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Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in Pittburgh

Unique engagement rings in Pittsburgh

Finding the perfect set of engagement rings in Pittsburgh can be a reality with the help of Knox Jewelers. Weddings rings in Pittsburgh show off the true beauty of this Steel City. The City of Champions can be a true winner if you are looking for the perfect proposal opportunity in this magnificent city. Selecting the perfect set of wedding rings, engagement rings and diamond rings can be a stressful event when you have an endless selection of rings to choose from. This city has recently been named as one of the best destinations worldwide by National Geographic. Knox Jewelers is ready and able to stand behind you in order to ensure that your perfect day can go smoothly and that your fiancé will love your engagement ring choice.

Our diamond rings are handcrafted by our skilled artisans and never mass produced. This hand crafted aspect allows Knox Jewelers to ensure that your proposal will include engagement rings that are never a carbon copy of any other design.

Relief hand engraved vintage engagement ring in Pittsburgh.


Select engagement rings and wedding bands are available to see at home with our Try Before You Buy program. Click here to learn more.

This City of Bridges can be the perfect bridge to a blissful and happy marriage life as it offers you a wide selection of romantic restaurants in the city. The Hydehole restaurant is currently located only 10 minutes away from the Pittsburgh Airport. This restaurant is considered to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Pittsburgh as well as one of the best quality restaurants in the city. The menu includes signature dishes such as crème brûlée and Sherry bisque. The crème brûlée is served with a chocolate dipped spoon and a selection of exotic local berries. This particular restaurant takes pride in changing their menu in order to ensure the fruits and vegetables are currently in season. This offers a couple a menu that is fresh and packed with quality local ingredients. Making arrangements with the staff of the Hyeholde restaurant would be a start at serving up a delicious proposal.

A romantic meal is never complete without a waterfront view. The Grand Concourse restaurant in Pittsburgh is located right on the waterfront in Station Square and makes an appealing spot for a proposal. After a romantic meal you could catch a ride on the Pittsburgh incline that travels all the way to the top of Mount Washington. Presenting your fiancé with your engagement rings from Knox Jewelers at the top of Mount Washington can definitely be a proposal to remember for decades.

Blue sapphire engagement ring with filigree in Pittsburgh.


A proposal can also be on the lighter side. Couples that enjoy comedy clubs and a casual setting can appreciate the Funny Bone Comedy Club. This comedy club is the only full-time comedy location in the city of Pittsburgh. The club has been successful in making visitors laugh since 1982. Exchanging your wedding rings at the Funny Bone Comedy Club can be a great way to break the ice and take off some pressure and stress from a proposal. Beware though, as you may take the brunt of the jokes that night.


A romantic proposal on the edge of the Roberto Clemente Bridge and overlooking the water can definitely be a night to remember. Enjoying a private evening on the bridge can be a perfect ending on the night of your proposal. The view from the bridge offers a serene location under the moonlight and on top of the calm and peaceful water. The Photo Antiquities Museum showcases Civil War images, vintage photographs and vintage photography equipment. This private museum can be a great site for a proposal and can be a memory that lasts forever. It is highly recommended that you contact the staff of the museum before the date of your proposal. This museum offers you and your fiancé the opportunity to exchange wedding rings, engagement rings or diamond rings among some of the rarest images that were captured in early photography history.

Unique wedding rings in Pittburgh with micropave diamonds and filigree.

Filigree Wedding Bands

Pittsburgh unique filigree wedding rings.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Diamond micropave engagement rings in Pittsburgh

Halo Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings in Pittsburgh

Filigree Engagement Rings

Pittsburgh two tone vintage engagement rings.

Knox Jewelers employs a team of master craftsmen who specialize in turning your dream engagement ring into a reality. Some customers come to Knox with heirloom diamonds, some which have been passed down for generations, seeking to have these diamonds reset into a new ring. Our designers will work with you to create a custom design showcasing your diamond, taking precise measurements to ensure that your stone is securely set and brilliantly displayed.

The traditional option for a center stone in an engagement ring is a naturally mined diamond. These stones command a high price per carat, and have a strong emotional draw to them, due to their creation deep within our planet over vast ages of history.

Lab-created diamonds have all the brilliance and fiery sparkle of natural diamonds. Because these stones are man-made, the price per carat is lower, which allows a larger or clearer stone for the same overall cost.

Finally, moissanite is a man-made gemstone that is rapidly rising in popularity. This stone has a much lower price per carat than either natural or lab-created diamond, so your money goes toward a larger stone at a significant relative discount. Some consider moissanite to be an environmentally friendly or ‘green’ choice, due to its laboratory origins.

Regardless of what type of stone and ring design you choose, Knox Jewelers will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed through the whole process. It is crucial to feel you can trust the jewelry store you end up working with, and that you feel heard and listened to. If local jewelry stores in Pittsburgh are not providing the aesthetic styles or service you were hoping to find, it might be time to reach out to Knox Jewelers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While it might seem odd to choose to buy fine jewelry long-distance rather than in-person, there are some benefits that come specifically from this process.

Knox Jewelers’ Try Before You Buy program allows you to choose a style from our website and have it shipped to your door. In the comfort of your own home, you are at leisure to decide what you like about a particular style, what doesn’t suit your preferences, and whether or not you ultimately want to move forward with a certain design. You can be more comfortable to make your decision in private and take your time with it, rather than feeling pressured under the bright lights of a jewelry store.

Additionally, when you make a purchase from Knox Jewelers in Minnesota and have it shipped to you in Pittsburgh, you will not be assessed the sales tax you might be when buying in-person from a jewelry store. This results in a lower overall cost, which might mean you choose to upgrade the center stone, add more detailed flourishes, or leave your chosen design as-is and let your wallet breathe easier.