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Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

Rose gold engagement ring with milgrain, micro pave diamonds and hand engraving in Colorado Springs.

If you and your sweetheart love the mountains, a rose gold engagement ring in Colorado Springs is the perfect way to start your journey together. This iconic city situated on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains is rich with stunning views and endless outdoor activities. Whether you choose to propose on a mountain peak or deep within a sandstone crevasse, Knox Jewelers can be your guide for a custom hand-crafted piece of jewelry that will speak volumes to your special partner. What better match than rose gold in the same gorgeous color as the red rocks of Colorado Springs!

Rose gold wedding ring in Colorado Springs with diamond halo, round center stone and overlapping diamond bands.


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For outdoor enthusiast couples, there are dozens of breathtaking options for making the perfect marriage proposal whether by foot, bicycle, or railway. Broadmore Seven Falls is a fascinating park accessible from the hotel that features several cascading waterfalls and a variety of geologic sites where a rose gold engagement ring by Knox jewelers is sure to glisten in the morning or afternoon sunlight. Special order your perfect ring design early and get ready to make this outdoor paradise a place neither of you will ever forget. There is something significant about presenting a beautiful diamond while taking in all that nature has to offer. A gushing waterfall, the sounds of nature, and the incredible rock formations make Seven Falls a popular engagement destination. At the end of the day, celebrate the occasion in one of several four-star restaurants on the premises.

For a bit of nostalgia, take your sweetheart to the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site and plan a public engagement among your closest family members and friends. It is nestled in the trees, complete with stables, water features, covered wagons, and historic outbuildings that add character to your event. After your proposal is accepted, you may want to consider this venue for an adventurous wedding as well. Let Knox Jewelers handcraft your engagement ring, and it is certain to sparkle among the rustic Colorado Springs terrain. Consider matching rings and bands to seal your love for decades to come.

Rose gold wedding ring in Colorado Springs with filigree and bezel set round diamonds.

If you seek a truly private and isolated landmark to ask your loved one this important question, the Red Rock Canyon Open Space offers 789 acres for you to choose from. Lined with lovely trails, lush trees, and jutting red rocks, this favorite park offers stunning views and lots of wide open spaces. It’s paradise for couples who are fascinated with outdoor landscapes. If a rose gold engagement ring from Knox Jewelers doesn't stand out here, nothing will. Let the team help you hand select the ring that suits your style and the style of your beloved. You’ll find the unique options and detailed craftsmanship exactly what you are looking for, in simple elegant designs that will last a lifetime.

With a wedding plan well on the way, Colorado Springs offers some stunning outdoor air venues couples and guests alike will find refreshing. Wedgewood Black Forest is set in a wooded meadow on 6,000 square feet to indulge audiences of every size and style. Go casual or go romantic. Hold your ceremony indoors or outdoors, and plan a grand celebration for up to 300 guests as needed. There are a number of catering packages to select from that will complement a rose gold engagement ring and band from Knox Jewelers. With a symbol of your love in hand, there is no question about your intentions. Get the right fit, choose the style that suits your partner, and begin your journey for the future. When you want a handmade vintage or halo style ring that is specifically made for your special someone, this team has the skills to craft the wonderful lifetime memento.

Rose gold engagement ring in Colorado Springs with round brilliant center stone, micro pave diamonds and woven bands.


Filigree Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring in Colorado Springs with round brilliant center stone and hand-formed filigree.

Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring in Colorado Springs with marquise center stone, diamond halo and micro pave diamond band.

Unique Wedding Bands

Colorado Springs rose gold wedding ring with seven diamond halos.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring in Colorado Springs with micro pave diamonds and round brilliant center stone.