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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Denver

Hand engraved engagement ring with filigee in Denver

Engagement rings in Denver can be compared to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Exchanging your wedding bands in Denver at the base of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains can truly be a day to remember. Denver is known for being the Mile High City as well as the Queen City of the Plains. The romantic options in Denver include visiting various venues that showcase the beautiful landscape and endless mountains that are awaiting your exploration. Even though Denver is known for its gold nuggets, you can still purchase diamond jewelry, wedding bands and engagement rings online from Knox Jewelers.

Unique wedding rings in Denver.


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An extremely romantic exchange of wedding bands or presentation of a custom engagement ring in Denver can take place on Cherry Creek. Venice on the Creek is a one-of-a-kind experience in Denver. You and your partner have the opportunity to take a ride on a gondola style boat. Floating along the Cherry Creek and following the various paved trails of downtown Denver can be an excellent way to see this Mile High City and propose to your sweetheart. In addition, you may also choose to book the rides that are scheduled after 8:30 PM. These evening rides offer a romantic ambiance that is truly proposal worthy.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is a great option for couples that enjoy the arts, music and theater. This particular venue provides rich culture and an engaging arts scene since it was first established in 1970. The Denver Center Theatre Company currently performs on four different stages in this theater. In addition, it is also the biggest regional theater that is open to residents when compared to other theaters that are between the West Coast and Chicago. Catching a Broadway show in Denver is possible at the Garner Galleria Theater, Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, or the Auditorium Theatre. Watching the top hits right off of Broadway can be an exhilarating experience for a couple that loves theater or the arts in general.

Filigree Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings in Denver.

Presenting your sweetheart with micro pave diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers can definitely be the icing on the cake as you visit the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The Boettcher Concert Hall can be a great venue to create the perfect romantic atmosphere as you offer the love of your life an engagement ring or wedding band. Okay Shannon offers a one-stop shop if you are looking to propose because it also includes a wine bar, espresso bar, and on site delectable restaurant and convenient covered parking.

A proposal with an antique inspired engagement ring in Denver can be completed with a historical train ride. Making reservations on the Ski Train can be an excellent way to escape from the stressful and fast-paced life of the city in order to propose around a serene and natural environment. A couple can enjoy passing through the 30 tunnels and the natural mountain scenery. After, they are dropped off approximately 100 feet away from the Winter Park ski lift. This can be a great option if you are looking to propose during the winter months and are still looking for an option that takes advantage of gorgeous Denver natural landscape and an intimate getaway. You can choose to exchange wedding bands and diamond jewelry an opulent club car in order to add a touch of elegance to your proposal.

Unique Engagement Rings in Denver with filigree and hand engraving.


It seems as if Denver has learned from the original city of love. Le Central is a romantic French bistro that can give you an opportunity to create a romantic setting without breaking the bank. A couple can enjoy French wine and authentic French food that is quite affordable. You can look forward to indulging in authentic French desserts as you wine and dine in a bistro that automatically transports you to the streets of Paris. You can contact the staff before you make your reservation in order to make sure that your plan for presenting a unique engagement ring, or exchanging wedding bands, will happen exactly as you dreamed it would.

Whatever your choice of venue is Knox Jewelers can help you with the hardest part of any proposal, choosing the perfect ring! We at Knox Jewelers understand that you would like to create a special moment that is unlike any other, and our heirloom quality pieces will give you the peace of mind that you are getting the best gemstone or diamond jewelry for your future fiance.

Wide diamond wedding rings in Denver.

Halo Engagement Rings

Yellow gold halo engagement ring in Denver

Unique Wedding Bands

Denver unique wedding bands with hand engraving and micropave diamonds.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique oval engagement rings in Denver with milgrain and filigree.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement rings in Denver with Blue Sapphire center stone

Don’t settle for spending too long looking at pictures of rings online, trying to puzzle out details and design elements that aren’t clearly described. Instead, through Knox Jewelers’ Try Before You Buy program, spend some time with the ring that piques your interest. Our experts on staff will work with you to figure out what ring best suits your aesthetic preferences, and we’ll ship it directly to you. You can then take your time with the ring, living into the possibility of a similar design custom-crafted for you. Which design elements do you like? Are there any you would change? By participating in the Try Before You Buy program, you can see how different styles actually look and make a decision you know you will love.

One of the decisions to make in the design process is what kind of center stone will best fit you. Knox Jewelers will walk you through the learning process, helping to narrow down whether you want a natural diamond, a lab-created diamond, a moissanite, or even a sapphire center stone.

Natural diamonds are considered the most traditional option for center stones in engagement rings, enhancing a rich legacy of tradition with unparallelled fire and sparkle.

Lab-created diamonds are surging in popularity. These stones combine excellent financial value and the brilliance of true diamond. Being created in a laboratory, some see these stones as a more ecologically friendly option.

Moissanite is also a man-made stone that has been recently gaining favor. Its appearance is regarded as similar to diamond, but the cost per carat is much lower.

You might even have a stone of your own that you want to reset. Knox Jewelers’ artisans will carefully take the dimensions of your diamond and craft a ring specifically made for it.

After experimenting with different styles through the Try Before You Buy program, and then deciding to purchase your dream design through Knox, there is another benefit of working with an out-of-state jewelry store. Because Knox Jewelers is located in Minnesota, when you buy your ring from us and have it sent to you in Denver, no sales tax is added to the price. This results in a lower cost overall. This allows you to include more detail or upgrade your center stone without overloading your wallet.