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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Columbus

Custom wide band engagement ring in Columbus with a diamond set center floral design and hand engraved vine patterns.

When you are planning the perfect proposal, where you will offer an engagement ring in Columbus, OH to your future fiance, you should always aim to create the level of romance that works for the two of you. No doubt you'll be exchanging your unique wedding bands in Columbus with the presence of family and loved ones in no time and such a joyous occasion will be treasured for the rest of your life. There are many options for proposal locations within the city of Columbus however Knox Jewelers is the best location for getting that extra special piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry to present as you pop the question.

Antique inspired custom engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond held in a unique octagon setting surrounded by milgrain and filigree in Columbus.


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The wineries in the city are some of the best kept secrets of Columbus. Enjoying a private wine tasting tour can be a great opportunity to relieve the stress that may be associated with planning and executing the perfect proposal. The Winemakers Guild is an excellent winery that creates in-house artisan wines and this particular winery even encourages visitors to create their own personalized wine to take home. Creating your own wine can be the perfect personal touch to add a spark of romance and thought to your proposal! Imagine that you and your honey have just created your wine, you can say “I have the perfect occasion to use this wine for”. When your future fiance asks what occasion that would be you pull out the breathtaking engagement ring that you've had created by Knox Jewelers and tell your true love that you want to use it to toast at your wedding. This moment will surely lead to the exchange of your wedding bands in front of your nearest and dearest. Camelot Cellars is another boutique winery that offers unlimited weekend tasting sessions that can accommodate your proposal ideas. It is always important to contact the venue or in order to ensure that the staff can go above and beyond to meet your proposal needs, however you can be assured that no matter how exactly you pop the question everyone there will be oohing and aahing over the sparkling piece of diamond jewelry that you've slipped on your new fiance's finger.

Unique solitaire engagement ring custom created around an oval diamond center held by six prongs with a floral and filigree design profile in Columbus.

Couples that enjoy musical performances should perhaps visit the Columbus Symphony where they will experience outstanding vocalists and musicians. A performance at the Columbus Symphony could be the perfect backdrop to compliment your proposal as you present the perfect custom engagement ring that you've had created at Knox Jewelers. Your proposal will be worthy of envy, and your new fiance won't be able to stop grinning after they accept the stunning piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry that you selected just for them. Perhaps propose during the intermission, or just after the show ends while you wait for the other listeners to exit the theater. No matter your exact timing you'll both treasure the memories that will be invoked every time you hear the pieces that the symphony played that night. For this very reason you may want to plan to go to a show that contains at least one piece that would be easy to work into your ceremony where you'll exchange wedding bands or the reception just after.

Do you and your darling enjoy fine art? Have an outing to the Columbus Museum of Art and stroll the exhibits hand in hand admiring your favorite pieces. When you reach a piece that really seems to captivate your sweetheart, tell them that you can't get that piece of art for them but that you do have a surprise, a piece of art that they can take home. When they ask what it is pull out the beautiful vintage engagement ring that you've had Knox Jewelers create. Our master artisans are dedicated to making sure each piece is not only heirloom quality but a miniature work of art. Your new fiance will be gushing over this proposal story and piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry to their friends for years to come; even after the two of you exchange your wedding bands!

Unique custom engagement ring in Columbus with a round diamond center surrounded by a large ten diamond halo on a high polished band.


The city of Columbus also offers hundreds of miles of trails that are available for hiking if you and your honey enjoy the great outdoors. Using the Columbus Metro Parks system can be a great experience if you are looking to propose in the middle of the endless beauty of nature. A majority of the parks in the city also offer full moon hikes, how romantic is that? As the moon lights your path you and your true love will be surrounded by a quiet peace that only comes at night. When the two of you are in a place with a wonderful view that is flooded with moonlight take your darling's hand and say that you'd like to give them the stars from the sky as you surprise them by slipping a sparkling piece of diamond jewelry onto their finger. They will think that you really did pull stars from the sky with how much their new custom engagement ring from Knox Jewelers shines. Once the two of you get into a brighter lit area they'll be mesmerized with the details and obvious quality of their new heirloom ring. It will be an exciting day when the two of you choose your wedding bands together in preparation for exchanging your vows of never-ending love.

Columbus unique antique inspired engagement ring with an oval diamond center halo and a petite hand engraved band with arching profile details.

Unique Wedding Bands

Columbus unique custom wide band wedding ring made in two tone with diamond rails and a scalloped center design.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Custom engagement three stone engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond center surrounded by beads set diamond and a floral profile design in Columbus.

Classic Engagement Rings

Columbus classic custom engagement ring on a slim polished band with an emerald cut diamond center bordered on either side by a tapering banquette diamond.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Columbus with a unique petal center diamond setting and a relief engraved band.