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Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Columbus

Columbus custom two tone engagement ring with an oval diamond held center by four prongs and a rose gold band featuring bead set diamonds, milgrain edging, filigree and relief engraving.

Asking the one you love to marry you calls for a heap of romance and the perfect rose gold engagement ring in Columbus, Ohio. With help from Knox Jewelers’ expertise and extensive selection of stunning rings, you can easily craft the proposal that is just right for you and your future spouse. When it comes to wooing the one you love, it is time to pull out all the stops and create a romantic and awe-inspiring moment for the two of you to share. With that, here are some excellent locations for a beautiful proposal.

A classic and beautiful way to declare your love is surrounded by the beauty of nature, and what better surroundings than the most romantic of flowers? The Whetstone Park of Roses is an amazing location to take your sweetheart. You and your beloved will be surrounded by gorgeous blossoms and the intoxicating scent of roses as you explore the scenery. After strolling among the flowers, you can take your beloved to one of the benches or the gazebo. Once there, you can get down on one knee and present the dazzling Knox Jewelers rose gold halo engagement ring to the one you love. Then ask that the two of you spend the rest of your lives together. Your future fiancé won’t be able to resist such a lovely proposal with the perfect ring in the perfect location.

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Columbus with an oval cut center diamond held in a half bezel and bordered by beadset diamonds and hand engraving.


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The great thing about The Scioto Mile is that it offers a multitude of options for your proposal. With over 175 acres of parkland and walkways, this park has something for everyone. You can take your beloved to the iconic interactive fountain and get down on one knee with the water show as your background. You can take your sweetheart to a performance at the bandstand, and with the music setting the mood, ask the most important question of your relationship. Among the park’s more lush scenery, view the many lovely birds found within the park. That peaceful moment will be ideal for you to present your Knox Jewelers custom rose gold engagement ring to your partner. Whichever spot you choose, this urban wonderland will make for an excellent romantic setting.

If what you are looking for is a more traditional setting to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage, a classy restaurant is just what you need. Lindey’s has just the ambiance, style, and exquisite cuisine to create a magical evening. Whether you sit inside or out on the beautiful patio, your darling will be enchanted by the date you have put together. Then top off the evening by giving your love the unique Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring that you have chosen just for this moment. It will be a sweet ending to a wonderful night.

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Columbus with a unique diamond halo surrounded a oval center diamond.

For a unique setting for your proposal, take your beloved to The Topiary Park behind the Columbus Metropolitan Library. The Topiary Park is a place where nature meets art. Sculptor James T. Mason recreated the famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte through topiary sculptures in the park. If you stand beside the plaque commemorating the art, you can view the scenery just as it looks in the painting. It is beautiful and picturesque. The park is more than just the art, however. There is also lovely landscaping throughout the entire park and walking paths where you can take a stroll with your beloved and admire the many trees and flowerbeds. After taking in all of the scenery, choose a place to stop, and then gaze into the eyes of the one you love before you drop to one knee. You will create the perfect moment as you open up the vintage rose gold engagement ring from Knox Jewelers and see the light in your love’s eyes. It will be an unforgettable event.

Custom rose gold engagement ring in Columbus with a round center diamond held in a half bezel hand relief engraved setting.


Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Columbus with a unique marquise center diamond set in a bezel setting.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Columbus contemporary custom rose gold engagement ring with a round diamond center held by four prongs and a band with staggered flush set round diamonds.

Unique Wedding Bands

Custom rose gold wide band with bead set diamond rails and scroll patterning in Columbus.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Columbus with a hand engraved and filigree band with a cushion cut orange pink sapphire at its center.