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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Dayton

Dayton custom wide band engagement ring with bead set diamond rails bordering an intricate diamond set floral pattern.

The time has come and you are ready to propose to your true love with a stunning engagement ring in Dayton, Ohio, yet you also want to make sure that you are getting the right ring in preparation. Knox Jewelers takes pride in creating heirloom quality pieces of gemstone and diamond jewelry which will make for the perfect proposal and before you know it you'll be choosing wedding bands in Dayton too! Getting a hand-crafted ring created by our in-house, master artisans is only one part of of your romantic surprise however, the second part is choosing the perfect location to pop the question. The place you choose should reflect your personalities with it's uniqueness or follow a traditional romantic classic. Dayton has a proposal venue to fit whatever you might desire.

When considering a unique venue for asking for your sweetheart's hand it can help to tie in something that your city is famous for. For example, Dayton is known as the Birthplace of Aviation! The Wright Brothers lived and worked on their ground breaking inventions here in their mansion on Hawthorne Hill, there is the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, the National Museum of the U. S. Air Force (the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum), and Wright Patterson Air Force Base where scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratories are developing the latest in aerospace technology. The National Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 with the goal of creating a distinctive national aviation education resource that will inspire others to appreciate and honor this nation’s extraordinary aviation legacy and the men and women who created it.


Dayton custom engagement ring with a cushion cut blue sapphire center stone atop a hand engraving and floral designed band.


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If the two of you love to fly or are interested in engineering and technology then any of these places would offer an unparalleled opportunity for a memorable day. Imagine visiting multiple of these venues for a day filled with aviation appreciation, or just heading to your favorite if you've seen them before. As you wander through the exhibits and take in the awesome aeronautic history you'll take your darling's hand and tell them that life with them is a wonderful adventure that you never want to end. Pull out the breathtaking custom engagement ring that you've selected from Knox Jewelers and slip it onto their finger. The excited “Yes!” you receive will be accompanied by a huge grin and eyes sparkling with joy. The gemstone or diamond jewelry that you've presented to your beloved will soon be oohed and aahed over by family and friends with many jealous looks. You can tie your celebrations back to aircraft by using a travel theme for when you exchange your vows and wedding bands. This will make for a fun day of festivities as you and your new spouse dance the night away in newly wedded bliss.

Something else special about this great city is that in 2012, Dayton ranked #2 in the country as an arts destination! There are several venues that feature art or artistic performances, some of which are the Dayton Art Institute, the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, and the historic Victoria Theatre. The Dayton Art Institute was founded in 1919 and its founding patrons included prominent community leaders such as Orville Wright and the Patterson Brothers, founders of NCR.


Custom engagement ring in Dayton with a unique pierced undercarriage topped with a halo framed round center diamond.


The collections contain pieces from around the globe and spans 5,000 years of art history. Imagine taking your beloved to this impressive landmark building and admiring both the architecture, inspired by sixteenth century Italian Renaissance buildings, and the vast collection of art works. As you stroll through your favorite exhibits wait for your sweetheart to express interest in a piece, or lament that you can't take one home. When that happens take their hand and say that you have a surprise for them, you already got them a work of art that they can keep. The excitement will light their face and as you pull out the beautiful ring box and open it to reveal the custom designed engagement ring you chose, that excitement will be combined with joy and wonder. As you slip the stunning piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry onto their finger they'll give you an enthusiastic “Yes!”. Soon you'll be sharing the great news with family and friends and when they ask “Where will the wedding be?” consider hosting it at the same place you proposed! The Art Institute is also one of the area's premier settings for weddings and would make for a simply gorgeous event for you and your true love to exchange your unique wedding bands.

Custom engagement ring in Dayton with a cushion cut center stone surrounded by a bead set diamond halo and twisting band.


A live performance may hold more appeal than strolling the galleries of a museum and through The Victoria Theatre Association there are two fantastic venues at which you and your darling can take in a variety of performances. The Theatre Association is the company which owns and operates both the Victoria Theatre and the Schuster Center. Both buildings are used for different series throughout their theatre season though the Schuster Center tends more towards larger performances (Broadway and others) as well as hosting the Dayton Philharmonic, the Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Ballet. The Historic Victoria Theatre hosts a wide variety of shows and between both locations the Theatre Association puts on over 300 performances a year. Look up the perfect night of entertainment for you and your dearest, maybe go out to dinner before the show, and choose your perfect moment for the big question and presentation of the gorgeous engagement ring you've chosen from Knox Jewelers. Just before the show starts, during intermission, or just after the show ends would be the best times but which is perfect for you may depend on the exact show you go to see. Once you've popped the question and you and your sweetheart are cuddled up basking in your new betrothal you'll get to tell them that the piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry they wear was custom made just for them. They'll be so excited by this that it will be no time at all before you're looking at wedding bands so that you too can get an exquisite heirloom quality ring from Knox Jewelers.

A quiet, intimate proposal may be more your style than a public venue but you still want it to be unique and romantic. There are multiple companies that provide cabins for rent in the area which will provide a little secluded slice of paradise for you and your true love. Many of these cabins include a hot tub and offer additional services such as delivery of flowers, chocolates, or champagne. Some even have a masseuse you can hire to come right to the cabin! Steal your honey away for a weekend of pampering in the great outdoors and you'll have a proposal story that gets told for years to come. Wait until the moment is just right and tell your darling just how much they mean to you and that you want to spend forever with them. As you slip the breathtaking engagement ring onto their finger and after their eager acceptance they'll want to know where you got this amazing piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry. As you explain about Knox Jewelers and how you had this ring custom made and hand-crafted by master artisans to be heirloom quality your new fiance will more and more impressed. Soon you'll be exchanging your vows and wedding bands in front of your nearest and dearest and dancing the night away in each others arms.

No matter where you choose to propose your true love will be able to see the care and effort that you put into choosing the perfect ring. They'll be all the more impressed when they learn the details of the custom piece of art that they get to wear and will enjoy telling their friends about how special and amazing their fiance is for choosing such a piece.

Unique custom engagement ring in Dayton with a round diamond center surrounded by a large ten diamond halo on a high polished band.

Classic Engagement Rings

Dayton classic custom engagement ring on a slim polished band with an emerald cut diamond center bordered on either side by a tapering banquette diamond.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Dayton with a hand engraved and filigree band with a cushion cut orange pink sapphire at its center.

Halo Engagement Rings

Custom antique inspired engagement ring with an oval cut diamond center surrounded by a diamond halo and a knife edge engraved band in Dayton.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Dayton with a unique petal center diamond setting and a relief engraved band.