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Engagement Rings in Portland, Wedding Rings in Portland

Blue sapphire halo engagement ring in Portland

Couples looking for engagement rings in Portland, Oregon have an opportunity to browse through the online selection offered by Knox Jewelers. If you are in the market for a set of wedding bands in Portland you do not need to look further than our one-of-a-kind masterpieces. You took great care in selecting your partner and they deserve a unique piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry that has been hand crafted with that same level of care; a piece that will represent how important they are to you for the rest of your lives.

Planning the perfect proposal can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! At Knox Jewelers, in addition to creating unique wedding bands and engagement rings, we have an opportunity to help make the proposal just as unique by offering a few ideas to get your creative thoughts flowing. Portland is a beautiful location for presenting gemstone or diamond jewelry and there are many venues for asking the big question. Whether you enjoy the culture of museums, the freshness of the outdoors, or the quiet of a private moment, Portland has the perfect setting for your proposal at any time of year.

There are many parks available in the city, however only Mount Tabor Park features a volcano, albeit a dormant one. This park is recognized for its breathtaking views, including views of Mount Hood in the distance. Mount Hood's last reported eruption was in the mid-1800's, but it is still considered an active volcano. With the beauty of nature all around you, your true love will float up to cloud nine with you after you propose with a stunning piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry. Your dearest family and friends will be thrilled at your engagement, and will be eager to help you celebrate your marriage as you exchange wedding bands that are handcrafted by master artisans.

Unique wedding rings in Portland.


Select engagement rings and wedding bands are available to see at home with our Try Before You Buy program. Click here to learn more.

Make your sweetheart feel like they've been transported to another time and place at the Portland Japanese Garden. The sense of tranquility and harmony that is experienced in this particular garden is perfect for presenting a custom engagement ring that you have created at Knox Jewelers. This authentic, world-class garden is built in an asymmetrical design and is created to show the beauty of Japan right here in Portland. A contemporary ring with floral or leaf and vine elements would be the perfect piece of diamond jewelry to present in this serene place. Once your new fiance enthusiastically says “Yes!” it will seem like no time at all until you're choosing wedding bands together.

For a private proposal consider presenting an antique inspired engagement ring in Portland at one of the many bed-and-breakfasts. These charming getaways are romantic, and while alone in your room you and your future fiance will feel like the only two people in the world. Many B&B's also offer spaces for couples to get married in, so you and your true love can return to this special place to exchange your vows in front of your closest family and friends.

Whether you choose to propose at the edge of a volcano or from the comfort of your bed and breakfast room in the city, your true love will be able to see the care and effort that you put into choosing the perfect engagement ring. They'll be all the more impressed when they learn the details of the custom piece of art that they get to wear and will enjoy telling their friends about how special and amazing their fiance is for choosing such a piece from Knox Jewelers.

Unique Engagement Rings in Portland with filigree and hand engraving.


Wide diamond wedding rings in Portland.
Halo Engagement Ring in Portland with micro pave set diamonds.
Unique Wedding Rings in Portland. Shown with diamonds set in filigree.
Designer Engagement Rings in Portland Oregon. Shown in Platinum with Micro Pave Halo and Claw Prongs.

Knox Jewelers is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we have worked with our customers in Portland for years. To facilitate high-quality long-distance customer relationships, our Try Before You Buy program encourages seeing the detailed craftsmanship of our rings in person, rather than just looking at pictures online. After you decide on a style that suits you and that you’re interested in pursuing, Knox Jewelers’ expert staff will send that ring directly to your door. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the stunning detail of your chosen ring; make an informed decision for your own custom design.

Do you have an heirloom diamond? Knox Jewelers’ team of artisans will craft a custom-designed ring especially for your stone. The dimensions of the stone will serve as a base for whichever design you choose, and the highly trained jewelers on staff will carefully reset your diamond into the ring to create a wearable work of art.

There are several options to carefully consider if you are looking to purchase a center stone for an engagement ring. One gemstone that may not be on your radar is moissanite. This stone has recently been increasing in popularity. The fact that this particular option is man-made, rather than being a naturally mined stone, results in lower prices per carat and thus the ability to purchase a larger or higher-quality gemstone.

Another option is a lab-created diamond. This also has a lower cost per carat than a mined stone, while sharing identical chemical and optical qualities with natural diamonds. Some consider lab-created diamonds a more environmentally healthy choice, given the different processes involved in laboratory processes rather than mining operations.

Finally, the traditional option for engagement ring center stones is a natural diamond. These have a deep sentimental value and romantic image, due to their dramatic creation deep within the earth over millennia. Is a natural diamond the right gemstone to symbolize your relationship and display in a custom engagement ring?

Deciding on a ring design, choosing a center stone, and purchasing a ring from Knox Jewelers couldn’t be easier. Our customer service representatives will walk with you through the whole process. One benefit of working with Knox Jewelers in Minnesota from your location in Portland is that due to our respective locations, you will not be charged sales tax on the rings that you purchase. This results in a lower cost overall, potentially compared to purchasing rings in-person from a store where you would be charged sales tax. As a result, your dollar stretches further and allows you to make an upgraded purchase for the same amount of money.