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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Detroit

Custom wide band engagement ring in Detroit with a diamond set center floral design and hand engraved vine patterns.

Presenting the love of your life with an engagement ring in Detroit is a special moment that you'll both treasure forever and when you get that special piece of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers you can know that the rings are going to be heirloom quality and can actually be passed down the generations of your family. Though the time between your propoasal and the day that you exchange wedding bands in Detroit will seem to take no time at all and soon you'll be dancing the night away with your beloved in celebration.

So now you know the best place to get these important pieces of jewelry from but where do you pop the question? You want to make sure that wherever you choose it fits the tastes of both you and your sweetheart. Detroit has many lovely locations to choose from and one of the most obvious is, of course, a nearby lake. Detroit is in between Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair and both waterfronts have a plethora of activities to do and sights to see. Surely one of them could be your perfect romantic moment! There are certainly plenty of places to take lakeshore walks, or sit and watch the passing boats, and taking your honey out for a day of relaxation in the sun only to propose as the sun sets over the waters of the lake would be a simple, yet stunning way to propose. Imagine the fiery colors play across sky and water as you hold your sweetheart close. Then, you pull out the engagement ring that you've selected from Knox Jewelers and present it with a declaration of your love. After and enthusiastic 'Yes!' you'll have the perfect end to a perfect day.

Antique inspired custom engagement ring with an oval cut diamond center with a tapering band featuring bead set diamonds, hand engraving and milgrain edging in Detroit.


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If you and your darling enjoy historical locations then consider checking out the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. This residence was set along the shores of Lake St. Clair, at a place known locally as Gaukler Pointe. Their stunning home was architecturally designed to resemble a cluster of Cotswold village cottages, complete with stone roofs, vine-covered walls and lead-paned windows. As you stroll through the thoughtfully decorated halls with your sweetheart you'll find a spectacularly diverse collection of art, antiques and furniture that reveal the Fords' progressive and educated tastes in art and design. In fact perhaps you'll choose one of the rooms to pop the question to your love. As you get down on one knee and present the engagement ring you've chosen, announce that you've had a piece of art made just for them if they'll be yours forever. Your new fiance's eyes will ligth with joy and may even outsparkle the diamond jewelry you've just placed on their finger. You and your true love will spend the rest of the day wrapped in each others arms and thinking about all the places you may want to exchange wedding bands from Knox Jewelers.

The Detroit Opera House presents an opportunity for a night of elegance and opulence. This particular opera house was restored in 1922 and can accommodate an orchestra that consists of up to 100 musicians. An unforgettable and romantic night can be heard with state-of-the-art acoustics when you surprise your dearest with excellent seats. A proposal at the orchestra ensures an easy excuse to dress in elegant formal wear which will be a wonderful accent to the special piece of diamond jewelry you keep in your pocket for that perfect moment. Perhaps you'll present the custom engagement ring from Knox Jewelers during an intermission, surely a fellow patron will be happy to take amazing, memorable pictures for you. Consider playing one of the musical pieces from this night as the two of you exchange your vows and wedding bands as a great way to bring back the memories of this fantastic night.


Custom engagement ring with a unique scroll patterned wide band border by diamond rails and a princess cut center stone in Detroit.

If you prefer a classic, romantic dinner as the venue for your proposal consider The Lark restaurant, located 30 minutes outside of downtown Detroit, which offers you an opportunity to escape to the European countryside without ever having to leave the country. This restaurant is one of the most romantic venues near the city because it is extremely reminiscent of a quaint European countryside bed and breakfast. They have a gorgeous fountain in the garden surrounded by intimate terra cotta walls, this would be a great place to present your beloved with the engagement ring that you have chosen from Knox Jewelers just for them. If you have your heart set on proposing at this unique restaurant make sure to make your reservations well in advance, they have a very limited number of tables and tend to book up very quickly. When considering if this is the best place to pop the question to you sweetheart keep in mind that they tend toward the formal side and request that you come in jacket and tie.Though their amazing food and spectacular service are well worth the fancier attire; to make it even more enticing they host a themed dinner once a month. Currently The Lark more than 850 wines which are kept in its in-house cellar. The way that this restaurant is designed you are sure to have a nice romantic, intimate setting for when you slip that sparkling piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry onto your loved one's finger.

Regardless of where you choose to ask your darling to marry you, with an heirloom quality ring from Knox Jewlers the two of you will be picking out your wedding bands in no time!

Detroit custom engagement ring with a unique diamond set mosaic wide band design and petal prongs holding a round center diamond.


Filigree Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Detroit with a hand engraved knife edge band and filigree curls bordering the center diamond.

Mirco Pavé Engagement Rings

Custom oval diamond engagement ring in Detroit with a unique overlapping band and mirco pave diamond halo.

Halo Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Detroit with a unique antique inspired halo surrounding a round diamond center stone.

Antique Engagement Rings

Detroit custom created engagement ring with antique inspired details including center petal prongs holding an oval center and arching bead set diamonds.