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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Hartford

Hartford vintage inspired custom engagement ring featuring a round brilliant center diamond held in a half bezel setting with hand engraving, milgrain and filigree.

Couples looking for engagement rings in Hartford have an opportunity to browse through the online selection offered by Knox Jewelers. If you are in the market for a set of wedding bands in Hartford you do not need to look further than our one-of-a-kind masterpieces, created in the form of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers.

Located at the end of the navigable portion of the Connecticut River, The area was settled in 1623 as a Dutch trading post called House of Hope. In 1636, a group of English settlers led by the Reverend Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts and formed a colony here. The settlers made peace with the local Algonquin Indians, who called the town Saukiog, and renamed it after Hertford, England. Early in its existence Hartford made a significant contribution to the burgeoning society. The Fundamental Orders adopted by the colony in 1639, was the first document in history to establish a government by the consent of the people. The pattern was followed by the framers of the United States Constitution, giving Connecticut its nickname, "The Constitution State."

Evolving from an early agricultural economy, Hartford grew into an important trading center on the Connecticut River. Molasses, spices, coffee and rum were distributed from warehouses in the city's thriving merchant district. Ships set sail from Hartford to England, the West Indies and the Far East. Merchants were concerned about risks to this thriving trade, with fires, pirates, storms and accidents always a threat and the insurance industry was created when groups of merchants began to share these risks. This practice was formalized with the creation of the Hartford Fire Insurance Group in 1810. Our nation's oldest insurance company still operates in the city as the Hartford Insurance Company.

Hartford unique antique inspired engagement ring with an oval diamond center halo and a petite hand engraved band with arching profile details.


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Pioneering manufacturers like Samuel Colt also called Hartford home. Colt's experiments with interchangeable parts created the basis for today's assembly line manufacturing methods. New techniques employed in his firearms factory made mass production possible and laid the groundwork for Hartford's per-eminence in the area of precision manufacturing.

You have found the perfect partner to ask, now is the time to find the perfect creator of your custom engagement rings in Hartford. If you are already engaged, designing unique wedding bands in Hartford is your next step. Knox Jewelers uncompromising quality for diamond jewelery sets the tone of your proposal. Selecting a Hartford venue is easily done with the wide range of opportunities this great city offers.

What a sweet surprise for your partner when she finds a vintage 1914 Stein and Goldstein carousel in Bushnell Park as the setting of your proposal. By the shadow of skyscrapers and a giant Turkey Oak, a 24-sided pavilion protects 48 hand-carved wooden horses and two lovers’ chariots that swirl around a booming Wurlitzer band organ. Turning 99 years old in 2013, this Carousel maintains the past, while the future buds all around it. In 1854 Horace Bushnell envisioned the Bushnell Park as an urban green space where residents could meet on common ground. Today the thirty seven green acres displays artwork, sculpture and low areas for outdoor enjoyment. The park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and recognized for its historic artwork as well as the arboretum of over 700 quality trees. Presenting a unique Knox Jewelers engagement ring or custom wedding band during your swirl tour on the carousel will be memorable. What a great start of your history together.

Unique antique inspired custom engagement ring in Hartford with relief engraving, filigree and a profile keyhole.

Keeping you feet firmly planted on the ground by selecting Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park for your event is a great way to present a heartfelt proposal. Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park is by far one of Hartford’s finest annual events. Lay out your favorite plaid blanket and break out a picnic ranging from a Pizza picked up at Vito’s. Or to bring top class, a full scale multi-course spread displayed on low-to-the-ground table with table cloth, stemware, candelabras and linen napkins accompanied by wine picked up at Spiritus on the way to the park. Arrange for your family and friends to gather on the hill to watch the proposal. Then spend the evening with those you love and enjoy a great meal and jazz music performed by local touring acts. As the summer sun dips behind the performance pavilion the Capitol buildings gold dome glows in the night sky. It is complete perfection to your proposal and the absolute perfect time to present your Knox Jewelers engagement ring or unique wedding bands.

Nothing like good old competition to get you ready for a proposal. The Mortensen Riverfront Plaza X-Treme Scramble Series of runs is sure to kick things up a bit. Looking for a course map? Are you kidding? This 5k race course is so wacky there’s no way to put it on a map! Just be prepared for wet sand, dirt paths, rocky hills, grassy knolls, stair climbs and even a little asphalt. Just like the bumps in the road of life, together you will face things. So lighten up, don't take your race time too seriously on this one, do it for the proposal question at the end. Since every scramble is different you may cross over the river, traverse switchback ramps, wade along the beach or run the stairs. With “special spectators” of family and friends ready to cheer you on, asking your partner to run the race of your lives together and giving a Knox Jewelers engagement ring or custom wedding band at the finish line proves to be the ultimate adventure.

Custom engagement ring in Hartford with an emerald cut center stone surrounded by a bead set diamond halo and baguette band diamonds.


Sneaking away from spectators, taking a leisurely 1.5 mile hike at Talcott Mountain State Park on Route 185 is definitely the route to go. At the end of the trail, climb to the top of the Heublein Tower. At 165 feet high, there are breathtaking views with four states visible from the top. Definitely a romantic spot to propose and gift your unique engagement ring hand crafted by Knox Jewelers. The 1,000-foot high promontory provides a splendid view of the Connecticut landscape. On the horizon, Mount Monadnock, eighty miles away in New Hampshire, is discernible. To the northwest, the Berkshires dominate the horizon. Long Island Sound is revealed as a thin blue streak to the south. Those with sharp vision can see an area estimated to be 1,200 square miles. Hikers may encounter a variety of wildlife including deer, fox and rabbits in this natural sanctuary. Bird watchers enjoy occasional sightings of the turkey vulture, bald eagle, and pileated woodpecker. No worries if the critters are a little shy on your visit. The diamond jewelery crafted by Knox Jewelers is all the scenery your partner will be able to see once you propose and slip the engagement ring or custom wedding band on their finger.

No fuss, no worries when you plan your once in a lifetime proposal during your stay at the Silas W. Robbins Bed & Breakfast, located moments away in historic Wethersfield. The district has both National Register and local designation and is the largest historic district in the state. Silas Robbins, an owner of the seed business Johnson, Robbins and Co., built the large house in 1873 with two full stories and the mansard roof with dormers created a third floor of living space. The entry porches with a balcony above displays elaborate trim and arched windows. A handsome porte-cochere with its own mansard roof projects from the north side of the house, while a conservatory with bay windows extends from the south side. The Silas W. Robbins house is a valuable component of the historic district and the most sophisticated example of the Second Empire style in Wethersfield making for the most elegant proposal setting. Elegantly appointed rooms with lush touches like bathrobes and interiors reflecting the era. Airy, delightful room evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation, a charming backdrop to propose and present your partner with a unique heirloom engagement ring. We believe marriage is a precious bond and your proposal should invoke memories of the start of your lives together, memories that will last a lifetime. Which ever Hartford destination, venue or experience you choose remember one thing; she will look at her left hand everyday. On that hand rests your tribute to a commitment for the rest of time. Presenting her with unique diamond jewelery from Knox Jewelers will preserve your exact sentiment.

Unique two tone engagement ring in Hartford with relief scroll engraving and a marquise surprise stone.

Mirco Pavé Engagement Rings

Hartford custom engagement ring with a micro pave diamond halo surrounding a cushion cut center diamond.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Hartford custom antique inspired engagement ring with a knife edge band and octagonal central bezel holding a round blue sapphire.

Custom Engagement Rings

Hartford custom engagement ring with an oval blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo on a split shank band.

Classic Engagement Rings

Custom classic engagement ring with a round center diamond held by four diamond set prongs atop a graduating diamond band in Hartford.