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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Omaha

Omaha hand formed filigree and hand scroll engraved engagement rings and wedding bands

There are many ways to go about proposing to your sweetheart but the best place to get unique engagement rings in Omaha, Nebraska is from Knox Jewelers. We pride ourselves on creating hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces of gemstone and diamond jewelry so that you'll have only the best quality engagement ring and wedding bands in Omaha. Finding a ring worthy of your beloved is only the first half of a proposal, however this beautiful city offers a wide variety of choices for where to present your carefully selected ring to your future fiance.

Omaha is a great city to be in; the landmarks and attractions are as vast as the diversity of the people who visit and reside in the city. There are breath-taking museums such as the Maseo Latino and Durham museum which provide interesting views and may just be what is needed for a unique proposal sight. Art and music are often the basis of great romance stories. A walk highlighting such stories followed by a well thought out speech and beautiful vintage engagement ring in Omaha will make your wish for marriage a reality. Everyone will be in awe of the thought you put into your proposal and of the elegant antique inspired diamond jewelry that you chose for your new fiance. Vintage inspired styles from Knox Jewelers feature hand engraved designs and hand formed filigree curls, creating tiny works of art that you and your loved one can wear.

Unique engagement rings in Omaha with hand carved scroll relief engraving and round brilliant center stone.


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Those who like the idea of a nature filled proposal definitely would want to check out the Kenefick or the Eugene T. Mahoney state parks. Parks have a calming atmosphere while at the same time providing secluded areas for this very personal moment in your lives. Fresh air, warmth and lush vegetation make for a wondrous setting. In addition, there are numerous activities that can be enjoyed throughout the parks before crowning it all with an engagement. An extension of parks is the nature center.

The Fontelle Forest Nature Center is a welcome change from common place engagement venues. Engaging with nature at your most relaxed state serves as a stepping stone to happiness. Birds and animals are a pleasant sight. The beauty in nature is a booster in starting conversations and your engagement is definitely a conversation worth having. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy this experience. Hiking and nature walks are activities that can be well incorporated into the engagement to make it very satisfying. A day spent so happily will truly have a perfect ending when your dearest love gives an enthusiastic "Yes!" as you ask them to marry you. The vibrant sparkle of the gemstone or diamond jewelry that you chose will be nothing next to the joyful light filling the eyes of your new fiance.

Omaha engagement rings with micro pave diamonds in a stunning yellow gold setting.

Luscious gardens provide another ideal venue for outdoor proposals. The Mt. Vernon Gardens are stunning and provide a tranquil environment for the perfect surprise when it come to engagements. The Missouri River acts as a wonderful backdrop to the plush gardens, this presents a very photogenic scene for asking your sweetheart to spend forever with you. When it becomes time for the exchanging of your wedding bands from Knox Jewelers, the gardens offer the very best in terms of tying the knot. Your family and friends will be amazed at how beautiful the spaces are and your wedding will feel like a fairy tale.

If you are looking for other indoor options then restaurants are always a classic choice for an elegant proposal. Fortunately, Omaha is a land of top restaurants. Mexican, German and Italian restaurants abound. All you have to know is what will appeal to your companion and act covertly to make it happen. Most restaurants are especially welcoming to those who want to propose to their significant others. When making your reservation talk to the staff and see what ideas they have for the special moment, or even for a special dessert or champagne after you've presented the stunning piece of micro pave diamond jewelry that you chose. Eating sumptuous food in a wonderful atmosphere and listening to soft music sets the tone for your beautiful proposal. And with the custom engagement ring that you've created just for your true love it will be a story that no one gets tired of hearing. It will seem like no time at all before you're both exchanging vows and wedding bands!

Unique Engagement Rings in Omaha with a round diamond in a micro pave halo.


At Knox Jewelers we pride ourselves on providing ideal wedding bands and stunning engagement rings. These custom-made pieces are hand-crafted to encompass your specific needs and tastes. There are numerous styles to choose from and we love to customize or create new designs from scratch. The workmanship is of the highest heirloom quality and is all completed in-house by our master jewelers. No matter where you choose to propose your true love will be able to see the care and effort that you put into choosing the perfect ring. They'll be all the more impressed when they learn the details of the custom piece of art that they get to wear and will enjoy telling their friends about how special and amazing their fiance is for choosing such a piece.

Wide band wedding rings in Omaha with intricate antique floral filigree.

Halo Engagement Rings

Yellow gold halo engagement ring in Denver

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings in Omaha with graceful scroll engraving and a diamond halo.

Unique Wedding Bands

Unique wedding bands in Omaha with graceful nature inspired patterns set with small diamonds.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Omaha micro pave engagement rings with rows of small round diamonds and a brilliant center diamond.