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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in New Orleans

Hand engraved engagement rings in New Orleans with relief scroll engraving and filigree.

There are many ways to go about proposing to your sweetheart but the best place to get unique engagement rings in New Orleans, Louisiana is from Knox Jewelers. We pride ourselves on creating hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces of gemstone and diamond jewelry so that you'll have only the best quality engagement ring and wedding bands in New Orleans. Finding a ring worthy of your beloved is only the first half of a proposal however, but this beautiful city offers a wide variety of choices for where to present your carefully selected ring to your future fiance.


New Orleans custom engagement ring with marquise side diamonds and a round brilliant center stone.


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An option that is unique to New Orleans is a wonderful mix of history and art. The New Orleans Mint was a branch mint of the United States from 1838-1861 and again from 1879-1909 and during its operation it produced over 427 million gold and silver coins. This beautifully designed building has been deemed a National Historic Landmark and is now home to a branch of the Louisiana State Museum. Take you honey here for an afternoon strolling through the different collections and admiring the surrounding architecture. When you find a spot that seems just right take their hand and say “I have a piece of art that was made just for you that you can have forever” and pull out the custom engagement ring from Knox Jewelers. Your new fiance will be breathless and impressed with the design you've chosen. Their eyes will sparkle as much as the new piece of diamond jewelry on their finger and soon you'll be rushing home to call all your loved ones with the big news! It will seem like no time at all before your exchanging your vows and wedding bands in front of your nearest and dearest.

If you want to enjoy more of the Big Easy than just one building why not take a romantic tour? There are a wide variety of tour companies in the city that offer romantic tours in either a carriage, lino, riverboat, or even airplane! Choose your preferred mode of travel, and when you're making your reservation mention that you are going to pop the question during the tour; the company will likely have recommendations for a good spot to do so. Imagine being cozied up with your sweetheart, taking in the sights, and when that perfect locations comes into site turn to them and say that you want to spend the rest of your lives having adventures like this and pull out the sparkling piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry that you carefully chose just to show how much they mean to you. Your beloved will be overjoyed and after an enthusiastic “Yes!” the two of you will spend the rest of the tour torn between taking in the sights and grinning happily at each other. Your new fiance will see the obvious quality of their new engagement ring and will surely want to help pick out your wedding band so that you'll both have heirloom pieces from Knox Jewelers.

Custom engagement ring with a round brilliant  center stone set within a nature inspired pattern in New Orleans.

You can never go wrong with the classic proposal of presenting the engagement ring during or at the end of a romantic dinner and one thing you'll never have trouble finding in New Orleans is delicious, exotic food. There are dozens of restaurants known for their quality and romantic atmosphere and you can choose any style food from Cajun and Creole, to Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, African, South American, or French. As with the tour idea, letting the establishment know your plans to propose when you make your reservation may lead to their own suggestions for ways to surprise your true love with the engagement ring.

One thing is for sure though, between the food and the surprise of a stunning piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry your sweetheart will have a night to remember and will delight in sharring your proposal story with all their family and friends! If the two of you really delight in the food of the evening consider having the same style food served at your reception after you've exchanged your wedding bands from Knox Jewelers. This will let your guests share in part of the night that you got engaged.


Two-tone engagement ring in New Orleans with relief scroll engraving and filigree.


For a quiet, intimate proposal consider staying in a romantic hotel for a night or a weekend. There are a plethora of Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels but a few hotels that came highly rated as romantic choices were the Windsor Court Hotel, The Roosevelt New Orleans, Le Pavillon Hotel, & Hotel Monteleone. Hotels will sometimes offer package deals that will have extras such as chilled champagne, flowers, chocolates, etc. Even if the location you choose doesn't have anything listed for when you plan to stay ask about having a chilled bottle waiting for you when you return to your room in the evening.

When your darling sees it and asks what it's for you can reply that you are hoping to have something to celebrate. Get down on one knee and present the breathtaking engagement ring you've selected for them. The joy will fill the room and you'll spend the rest of your night, and lots of time to come, basking in the blissful glow of being engaged to your true love. Hotels such as these also frequently offer services for the day of your marriage and hosting your ceremony and celebration here will simply add to the wonderful memories of this special place. These tender moments will be ones to treasure and with the high, heirloom quality of Knox Jewelers gemstone and diamond jewelry you can be assured that the engagement ring and wedding bands, symbols of your love and devotion, will be passed down the generations of your new family along with the romantic story of how it came to be.

Halo engagement ring in New Orleans with a round brilliant diamond in a white gold setting.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement ring in New Orleans with hand engraving and hand formed scroll filigree.

Unique Wedding Bands

Unique wedding band in New Orleans with pierced filigree scrolls and micro pave diamonds.

Antique Pave Engagement Rings

New Orleans antique engagement ring with round brilliant diamond and half wheat engraving.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond and white gold setting in New Orleans.