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Terms and Conditions

Please see below for key terms, consent to Electronic Communications, Initial Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy. Please note that SYNCB credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank ("SYNCB"). The SYNCB Privacy Policy governs the use of the credit card and is different than the privacy policy of the business, Knox Jewelers LLC, that accepts this credit card.

You can download or print the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Here

Application Agreement

By applying for this account, I am asking Synchrony Bank (“SYNCB”) to issue me a SYNCB credit card (the “Card”), and I agree that:

  • I am providing the information in this application to SYNCB and to dealers/merchants/retailers that accept the Card and program sponsors (and their respective affiliates). I also provide my consent for SYNCB to provide information about me (even if my application is declined) to dealers/merchants/retailers that accept the Card and program sponsors (and theirrespective affiliates) so that they can create and update their records, and provide me with service and special offers.
  • SYNCB may obtain information from others about me (including requesting reports from consumer reporting agencies and other sources) to evaluate my application, and to review, maintain or collect my account.
  • I consent to SYNCB, and any other owner or servicer of my account, contacting me about my account, including through text messages, automatic telephone dialing systems and/or artificial or prerecorded voice calls for informational, servicing or collection related communications, as provided in the Address/Phone Change and Consent To Communications provisions of the SYNCB Credit Card agreement (“Agreement”). I also agree to update my contact information.
  • I have received, read and agree to the credit terms and other disclosures in this application, and I understand that if my application is approved, the Agreement will be sent to me and will govern my account. Among other things, the Agreement: (1) includes a resolving a dispute with arbitration provision that limits my rights unless I reject the provision by following the provision’s instructions; and (2) makes each applicant responsible for paying the entire amount of the credit extended.

Federal law requires SYNCB to obtain, verify and record information that identifies you when you open an account. SYNCB will use your name, address, date of birth, and other information for this purpose.

If you apply with a Joint Applicant, each of you will be jointly and individually responsible for obligations under the Agreement and by signing below, you each agree that you intend to apply for joint credit.

I acknowledge that by clicking the "I Accept These Terms & Submit", I am indicating my intent to sign this credit card application and that this shall constitute my signature.

Check this box to accept the terms and conditions, acknowledge your understanding of the privacy policy, and sign/date this application.

I acknowledge that Knox Jewelers has no control over Synchrony Bank's decision and/or credit limit on my financing application.