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Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City vintage inspired custom rose gold engagement ring featuring a round brilliant center diamond held in a half bezel setting with hand engraving, milgrain and filigree.

A proposal is a magical moment between you and the one you love. To help you create the ideal proposal, Knox Jewelers has an extensive selection of stunning custom rose gold engagement rings in Oklahoma City. Additionally, we have a few suggestions for a great place for you to ask your love to be yours forever. Once you have chosen the place that best compliments your relationship, it will be time to take that important next step in your life.

The Henry Overholser Mansion is a big part of Oklahoma’s history. It is a French Chateau style mansion that was completed in 1903 and offers educational tours of the building. Through these tours, you will learn about the history of Henry Overholser, the mansion, and both of their influences on Oklahoma City. The educational aspect of the mansion is a great way to keep your beloved from figuring out just what is up. Once you have gone through your tour and enjoyed the sights in and around the mansion, you can take your beloved to the front or side of the magnificent building and ask that you start building your own life, home, and family together. That is when you get down on one knee and present the dazzling halo rose gold engagement ring from Knox Jewelers. Immersed in the history of this great city, begin your future with the love of your life.

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Oklahoma City with a unique wide diamond patterned band holding an emerald cut diamond center stone.


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For some couples, a small adventure through nature is the ideal setting for a romantic proposal. Filled with wildlife, the Martin Park Nature Center has some lovely trails where the two of you can enjoy a stroll with the beauty of nature all around you. As you wander, take the time to observe all of the flora, and keep a lookout for any animals that happen to be lurking nearby. With any luck, you could see birds, turtles, snakes, deer, and other creatures native to the area. Once you are ready, find the spot that is most appealing to you, whether on a small bridge, in the middle of a wooded area, or somewhere on the grass. Once there, take out the unique Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring you have specially chosen to give to your beloved. Tell your partner all about how you wish to embark on your journey through life together as spouses. It will be a moment to remember.

Vintage inspired custom rose gold engagement ring in Oklahoma City with a unique baguette diamond halo surrounding an emerald cut diamond center.

If what you are looking for is a creative venue for an epic proposal, then take your sweetheart to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Not only is the museum itself a beautiful place to visit, but the exhibits are always worth the trip. The Chihuly glass permanent collection is one of the most extraordinary exhibits you and your beloved will experience. Somewhere among the phenomenal and intricate glass pieces is where you can ask your partner to marry you. The two of you will be bathed in color and light, which will reflect beautifully off of the vintage rose gold engagement ring that you give to the love of your life.

A restaurant with decadent food, great ambiance, and incredible views is an excellent traditional place to ask your sweetheart to marry you. Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, there are two locations that fit this description perfectly. Vast is a classy restaurant with an impressive view of downtown Oklahoma City. The food is exquisite, and the atmosphere is romantic, making Vast an excellent place for a proposal. Hefner Grill, on the other hand, exudes serenity and luxury. Dine on amazing food with the one that you love, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Hefner. There on the patio, against a backdrop of calm waters and the setting sun, present the radiant Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring to your beloved as you ask that the two of you start your lives together as spouses.

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Oklahoma City with a round brilliant center diamond held in a unique two tone halo setting.


Filigree Engagement Rings

Oklahoma City custom rose gold engagement ring with a unique side profile featuring bead set diamonds and filigree curls.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Oklahoma City custom rose gold engagement ring with a knife edge band and octagonal central bezel holding a round blue sapphire.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Oklahoma City custom rose gold solitaire engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond held in a unique twisted setting.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Oklahoma City rose gold custom halo engagement ring with a micro pave rose gold diamond band with a unique cushion cut morganite center stone.