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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Fargo

Micro pave engagement ring in Fargo with rows of diamonds along the band and round brilliant center stone.

Everyone wants to have a perfect proposal and Knox Jewelers can guarantee that you will have the perfect engagement rings in Fargo to prepare you for when you profess your love. After your sweetheart accepts your heartfelt popping of the question we can also make sure that you have the best wedding bands Fargo for your commitment to each other. Every ring and piece of diamond jewelry at Knox Jewelers in is carefully crafted, in house, by our master artisans to create an heirloom quality piece that will last through the generations of your family.

Now that you know where to get your perfect rings, where do you actually propose? Fargo has a variety of options so you can customize that perfect moment for you and your future fiance. Are the two of you lovers of art and history? Perhaps a museum will be your ideal venue! The Plains Art Museum is a large art museum located in a historic downtown building which does feature both regional and national exhibits. It has three floors and a wide variety of styles and mediums for their art collections. After the two of you find a particularly moving piece, take your beloved's hand, drop down on one knee, and as you present your carefully chosen engagement ring you can say “I have a work of art that is just for you, that you can wear everyday of our lives together if you'll marry me.” Your true love will definitely say yes to such a romantic proposal!

Antique engagement ring in Fargo with pear shape center stone, filigree and hand engraving.


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Perhaps history is more your taste? There are several museum with unique historical collections in Fargo. There is the Fargo Air Museum, which had aircraft from World War II and later and hosts traveling exhibits. If you both love travel then propose to your sweetie here with an engagement ring, then come back to exchange your wedding bands where you proposed! What better place for a travel themed wedding than surrounded by interesting aircraft and exotic diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers!

Throw yourselves in yesteryear by visiting Bonanzaville, USA; a pioneer village located in West Fargo that demonstrates the Red River Valley lifestyle in the late 1800s beautifully. This historical recreation is open May-October and is named after the historic bonanza farms of the area. Even if you two are not history buffs, you will be enchanted by this place. It is a manifestation of great artistic capabilities that successfully presents a part of history in the most interesting form. You will find yourself transported into the past along with your beloved and be a part of the enigmatic village. You will come across a school, a fire station, a church, an ice cream shop, and a bank among many other buildings and warehouses. Every corner of Bonanzaville has antiques worth looking. History has never been as amazing as it is in this, one of the fascinating romantic getaways. Pop the question to your sweetheart while taking a trip to the past and you'll be able to say you presented the engagement ring “over a hundred years ago” and that you've “been together for several lifetimes”. Don't worry though, Knox Jewelers focuses on quality so your custom engagement ring and wedding bands will indeed last several lifetimes. Your carefully selected diamond jewelry will be passed down the generations of your family.

Fargo diamond band with a woven pattern and bead set diamonds.

If something a little more entertaining is what you have in mind try taking in a live theater performance, a night at the Fargo-Moorhead Opera, or even take a visit to the Art Deco Movie Theater. The Art Deco is fashioned as a 1926 movie theater which presents both classic and current films, live productions, and other events. Go cuddle up with your honey to a romantic classic and pop the question as the movie ends. The perfect ending to a romantic evening surely! The diamond jewelry will sparkle in the lights and your loved ones eyes will sparkle as they look as you and take in your love and devotion.

Perhaps you want to pamper yourselves, check into a day spa, treat your honey to a manicure, and when that's done say “you're beautiful, but lets get something on those lovely hands to accent them” as you slide the engagement ring onto their finger. This will be romantic, touching, relaxing, and your darling will be all ready to take pictures of the ring on and send it off to friends and family! Everyone will be delighted with your choice from Knox Jewelers and your honey will most certainly get some jealous glances from friends!

Fargo antique engagement ring with hand engraving in a rose gold setting.


Another romantic location that you can both propose and tie the knot is the Maple River Winery. This lovely venue creates small batch, unique wines that offer a lot of sentimental value for anyone whose family ever made wine at home out of local fruits. This location would make for a wonderful backdrop for photos as you present that first special piece of diamond jewelry, and would be extra romantic to then get married at the same spot and exchange your wedding bands.

All in all, Fargo offers some great, unique places to both propose and say your vows, and Knox Jewelers is happy to make sure that you have the best quality and the best designs for all your romantic jewelry needs.

Halo engagement ring in Fargo with oval center stone and diamond band.

Custom Engagement Rings

Fargo engagement ring with cushion halo on a double band setting.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement ring in Fargo with emerald cut center stone and white gold setting.

Antique Engagement Rings

Fargo antique engagement ring with engraving, filigree and milgrain.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement ring in Fargo with custom filigree and bezel set center stone.