraid of heights, a hot air balloon proposal overlooking the mountains and city may be just the answer. This adventurous proposal will surely take your darling's breath away, but not nearly as much as seeing you on one knee presenting the custom design that you chose just for them. For details of how to set up a trip like this you can always contact "High but Dry Balloons", they specialize in sightseeing, annivesaries, engagements and even weddings! If you decide upon proposing elsewhere; there is always the option of exchanging your wedding bands in the sky!

If you would rather keep your feet on the ground, consider a fun-filled day of horseback riding. This can be a very romantic outing; and the beauty of it is, with all of the gorgeous natural scenery you can "wing it" and pick the location that feels most natural to present your diamond engagement ring along the trail. Colorado Springs has trails and parks that offer riding through Garden of the Gods Park or Cheyenne Canyon. Whether your honey prefers an antique style with carefully hand crafted filigree curls, or a contemporary look with minimal detailing, you are sure to find the perfect scenery for your very important question. There are also plenty of open spaces that you could even plan a romantic picnic or allow your friends and family to hide for a surprise! All of your nearest and dearest will be delighted to share this moment, and your new fiance will feel like a star with everyone 'oohing' and 'aahing' over their new ring.

Colorado Springs custom engagement ring with a tapering bead set diamond and milgrain band leading to a round diamond center stone.

You may be thinking of a winter or indoor propoosal, so another place to consider would be The Cliff House Dining Room at Pike's Peak. This restaurant overlooks the gorgeous mountains, and would be a wonderful choice to present diamond jewelry at any time of the year. The Cliff House Dining Room boasts of many awards and with its modern Victorian decor it will set the perfect romantic mood for an engagement. You may even opt for a more private proposal in one of the beautiful hotel rooms at the Cliff House. This establishment has made planning your visit easy with a “Romantic Escape” package; as they are not strangers to proposals at their gorgeous venue. Just imagine settling in for a night with your beloved and seeing their face light up as you ask them to spend the rest of their life with you. The dazzling micro pave ring that you've slipped onto their finger will sparkle almost as much as their eyes. This fabulous establishment also hosts weddings; so you could make the location even more special by returning to exchange unique wedding bands here!

Whichever route you choose to go for your perfect proposal, don't forget that Knox Jewelers is ready to create your hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality ring. Diamond Jewelry, custom engagement rings, and one of a kind wedding bands are top priority at Knox Jewelers, and they're done right – created with the utmost precision and care so they will last throughout the generations of your family.

Custom engagement ring in Colorado Springs with a unique pierced undercarriage topped with a halo framed round center diamond.


Custom Engagement Rings

Antique oval custom engagement ring in Colorado Springs with a bezel center setting, milgrain edging and hand engraving.

Unique Wedding Bands

Unique custom wedding band with a bead set diamond braid design edged with milgrain in Colorado Springs.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Colorado Springs custom engagement ring with an oval cut cornflower blue sapphire held in a half bezel setting with a hand engraved band.

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Colorado Springs custom halo engagement ring with a micro pave rose gold diamond band with a unique cushion cut morganite center stone.