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If you are looking to propose to your loved one with a stunning engagement ring in Los Angeles, California then you will have many venues to choose from. To get that moment just right, and to hear your significant other accept your offer of wedding rings in Los Angeles you need to consider what kind of setting you want. This wonderful city has a long history and many different types of locations which should allow for that perfect, custom proposal.

When looking for the original heart of Los Angeles you should check out the El Pueblo Historical Monument and World Famous Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles just north of the Hollywood 101 Freeway two blocks from Los Angeles City Hall. This is the original center (and still geographical center) of LA. Today the El Pueblo is a department of the City of Los Angeles, and has become a living museum that continues to fulfill its unique role as the historic and symbolic heart of the city, reflecting the Native American, African American, Spanish, Anglo, Mexican, Chinese, Italian and French cultures that contributed to its early history. Of the monument’s twenty-seven historic buildings, eleven are open to the public as businesses or have been restored as museums. The sense of history that the place holds can make it a great proposal spot as you and your loved one will begin creating your own history with the exchange of diamond jewelry.

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The Greater Los Angeles Area, also known as the Southland, is the main hub of the world's largest entertainment industry: Hollywood. Do you and your Sweetheart share a love of TV and Movies? Then perhaps presenting your future fiance with an engagement ring from Knox Jewelers in or near Hollywood would make you both feel like you're staring in your own romantic scene. You can help your loved one join the stars by presenting the diamond jewelery while seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or perhaps having the Hollywood Sign in view would be more your style. Capturing the moment that your darling accepts your proposal is just that much more memorable with this iconic sign in the background.

If you're more into architecture and beautiful buildings then make sure you don't miss the Griffith Observatory. The Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks of Los Angeles. This monument is located off North Vermont Avenue and Griffith Park. It is an Art Deco observatory that provides a great place for astronomy enthusiasts to visit. The planitarium was built in the 1930′s and provides many great views of the city. Why not propose to your significant other with an Art Deco Engagement Ring from Knox Jewelers in this lovely setting? The diamonds from the jewelry will be brighter than the stars in the planitarium and will make you look like a star to that special someone.

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There's also the huge, beautiful Griffith Park surrounding the observatory if the open air is more your style. This park is 4,310 acres of land, making it one of the largest urban parks in North America. It is the second-largest city park in California, after Mission Trails Preserve in San Diego. Such a park is full of stunning photo opportunities to capture the moment when your loved one accepts your proposal with a Knox Jewelers engagement ring.

Looking for something more along the lines of "fun in the sun"? Head over to Venice Beach and surprise your future fiance with a beautiful diamond wedding band. Throughout the years, Venice Beach California has been known to be a hub of artistic inspiration and creativity. The monthly Venice Art Crawl is a free journey through Venice Beach and the artistry that is known throughout the world. Centered around the “pop-up” galleries, on the third Thursday of every month Art Crawlers enjoy the works of both new and seasoned Venice artists as displayed by local residents and businesses within the Venice Boardwalk area. Another must-see in Venice are the Venice Art Walls. Located in the sand on beautiful Venice Beach at the old pavilion, the area is open on weekends and holidays only during daylight hours. Be sure to check out the Venice Art Walk for a weekend of family fun. An annual event, for one weekend in May you can enjoy food, open studios, music, architecture and the chance to chat with renowned Venice artists and proceeds benefit a local charity.

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The diamond jewelery from Knox Jewelers is the perfect thing to declare your love with; the unique pieces are carefully hand crafted with the highest attention to detail and make for stunning engagement rings that are truly pieces of art themselves. How could your Sweetheart say 'no' with such a well chosen ring? And Venice Beach is a location that offers many diverse, and artistic opportunities to pop the question. If you're wishing for a more exotic way to ask your significant other to spend the rest of your lives together then why not take a romantic gondola ride? You don't even have to travel to Italy! There are several locations in Southern California where you can be serenaded as you're guided along calm inland waterways. Bundle up for a gondola ride though, it's cold out on the water. Though this provides a good excuse to cuddle and bask in the romantic atmosphere while admiring your custom diamond engagement rings.

Santa Monica Pier is also a popular spot to propose, especially from the top of the ferris wheel with a view of the coastline at sunset. A more recent alternative is the Giant Wheel at the Pike in Long Beach at twilight with a view of Shoreline Village, the Pike, the Rainbow Harbor Lighthouse and the Queen Mary. Either of these rides will be a cozy moment with a spectacular view: though don't be surprised if your Sweetie isn't looking at anything other than you and the gorgeous wedding ring you've gotten from Knox Jewelers.

If your fiance has already accepted your proposal then you may also want to consider Knox Jewelers for a custom wedding band to match the existing engagement ring or for the diamond jewelery to wear on the special day. Our quality craftsmanship is always our focus and we will do everything we can to make sure that you get a piece of jewelery that is not only stunning to look at but that is also heirloom quality. Our pieces will withstand the test of time just like your relationship and will be will you for your whole life together.

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