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Oval halo engagement rings in Oklahoma City with antique inspirations.

Occasionally, proposing marriage to that special someone is a spontaneous event, but more often than not, arranging a perfect moment in time involves a good deal of advance planning. Seeking out engagement rings in Oklahoma City is really only the first step. Next, a young man with romance on his mind needs to find the ideal place to sink down onto one knee and pop that all-important question, diamond jewelry lifted high for his lady love to admire. Fortunately for love-struck swains, Oklahoma City can be romance personified for those who know just where to look.

Widely considered one of Oklahoma City's most gorgeous settings, the Bricktown Canal is romantic enough to put even the most nervous would-be fiancé at ease. What could be more natural than to plan an evening there after perusing the selection of engagement rings and wedding bands at Knox Jewelers, one of Oklahoma City's finest sources of diamond jewelry?

Unique engagement rings in Oklahoma City with diamonds in rose gold.


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Proposing marriage at the Bricktown Canal can mean finding a secluded little spot tucked away on the bank. Another option, possibly even more romantic, is to arrange a private charter of one of the water taxis that meander along the waterway. This means a bit more advance planning, but then again, the memories surrounding a proposal of marriage should last a lifetime, rather like wedding bands themselves.

Several other outdoor settings in Oklahoma City can rival the beauty of engagement rings from fine establishments such as Knox Jewelers, but among these, the Myriad Botanical Gardens stand out. Located in the downtown area, the gardens are dominated by the Crystal Bridge, a conservatory structure designed by famed architect I.M. Pei, whose world-renowned works include the glass pyramid gracing the main entrance of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Oklahoma City oval halo engagement rings

The tropical plants thriving in the Crystal Bridge create a setting particularly well-suited for engagement rings featuring stones in brilliant hues. Then again, the glittering glass construction of the conservatory also calls to mind the simple, understated elegance of diamond jewelry consisting of a single flawless stone secured in a beautiful setting.

Both types of engagement rings are available at Knox Jewelers, which also features a wide selection of wedding bands crafted from precious metals such as gold and platinum.

They say that variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is this truer than in the arena of romantic marriage proposals. Canals and gardens aren't for everyone, but thankfully, the largest city in Oklahoma has some truly unusual venues for popping the question. Couples with a yen to spend some time in the fabled "Old West" past of the state may want to head over to Frontier City, a local amusement park complete with a Main Street that appears just like something out of an episode of Gunsmoke.

Halo antique engagement ring in Oklahoma City made in yellow gold


Despite the Wild West-themed shopping on-site in the park, however, it's not really the best place to actually purchase wedding bands or engagement rings. A much better option is to visit Knox Jewelers the week before and examine their extensive selection, which includes not just diamond jewelry, but also rings featuring other precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

Canals and parks are not the only excellent places to propose in Oklahoma's capital. The city also offers a wide array of romantic restaurants for those who feel more comfortable speaking of love and marriage in a quiet indoor setting. One of the best is the Coach House, which features a seasonal menu based on fresh, local produce.

When it comes to romantic proposal locations, Oklahoma City truly has something for everyone, but this is as it should be. Marriage, after all, is a unique journey for each couple. A proposal to embark upon that journey should be every bit as distinctive

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